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(NPR)   "And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Oh, f*ck yeah, Lord"   ( npr.org) divider line
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2014-03-05 10:18:11 AM  
That's what she said.
2014-03-05 10:19:00 AM  
At least he's not a jelly donut.
2014-03-05 10:19:38 AM  
Oh, it was merely a mispronounced word.
2014-03-05 10:22:39 AM  
and lo did Christ respond to them; "did I farking stutter?"
2014-03-05 10:23:33 AM  
Again? That's twice this week alone. The Pope needs to wash his mouth out using the holy water.
2014-03-05 10:26:04 AM  
Oh, FFS, this is as stupid as the whole "Obama said 'chorizo'!" thing from last week. Jesus, at least THAT one had context. This one had no context at all, there is no way at all that the word "fu*k" was supposed to be there, or fits at all. Obama can say that he's really sorry that he didn't get to try some of your juicy dick, and Beavis and Butthead get a kick out of it, but with the Pope, there's no way the word fits in, move on.

I DO have to say that I'm impressed, I thought the chorizo story and the 'someone told off color jokes at the Arpaio roast' story would be the two LEAST newsworthy stories of 2014, but this may top them.
2014-03-05 10:28:40 AM  
This guy just keeps getting awesomer every day.

/Catholic church, fark YEAH!!
2014-03-05 10:31:48 AM  
Seems like accidentally saying "shiat" when you meant to say "sit". Oh well.
2014-03-05 10:34:20 AM  
I love old news.
2014-03-05 10:34:28 AM  
And lo, Jesus said unto them "This sh*t is a repeat."
2014-03-05 10:52:09 AM  
In the beginning
Back in nineteen fifty five
Man didn't know 'bout a rock 'n' roll show
And all that jive
The white man had the schmaltz
The black man had the blues
No one knew what they was gonna do
But Tschaikovsky had the news
He said let there be sound
There was sound
Let there be light
There was light
Let there be drums
There was drums
Let there be guitar
There was guitar
Let there be rock
2014-03-05 10:54:52 AM  
Sounds like the Pope's out for a rip.
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