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2014-03-17 05:13:28 PM  

8 inches: Let me explain Alpha Male vs. Beta Male.

If you are in the 1%, you are an Alpha Male.
If you are in the 99%, you are a Beta Male.

Pretty simple actually.  Those that are Alphas have (or will eventually) rise to the top.  It's just nature.

Furthermore, if you are close to the 1%, it doesn't matter to the Alphas because you are still part of the 99%.  As a matter of fact, the 1% (Alphas) probably see no difference between you and the person at the bottom of the 99%.

Bottom line:  Is there a difference between a Beta Male and an Omega Male?  In the eyes of the Alpha, no.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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2014-03-17 05:14:42 PM  

Incontinent_dog_and_monkey_rodeo: sendtodave: Lady J: mbillips: Jealous, subby?

Alpha males cheat because they can. The same sociopathic tendencies that help you claw your way up in office politics make you more likely to cheat, and make you more attractive to women who want to bang cheaters. We beta males don't have the same opportunities.

alpha =/= sociopathic

but yeah women do like confident men. sorry

Many do, and many like shy, "cute" guys.  A lot of that's cultural, I think.

Western women are sen as too strong for many non-westerners, and would obviously require an even stronger man.  To, you know, keep them in line.

From my experience, women want what the other women around them want.

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2014-03-17 05:41:09 PM  

Gaseous Anomaly: Lady J: while we're on the subject, I find the whole societal alpha/beta etc concept FASCINATING. that said, lots of people use the words as shorthand, and they don't always mean the same

Right. Econ blogger Noah Smith was complaining about that recently, how the Internet tends to use "beta male" to mean "omega male" (the bottom of the pecking order) rather than what it meant before PUA was a community, the second from the top of the pecking order. Though through the magic of common usage, it'll come to mean the bottom of the pecking order, or perhaps it does already. (Like "beg the question" now means "raise the question").

Well, in 'Murica "if you're not first, you're last".
2014-03-17 06:36:52 PM  
OY! Up Scumbag!
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2014-03-17 09:14:26 PM  
My recent studies indicate that as many as 50% of people do not have a penis. These people will at some point REALLY wish to acquire a penis for various activities and will search for them quite openly. Be sure to carry your penis at ALL times. Some people like to acquire penises at work.
2014-03-18 02:17:56 PM  

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