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2014-03-14 07:30:25 AM  
6 votes:
The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield


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read the rest of the panels there -- it gets worse
2014-03-14 12:23:30 AM  
6 votes:
It's far beyond time to stamp out this ignorant crap. To the world: get your snowflakes vaccinated so the rest of us don't have to deal with whatever newly-resurgent diseases your kids might conjure up.  This is not debatable. This is not a personal choice issue. This is not a government intrusion or partisan issue.  The link to autism was debunked years ago. Enough. Let us give no more air time to deniers or hand-wringers and instead let's slap the sides of heads of those who let fear get in the way of sound judgements and put the rest of us at risk.

2014-03-14 12:42:48 AM  
2 votes:
how many more children is Jenny McCarthy going to kill
2014-03-14 10:55:22 AM  
1 vote:

ongbok: mjbok: I don't blame Jenny McCarthy.  She's an idiot.  I blame Oprah.  Oprah gave her a platform and (to my knowledge) never followed up stating that a former Playmate is not a good person to take medical advice from.  I believe JM is part of The View cast of harpies now.  I wonder if she's brought it up at all there.  So another person to blame would be Barbara Walters, once again, someone who should know better.

To be fair, who would have thought that anybody would have been dumb enough to take medical advice from a Playmate over a doctor?

I think the problem is this:

They are not comparing what she says to what a doctor says. They are only hearing what she says. And these people generally talk in echo chambers, so when she gets it repeated back many times, it becomes science and not just "something that pretty woman said."

Once they hear someone's opinion (which is based on science) that vaccines are good, this now goes against the fact they know to be true. There is very little getting in the way of their beliefs at this point. It's too far gone.

See also: climate change, birth control, abstinence teaching, prayer in classrooms, etc
2014-03-14 10:51:16 AM  
1 vote:
We split up the MMRV vaccine into two shots for our kid (MMR one week, then varicella a few weeks later) because studies have found an increased risk of febrile seizures with the combo shot. I had febrile seizures when I was a kid, so were wary of upping her risk. And we were going to the beach like 7 days after the appointment, which was right in the "more seizures" wheelhouse.

The conversation we had with our pediatrician started with "We're not antivaccine kooks, I promise. We want our kid to get all the vaccines she needs. Vaccines are the single greatest public health accomplishment in the history of ever. All we want to do is give her the MMR and V shots separately, because findings and heredity." It kills me that the entire conversation needed that "we're not lunatics" preamble.

/Doc was totally good with it.
//Kid had her first febrile seizure this past December. Terrifying, but we knew what was up.
2014-03-14 10:38:45 AM  
1 vote:

Triumph: Wadded Beef: This is not a personal choice issue. This is not a government intrusion or partisan issue.

I think his wife's wrong and not doing what's best for her child, but I'm not so dead certain of it that I'm willing to let the government dictate what medical injections her children must receive. She should be strongly encouraged, but not forced. There ARE cut and dry situations where kids need to be removed from the care of their parents, but this isn't one of them.

/watched Dallas Buyer's Club last night.

Forgot to add that Dallas Buyer's Club is a full of typical Hollywood anti-science hackery.   It wasn't just "Da Man" pushing for AZT before optimal doses could be determined.   It was ACT UP and the gay community who were pushing for expedited approval because it was the first thing to ever been found to actually WORK (and still works today).    But that doesn't make for a good movie villain, does it?

In 1986, after years of blind rage -- at the sickness and sanctimony, the calls for quarantine, the hawking of crystals; at affirmation-spewing quacks like Louise Hay; at the sheer, harrowing loss of friends and neighbors and co-workers -- I stumbled into Project Inform's shabby little office in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood. Two men, Tom Jefferson and Ron Koslow ("a Texas sissy, honey"), were on the phones, answering questions about experimental treatments for AIDS. (There was no other kind, of course.) I learned to take calls. I stuffed mailing packets with information about ribavirin, AL721, isoprinosine, interferon, rifabutin, pentamidine, fluconazole, and dextran sulfate and how to get them. I scanned the AmfAR Treatment Directory and study lists from all over to identify clinical trials that our callers might qualify for.

There were only five of us -- Tom, Ron, and I in the office, plus our co-founders Martin Delaney and Joe Brewer -- and we all had full-time jobs too. Joe was a tireless organizer. Marty was always off writing or networking or lobbying the FDA and NIH. We had an unofficial sixth in Jim Corti, whom nobody else seems to remember now, but who did what Ron Woodroof did, only better and longer and not for money.


We taught ourselves to read medical journals and were far more sophisticated about AIDS than anyone in  Dallas Buyers Club is. The movie distorts the facts about AZT, for instance, to make Woodroof seem heroic for his murderous advice to others not to take it. It's true that there were HIV deniers and AZT deniers in our midst who were pushing vitamins and herbs, even regular gusts of ozone up the butt, and clearly AZT had serious toxicities at the dosage tested. It was also clear that AZT worked. Unflagging pressure from Marty and ACT UP and so many others led to expedited approval, before an optimal dose could be established. And why not, since the course of HIV without treatment had already been demonstrated thousands of times?
2014-03-14 08:54:45 AM  
1 vote:

Awesome.  Just what I need, Jay.  More reasons for my good friend who's a Packers fan to ridicule Cutty to my face.  And this one's legitimate.

Godammmitsomuch, Jay.

I never thought you and Kristen where some parenting marvels (no one is), but you're really doing a lot to support the stereotype of privileged, white, asshole douchebaggy Whole Foods-worshipping dicknozzles who hear too many things from their pilates buddies.

Live in the real world and then tell me you don't want to vaccinate your kids.

/still a Bears fan
//seriously Jay, goddammit...
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