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(Fark)   Where is the Super Bowl streaker thread?   ( divider line
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35239 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Feb 2004 at 10:05 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-01 10:06:41 PM  
yes, indeed.
2004-02-01 10:06:57 PM  
It was no big thing.
2004-02-01 10:06:59 PM  
right here... it would seem.
2004-02-01 10:06:59 PM  
yes...this has been by far the best super bowl, just cuz of that..
2004-02-01 10:07:06 PM  
Yes footage or at least gender, please?

2004-02-01 10:07:12 PM  
In my butt!
2004-02-01 10:07:22 PM  
please no more pictures of mr jackson
2004-02-01 10:07:22 PM  
didn't see it.
Nor Janet Jackson for that matter...
2004-02-01 10:07:32 PM  
It was me; I'm fat and balding. You guys didn't miss much.
2004-02-01 10:07:37 PM  
Anyone found a vid clip of it yet?
2004-02-01 10:08:09 PM  
it was a guy, right?
saw some action on the field in the background, but yahoo has the image
2004-02-01 10:08:10 PM  
By the way, the game is turning out to be good.
2004-02-01 10:08:27 PM  
Anyone who manages to make it to the 50-yard line through high security, then dance a jig (and nail 5 seconds of airtime) has got my respect.
2004-02-01 10:08:46 PM  
This link further compounds the confusion
2004-02-01 10:08:48 PM  
It was apparently a dude so unless that kind of thing turns you on....... ;)
2004-02-01 10:09:01 PM  
The Panthers just pissed it down there legs.
2004-02-01 10:09:07 PM  
I gotta agree with CableGuy316
Loony or not, respected loony.
2004-02-01 10:09:26 PM  
too bad he stole my idea..yes it was a "he"

2004-02-01 10:09:44 PM  
Yeah, I had my back to the TV (studying Russian, sort of), and missed the whole streaker thing.

AND Janet's tit. Although I missed that because I muted the TV and turned on The Mahones and The Crofters.

Mahones > Rap shiat.
2004-02-01 10:10:20 PM p
2004-02-01 10:10:29 PM​35

to be a little more exact ;)
2004-02-01 10:10:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-01 10:11:32 PM  
What, someone drop a hint, I was watching the bowl then decided to turn it off, listen to some tunes, and concentrate on gettting tanked. Enlighten me...
2004-02-01 10:12:28 PM  
I've always wondered where/when the streakers start undressing. I imagine them sitting in the stands in a trench coat. He will probably be sent to Guantanamo Bay.

Anyone else sick of the lame ass AOL adds?
2004-02-01 10:12:53 PM  

Mahones = good stuff.

Last time I went to see them I stayed around afterwards talking to the bassist and then had to help my friend (who had been drinking backstage with them) back to his place.

Didn't really get to talk to anyone else though, the guitarist was only interested in where the couple of girls he had been trying to pick up were gone to.
2004-02-01 10:13:00 PM  
being frogmarched while handcuffed like that has got to hurt
2004-02-01 10:13:01 PM  
So boobs, weeniers, and bruschi. What next the after the game orgy?
2004-02-01 10:13:40 PM  
I was watching it on CBS-HD, during a wide shot of most of the field, some guy just struts out to the middle (maybe dressed as a ref? Couldn't see) of the field right before the second half commenced, and proceeded to strip and do a jig. Took CBS 5 seconds to kill the shot, and probably another 10 to get the guy off the field. Killer. A champion accomplishment of streakdom. Still, you'd need to ask an attendant to the game to get a better story. Maybe it's that Soy Bomb moron.
2004-02-01 10:13:51 PM  
Ahh, I see, that guy is my damn hero. fark lame capitalism and pop music during a damn football game. Yes I know the NFL is a big money assreamer, just let me pretend for a minute ok?
2004-02-01 10:13:51 PM  
I think we are all in agreement that we are lucky he wasn't in the middle of one of those four hour erections though.
2004-02-01 10:14:08 PM  
Right before all the commotion I saw someone running onto the field wearing an official's jersey, struggling to get through the players on the sidelines. I laughed and turned to tell my girlfriend to look, thinking that it was a ref who was late getting back from the can at halftime, but by the time I looked back at the screen there was a naked dude doing a riverdance at around the 20 yard line. Putting two and two together, I assume that he sneaked past security by impersonating an official.
2004-02-01 10:15:24 PM  
Guy or girl, the idea that someone made it to the 50 yard line and danced a jig during the Superbowl, that's farking impressive. I want video.
2004-02-01 10:15:42 PM  

lmao agreed
2004-02-01 10:16:10 PM  
on another note, anyone else feel the officiating is leaning a bit favourably to the Pats?

I'm not really a fan of either team but it's begining to piss me off.
2004-02-01 10:17:46 PM  
As TMQ would say: Stop me before I blitz again! The average NFL pass play averages 6 yards, so the odds favor simply dropping back into coverage.

(not to mention the immutable law of kick early)
2004-02-01 10:17:50 PM  
2004-02-01 10:18:19 PM  
I dont know, but the game is really close... 29-29 i minute left
2004-02-01 10:18:45 PM  
sweet...I want some overtime action
2004-02-01 10:19:05 PM  
Right before all the commotion I saw someone running onto the field

...FWIW, I should point out that like CableGuy316 I merely saw this on TV (HD) too... I'm not posting this from the stadium.
2004-02-01 10:19:35 PM  
I don't even understand football and I haven't been this entertained in days. oh the drama
2004-02-01 10:19:55 PM  
go panthers!
2004-02-01 10:21:17 PM  
2004-02-01 10:21:26 PM  
you see 72hrchik,
theres nothing to understand, you simply watch guys twice my size with non-programmer arms and muscles run back and forth over some flying object. i think.
2004-02-01 10:22:49 PM  
is that one guard billy bob thorton?
2004-02-01 10:25:47 PM  
where's this guy's girlfriend?

/go exhibitionism
2004-02-01 10:26:12 PM  
Did anybody read the streaker's body art? What is he "promoting?"
2004-02-01 10:26:47 PM  
2004-02-01 10:26:55 PM  
pats win
2004-02-01 10:27:21 PM  
game over. move on.
2004-02-01 10:27:34 PM  
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