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(Mother Jones)   Do you use K-Cups? Yes? Then you are worse than Hitler if he used styrofoam plates for every meal. I hope you can live with yourself   ( motherjones.com) divider line
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2014-03-19 11:03:24 AM  
12 votes:
Relax. I burn my used K-cups and styrofoam plates so they don't end up in landfills.
2014-03-19 11:48:27 AM  
6 votes:
Using K-cups is not always bad...

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i216.photobucket.comView Full Size
2014-03-19 12:28:04 PM  
5 votes:
I throw my plastic bottles in to the garbage. That way, some kid in the Philippines can collect them all, build a raft out of them, sail to Michigan and redeem them for 10 cents each. That's jerb creatin'
2014-03-19 03:41:04 PM  
3 votes:

byteme4321: Wellon Dowd: mutterfark: K-cars okay?

You obviously never drove one.

K-cars = awesome, just need a turbo on em. Racing is so much fun when u pull up to a nice car in ur k car and burn em off the line.

What a K-Car owner may look like.

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2014-03-19 12:37:35 PM  
3 votes:

CheekyMonkey: busy chillin': filters? grinding beans?

Sh*t, I inject whole beans directly into my bloodstream.

I find inserting the beans directly into my anus works well.

Ahh yes. The mocholonic.
2014-03-19 12:34:32 PM  
3 votes:
Amateurs. When I want a fresh cup of coffe, I just buy a whole new Mr. Coffee. And I like my coffee fresh every morning.
2014-03-19 12:30:27 PM  
3 votes:

bikerbob59: What the hell is a K cup?

No one knows and there is no way to find out.
2014-03-19 12:29:45 PM  
3 votes:
According to the box, the ones I buy are 97% biodegradable.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go sniff my own farts in my Prius.
vpb [TotalFark]
2014-03-19 11:28:52 AM  
3 votes:
I use K cups.

I don't work in a small office with no kitchen area, I just want to wipe that smug smirk off of mother natures face.
2014-03-19 02:41:44 PM  
2 votes:
If you aren't man enough to make a whole pot of coffee, then you should just use one of these in your Keurig:

galleryplus.ebayimg.comView Full Size

It should be small enough.
2014-03-19 02:08:15 PM  
2 votes:
I use Keurig K-1000 with a refillable filter, grind my beans by hand, roast them in my solar oven, and grow them in the backyard using my dinner waste compost and grey water. MY CARBON FOOTPRINT IS FRICKIN' NEGATIVE. All those other hipsters are just pretending.

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2014-03-19 01:50:13 PM  
2 votes:

mutterfark: K-cars okay?

You obviously never drove one.
2014-03-19 01:24:57 PM  
2 votes:

Apatheist: How bad are tea bags?

Terrible, just look at the environmental pollution it caused.

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2014-03-19 01:19:40 PM  
2 votes:

spawn73: Why is a cup of coffee referred to as a cup of joe?

Because Joe DiMaggio was born in Columbia.  Little known fact.

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2014-03-19 01:05:58 PM  
2 votes:
I use a Tassimo, so I guess I'm like Hitler and Stalin having a CFC hairspray party at a book burning.
2014-03-19 12:53:40 PM  
2 votes:
K-cups? Grind your own beans?

I grow my coffee in my backyard from trees imported directly from Belize. Of course my climate is too arid to sustain them so I put a giant glass dome over it to create a greenhouse effect and re-create the tropical clime. Sure, the HOA griped but I fought them on it an won and people who live in HOA-planned communities are idiots and like every farker on this board I would never live in one willingly.

Anyhow, back to my coffee trees. So I pick my own beans, roast them in stone brick oven fueled by guano obtained from African bat caves. Then I grind them using a stone press I obtained off an old trader while wandering the Himalayas. Yeah the sonofabiatch is heavy but guess what? That's how a man drinks his coffee when he gives a shiat to have the best!

