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(BBC-US)   Wanted: hangman. Must not freak out at the sight of a gallows and quit on the spot, like the last guy we hired   ( divider line
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2014-03-12 11:59:33 AM  

orbister: Brick-House: Why not just employ the guys already on death row?  Just let the guy next in line to die, hang the current guy scheduled to die.  Treat it like a last meal and give them one last thrill before it's their turn.

And if they refuse to do it? Have you through your cunning plan through that far?

Move down the list... or find a guy doing life that will do it if you dress the guys being hung as transvestite hookers or something.   Such a person should be dime a dozen to find.
2014-03-12 12:24:37 PM  
Try the south. There hanging dark people is more of a hobby. Probably won't even have to pay them.
2014-03-12 12:34:53 PM  

Relatively Obscure: But three recruits have now abandoned the job within a year after the previous hangman was promoted to become a prison guard.

That should be enough right there to tell you how awesome this job would be.

Sounds backwards to me.  Do like they did on Green Mile, have the guards carry out the executions.  After awhile, those guards may want to blow off some steam by killing the guy who made them pee themselves.

i.r.id10t: Sybarite: [ image 709x361]

What is funny is the guy playign the hangman in Blazing Saddles was also the hangman in Robin Hood Men In Tights

It's almost like he knew the director or something.  Did you also notice the governor from Blazing Saddles was also the rabbi in RHMIT and many characters in History of the World part I?
2014-03-12 12:50:51 PM  

stuffy: Try the south. There hanging dark people is more of a hobby. Probably won't even have to pay them.

I'm not sure it works the same in the south of Sri-Lanka. After all, there's quite a few dark people there
2014-03-12 12:53:24 PM  

To The Escape Zeppelin!: MythDragon: [ image 850x478]

Start slacking off?

I was doing something that ending in -acking off
2014-03-12 02:31:24 PM  
Sri Lanka could ask Florida for one of their Stand Your Ground defendants- After all, that's the reason for the Stand Your Ground laws- to train citizens to feel comfortable with killing people. They would feel comfortable in Sri Lanka with tropical landscapes, spicy food, and a Portuguese (well, it's pretty close to Spanish isn't it?) influence. Just like home and they can still indulge their urge to kill people without any consequences!
2014-03-12 04:53:34 PM  
Well they havent executed anyone since 1976, sounds like a cushy job. I would like to get a job here as buggy whip inspector though.
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