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2004-02-02 08:02:17 AM  
I'm sure the red underbra just tore apart that easily (Sarcasm). No, it was all one piece, and if it was an accident Justin ripping the bra would have pulled Janet off balance to the point of nearly falling over. I can't believe that people could still think it was an accident! Even popstars can act a little.
2004-02-02 08:26:25 AM  
2004-02-02 08:39:28 AM  
2004-02-02 08:39:35 AM  
What's silly is how we can show gruesome murders without batting an eyelash, but show a portion of one female breast, something that 3 billion people HAVE THEIR OWN OF, and it's *gasp* *horror* "my children went to bed" etc etc.

Get your priorities straight, America.
2004-02-02 08:42:16 AM  
How do you know there was no inner lining? That blown up pic of the piece Justin is holding shows the OUTSIDE of the costume. It's really easy... pretend you are him. pantomime his action of reaching across and tearing, and returning your hand to your side. You end up with the outside facing out, upside down, just as seen in the picture.
2004-02-02 08:59:54 AM  
man o man, he CLEARLY reached over and pulled that article off, which can be seen as completely deliberate because his reaching and "tearing" move seemed to have no apparent
relevence to the dance routine (that had already ended)

this is tasteless, even shocking, concidering how many children would see this little stunt
2004-02-02 09:01:06 AM  
She's got spinner pasties, to match the hubcaps on her Escalade!
2004-02-02 09:07:32 AM  
Just proves we as americans can not handle a little sexually related content on TV. Makes me sick.

Im sure Im fired from work I said the word nipple outloud.
2004-02-02 09:08:50 AM  
"FYI: We are *so* being played...."

people talking about this like we are seems to be what "they" wanted, and got ...

now, if somebody maintains that this was an accident
a week from now, that's an entirely different story

again, this stunt was weak and demeaning to anyone witnessing it
2004-02-02 09:11:32 AM  
This is a hoot, not least because the BBC is showing an uncensored version on its site..
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/us_sport/photo_galleries/​3450553. stm

One day somebody will have to explain to me the US's fear of nipples....
2004-02-02 09:11:41 AM  
"Just proves we as americans can not handle a little sexually related content on TV."

exposing yourself in public isnt sexual, it's illegal, champ >>> doing it for a global audience of millions makes it that much more wrong

there's sex ALL over tv, if you watch it
2004-02-02 09:21:16 AM  
Don't like the Jacksons. Another publicity stunt, flashin' and grabbin' Justin's a$$.

/ONLY need marching bands and bouncing cheerleaders at halftime.

/Hip-hop stunt to divert attention from "Michelle". Freaks.
2004-02-02 09:22:37 AM  
Blah Blah Blah. Illegal my ass. It's a boob. Get over it, moron.
2004-02-02 09:22:53 AM  
I say it is scripted and that it is not a pastie, because you can clearly see that the nipple was poking out of the middle and there is a bar that run horizontal through it.

I this is the reason that don't let my family watch that stuff. She is really a tramp. Justin needs a boost in his career also.

Prediction for 2005... Jenna Jameson will bang Harry Cox while Brittney and Madonna make out to Aerosmith and some old geezers play some tunes that we faintly remember.
2004-02-02 09:23:31 AM  
Even before the nipple appeared, and the two were bumping & grinding all over the stage, I sat there yelling, "She's old enough to be your mother!"

Then he grabbed the cup and we all saw the old girl's goodies. I wasn't offended or excited. More weirded out than anything.
2004-02-02 09:36:09 AM  
What is this thing you call a Superbowl?
2004-02-02 09:48:42 AM  
"Blah Blah Blah. Illegal my ass. It's a boob. Get over it, moron."

wtf ever einsteen, public exposure is against the law, period, and that was my point.

try this out for fun:
go out and pull this chit in a crowded mall or resturant, when the authoritys roll up i highly doubt *your opinion*
of the law will make much of a difference when they're reading you your rights.
2004-02-02 09:54:33 AM  
2004-02-02 09:54:33 AM  

Talk about old and busted.
2004-02-02 09:58:57 AM  
It's a BOOB.
2004-02-02 10:05:25 AM  
Could they have picked anyone LESS culturally significant? Janet Jackson? wtf?

Of course this was a planned stunt. Somebody at MTV realized long ahead of time that no one cared about Janet, so they brought in the successor to her brother's throne to make people care at all and then had him rip her shirt off so they could make people actually care.