But you nancy boys and fancy lads go ahead and enjoy your little sissy K-cups and your French presses. Christ Jesus, every time a man says the word "Nespresso" his unit shrivels up just a little more and his testosterone levels drop exponentially.
2014-03-19 12:36:29 PM  
2 votes:

busy chillin': filters? grinding beans?

Sh*t, I inject whole beans directly into my bloodstream.

I find inserting the beans directly into my anus works well.
2014-03-19 07:48:55 PM  
1 vote:

stewbert: My experience with K-cups is from extensive business hotels, which seem to love them. K-cups make poor quality coffee. I've tried buying fancier ones, but wasn't able to find one that made a good cup of coffee.

See, here's where I don't understand people. To me, all coffee tastes about the same, and all that varies is the darkness of it (and I hate bold coffee) and whether or not it's a flavored coffee (caramel, hazelnut, etc.) -- but otherwise, coffee is like beer to my palate in the regard that it's all the same and there's no such thing as "good" coffee. There's just coffee. It tastes like coffee. I don't care if it was hand-picked out of the droppings of rare marsupials in the Andes, and then refined in the vaginas of virgins before being ground by experts in the field of grinding and brewed by people who have a Master's Degree in brewing coffee, or if it was made by the 50-year-old industrial piece of tin at the 7-11. To me, it's still just coffee.

So I put about six creams in it, and chocolate or sugar, and drink it for it's medicinal value (caffeine).

To me, the Keurig brews coffee as well as the French press I used to own. But it also brews some really tasty tea, some decent hot cider, some yummy hot cocoa, and a variety of beverages that I do like. I have green tea, black tea, cinnamon tea, mint tea, and various brand names. I like having the variety without having to put on a kettle, dunk the bag, and wait. I don't drink it enough to care if I'm throwing out a K-cup.

But to say, even from the perspective of someone who allegedly likes coffee and can discern a difference between them, that the Keurig has no good coffee..? That seems ludicrous to me. I have a basket FILLED with various coffees, in various strengths, in various flavors. Surely, out of the thousands of coffees available in K-cups, there has to be one that coffee snobs like!
2014-03-19 07:05:42 PM  
1 vote:
Good news everyone. They're going to put chips in their new ones so you can't turn the machine on if you're using a third-party reusable cup.
2014-03-19 06:38:32 PM  
1 vote:
Yay! I'm not as lazy as people say!! I use a "coffee maker" and make only ONE CUP OF COFFEE!

Yes. it is true.

I, ladies and gentlemen, have figured out how to make ONE (1) cup of coffee from a normal coffee maker. Behold Canadian Ingenuity and bask in its life-saving, environmentally-sound-er knowledge.

No patents will be registered as "pending", since I will release such futuristic knowledge to everyone for a small U.A.M.* fee.

*Ur A Moron

/...for not figuring out how to use a COFFEE MAKER

2014-03-19 04:47:23 PM  
1 vote:

Far Cough: Because Dunkin Donuts doesn't waste coffee, or water, and magically makes a single brew that satisfies all of your various strength/flavor demands? Cool. And K-cups magically do the same thing, even though their coffee in all varieties tastes like watery sharts? Nice. Drink what you like.


Except a K-Cup costs 45-60 cents and DD coffees are about 2.50.

And yeah - I like the taste.
I also like cheap beer, McDonald's, and shop at Walmart on occasion.
2014-03-19 02:37:32 PM  
1 vote:
More hectoring from the enviro-puritans.
Instead of wearing a crucifix on a necklace to show us how holy they are, modern moralists carry recyclable shopping bags.
We love our K-cup coffee.
So screw.
Also - it's not so simple RE: expense.
When we made out own, there was a lot of wasted coffee, wasted water during cleanup, disagreement about strength/flavor etc.
We'd often just drive down the road and buy ($$!) it at DD (Burning gas!!!!)
So we save money using K-cups.
2014-03-19 01:41:13 PM  
1 vote:
K-cars okay?
2014-03-19 01:17:35 PM  
1 vote:

waterrockets: JackieRabbit: K-Culs: the coffee of choice for douche bags who don't really like coffee!

