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(Yahoo)   Mexican drug lord killed four years after he died   ( news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2014-03-10 12:26:01 AM  
adelehamzah.myView Full Size
2014-03-10 02:26:11 AM  
Wretched hive of scum and villainy.
2014-03-10 02:30:59 AM  
Well, that's how you retire from organized crime, faking your death.
2014-03-10 03:11:56 AM  
Did they kill him until he died from it?
2014-03-10 03:27:27 AM  
Turns out he was pining for the fjords.
2014-03-10 03:31:42 AM  
Boy, if you want to interrupt a machine, one way to go is to terminate its fuel (power) supply.  We could acknowledge the mistake of criminalizing drugs.  This would end this whole scene immediately.  Then we could re-route our efforts away from the enforcement community toward the medical community.  We could do the right thing by the addicts by offering them support and rehabilitation should they decide to come in from the cold.  To criminalize dopers is to trivialize morality.
Of course, there is no ultimate social cure for the issue of recreationals.  Archeologists tell us drox were always big.
2014-03-10 05:07:03 AM  
I say we let him go!
2014-03-10 05:58:47 AM  
Signaljammer, but then how would we justify having paramilitary police units...and all the funding on tacticool equipment that goes with them...if not for drug busts? How would police departments get flashy interceptors, except for seizing and repainting the sports cars favored by the dumber drug dealers? What about the for-profit prison industry, and all the "mandatory drug dealing sentence" cases this supplies them?

In short, the people with badges don't WANT the machine to stop. It's far too profitable.
/same reason they don't want to legalize weed. Weed busts are easy-taking down Cheech and Chong is easier than taking down Tony Montana
2014-03-10 06:22:26 AM  
The CIA hates competition.
2014-03-10 06:26:21 AM  
Was his name Jesus?
2014-03-10 07:30:58 AM  
That is what happens to anyone trying to use a technicality to keep money from the IRS. Let that be a lesson to everyone here.
2014-03-10 07:54:15 AM  
Was he popular with the people or something? That sign says "Nazario, you will live forever in our hearts."

Strange that they chose to put that picture in the article, LOL

/high school Spanish
//I remember every word
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