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(Contact Music)   What Nicolas Cage said: "It sucks to be famous right now." What Nicolas Cage means: "It sucks to be Nicolas Cage right now"   ( contactmusic.com) divider line
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2014-03-11 08:31:25 AM  
Hasn't it always sucked to be  Nicolas Cage?
2014-03-11 08:38:59 AM  

bikerbob59: Hasn't it always sucked to be  Nicolas Cage?

It's never sucked to be anyone named Copolla
2014-03-11 08:49:42 AM  
As he shows, once again, that despite all his rage, he is still just Nicholas Cage.
2014-03-11 08:52:00 AM  

bikerbob59: Hasn't it always sucked to be  Nicolas Cage?

i104.photobucket.comView Full Size
2014-03-11 09:05:00 AM  

bikerbob59: Hasn't it always sucked to be   Nicolas Cage famous?


It seems like it would suck.
2014-03-11 09:09:18 AM  

bikerbob59: Hasn't it always sucked to be  Nicolas Cage?

Making fun (if terrible) movies, earning tens of millions of dollars a year, which he blows on cars and other random stuff just for fun..... knowing he can always get another few million by doing another movie.

Yeah, sucks to be him.

He appears to enjoy his life, and his movies make pretty solid money.  Usually.  Well, enough that he's a good bet for the studios.  There are easily 100+ million people in the U.S. that would happily take that life and run.
2014-03-11 09:10:43 AM  
Yes, the man is an ADHD glazed ham but he's done some good work (in amongst some flaming turds).
He gets a pass in my books due to Raising Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas, Adaptation & Con Air.
2014-03-11 09:10:48 AM  
Man can't own his own apiary anymore. Gilded cage indeed.
2014-03-11 09:37:46 AM  
Funny thing is that due to the hate, so far, no one appears to have noticed what he was saying...

He's finds it sad that "famous" isn't about those that have highly public lives and are famous for doing something worthwhile, but about those that are "famous" due to being celebrities over crap, such as having a leaked sex tape that made them famous, due to being stupid on YouTube, etc.

At least, that's how I understand his comment.

Personally, I enjoy his movies and that's that.
2014-03-11 10:34:09 AM  
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2014-03-11 12:38:58 PM  
Angry Drunk Bureaucrat:

Came for this.
2014-03-11 01:08:31 PM  
He owns a luxury car collection, 12 houses, a castle, and an island

Is he crying about 6 million in unpaid taxes?
2014-03-11 01:53:18 PM  
Nicolas Cage recalls being inspired by the late James Dean after watching his films and is disappointed that fame has changed since then, with people who are ''famous for famous' sake'' now.

When was this ever not the case? I remember Zsa Zsa Gabor being on TV quite a lot as a kid, and I know that someone will say that she was an actress, but in reality she was famous for being famous by the 1970s.

The reason I don't care about the Kardashians and all that is that it's been done before and these people fade into obscurity and the talented people are remembered. Bill Murray films will still be watched after the Kardashians are forgotten about.
2014-03-11 02:17:20 PM  
Personally, I enjoy his movies and that's that.

amen to that

plus he's married to a hot Korean and has a son named Kal-El
2014-03-11 02:41:10 PM  

DMZ DEATH: Angry Drunk Bureaucrat:

Came for this.

2014-03-11 02:52:04 PM  

sleeps in trees: Firstly, yes, you do mean to complain and you are complaining. Secondly, what sucks for you is that you are getting obscene amounts of money and now getting called on your antics and/or being taken to task. You are no longer the untouchable golden icons.

It's clear you read the article since you referenced it, but it's amazing how what you're saying here is so irrelevant to what it was about.
2014-03-11 05:02:28 PM  
You know what point Nicholas Cage has reached? He's starring in a reboot of the "Left Behind" series.


/How the mighty have fallen
2014-03-11 07:08:04 PM  
Like Nicolas Cage knows anything about being famous right now. How is that Left Behind reboot going Nic?
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