How in the hell do so many people get started on coffee? My wife and I never drink it, but parents and siblings do. Impressive addiction out there.

I started just by having a cup in the mornings when on vacation when I was about 25. It seemed novel and a fun way to start the morning. Then I would have one on the weekends. Then I realized I liked it and began to have one every morning.

My brother is older and still doesn't drink it. I never thought I would but here we are.
2014-03-19 01:12:43 PM  
1 vote:
My theory is that the dark matter of the universe consists of discarded coffee cups. Stephen Hawkings won't answer my emails (I kid).

8.3 billion k-cups though, that's a lot of waste to burn, bury or float out to sea and use to kill sealife from the albatross down to the bacteria on the sea floor a couple of hundred years from now. They do have a very good point.

I have purchased a couple boxes of coffee in cups to see if they made decent coffee in a regular percolator. When I am done using them I'll go back to the coffee beans. They're cheaper and can be ground fresh on the rare occasions I drink coffee at home.

I've made several attempts to cut down the environmental impact of coffee. Cups don't help (too heavy, too much washing needed, will take forever to amortize). I stopped taking sugar though. Milk or cream is plenty. I also reuse the paper wrappers that insulate the paper cups as well as lids. They don't last forever but re-using one just once halves the number needed.

That's about all you can do without going back to the XIXth century, but if you want to do that you can probably find a replica of an old hand-cranked coffee grinder. I have seen them very rarely.

A lot of modern convenience is expensive, wastes money, materiel and time, and involves more work than the labor-saving device supposedly saves. For example, a juice-squeezer replaces a $2 glass citrus fruit squeezer that can be rinsed under the tap. You just transfer time from squeezing to washing the machine out, and it takes twice as long to wash the machine out as it does to make orange juice the old fashioned way. The same is true of over-processed convenience foods and pre-packaged store-bought or take-out meals.

Save labor: always take clean-up time and the number of hours you have to work into account when buying labor-saving devices.
2014-03-19 12:56:33 PM  
1 vote:
I don't get the appeal. The wife brought one home, and at first I thought it seemed like a good idea. It took me about 30 seconds to realize that those overpriced K-cups were just small containers of instant coffee. I can heat a mug of water in the microwave in about a minute, buy a big-ass tub of cappuccino mix, and achieve the same thing in the same amount of time for a lot less money and without having another damn appliance clogging up my kitchen. Ours was a free hand-me-down, or I'd be pissed that I spent money on it. It's going to disappear one of these days when she's not around.
2014-03-19 12:47:33 PM  
1 vote:

PainInTheASP: Spend the ten bucks and get the little mesh plastic "Eco-Cup".  Grind the beans & empty into eco-cup, place in machine, remember to rinse when done.

Bonus: co-workers rarely use it because it's "too much work", leaving your choice of beans unmolested.

And the point for having a "convenience" coffee machine would be?

I'm single, I have no kids.  I could care less what I leave for the next generation.  I didn't add to it population-wise, so I'm expending garbage my psuedo-kids would.

Suck it, you green hippies.
2014-03-19 12:45:43 PM  
1 vote:

Harry Freakstorm: Banned on the Run

First image: I can understand why the mold is growing in the shade but how did it get on her face. Yes. She has a face.

images.sodahead.comView Full Size
2014-03-19 12:33:00 PM  
1 vote:

CipollinaFan: I use these babies

[www.whosaidnothinginlifeisfree.com image 850x970]
Convenient and eco-friendly.

What is that, a leprechaun's derby hat?
2014-03-19 12:30:55 PM  
1 vote:

flondrix: Banned on the Run: Using K-cups is not always bad...

[i216.photobucket.com image 468x702]

[i216.photobucket.com image 417x639]

Came for this.

2014-03-19 12:23:38 PM  
1 vote:
The real problem is that the stores used to carry ground coffee and whole beans, if you don't want your coffee to taste like pyramid dust.  Now they carry ground dust and k-cups full of ground dust.
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