I mean seriously, if she hadn't exposed her boobie, would ANYONE have talked about her performance today? definately not... MTV wasn't gonna let ANYONE upstage them, even the biggest sporting event on the planet.
2004-02-02 10:13:13 AM  
vid clip for all you lamers who wanna see a tit on TV: sp-janet-jackson-superbowl.avi
2004-02-02 10:15:40 AM  
She's looking kinda saggy, there. Seen her looking MUCH better in other shots. Oh well.

And thank you JOHNNY DARE

Dude on 98.9 The Rock in KC giving Fark.com to everyone that calls up asking for the shot, on air.
2004-02-02 10:36:56 AM  
That was the breast halftime show I'd seen in recent mammary.
/Got nuthin.
2004-02-02 10:45:44 AM  
I think the fact that her boob was exposed was an accident. I mean, maybe her bra ripped off or somethin and that was all we were supposed to see.
2004-02-02 10:48:18 AM  
And she just happened to be wearing a mettalic pastie.
2004-02-02 10:58:34 AM  
Speaking of Nipple Shields, some of the finest are found here.
Xcentricities.com - Nipple Shields and Stretchers
2004-02-02 11:05:24 AM  
nice boobie jewelry, I have to say. Only part of the halftime show worth watching, sadly.
2004-02-02 11:07:27 AM  
2004-02-02 11:10:38 AM  
I go to sleep for a few hours and 400+ people get here before me.

Nice breast though.
2004-02-02 11:33:40 AM  
2004-02-02 11:46:49 AM  
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2004-02-02 11:51:59 AM  
OK, it's the morning after and we non-Americans are trying hard understand why (in 2004) this is headline news... It's OK to show people killing each other on US TV, but not God's work; it's OK to glorify destruction, but not creation...? You can show children dead bodies on US TV, so long as their clothed...? THE USA has some serious thinking to do the next time it goes to war to impose its morality on nations it knows nothing about.
2004-02-02 11:53:11 AM  
once again, being American is laughable...

Top Story: women's boob exposed on TV...

Back Pages (and not reported at all): 56 people die in bombing in Iraq. Our president is a criminal and should be impeached.

Get over the teet. we all have them. Turn on Cinemax after 11pm and you'll have more than you can ever want.

What about the children?
2004-02-02 11:55:24 AM  
"Hey Peter, man..."
2004-02-02 12:06:13 PM  
Her boobs aren't god's work anyway. They're fake as hell.
2004-02-02 12:12:25 PM  
All you farkers are missing the point:

The stunt HAD TO be fixed beforehand, otherwise she wouldn't have that thingee covering her nipple; for god's sake, can't you see a put-up job when it's right under your eyes???

This is the fakest thing I have ever seen since the day the FBI said David Koresh had been shot to death, five days before the body was identified and all the evidence at hand said he had been burned to death.

You people need to learn how to think logically.
2004-02-02 01:08:07 PM  
olddinosaur has a very very good point.
2004-02-02 01:08:09 PM  
So the moveon.org ad was too controversial for CBS because it mentioned our national debt, but showing nudity is no problem.

What a bunch of total bullshiat. F CBS.
2004-02-02 01:16:19 PM  
I have no b/w limit!! hahaha FARK me!!!

actually I do have a limit, I just limited y'all to 400kb/sec max so you don't waste my TB/month. Enjoy...

Oh and here's a closeup of the boobie courtesy of drudge report. You can see that it was a stick on cover, but rather a crazy piercing on her nipple (nipple shield)
2004-02-02 01:17:50 PM  
fark! You can see that it was *not* a stick on cover, but rather a crazy piercing on her nipple (nipple shield).

^-- dumbass
2004-02-02 01:22:18 PM  
You have to hand it to Karl Rove and the Bush Administration - Getting Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlate to expose her breast at the Super Bowl the night before 50+ people were killed in Iraq was quite a coup...
2004-02-02 01:23:20 PM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 185168 times

Holy crap
2004-02-02 01:23:25 PM  
LOL at columboy
2004-02-02 01:30:38 PM  
2004-02-02 01:31:20 PM  
The sad thing is that now Janet will probably show up in Hustler or Playboy or something similar. Get ready for the Jackson nudity train, and just thank your lucky starts it isn't Michael.
2004-02-02 01:44:44 PM  
OR thank your lucky stars too, as that might have similar effects. Lousy typos.

p.s. Farkers have clicked on the above link 189508 times

Another 19,072 more hits and it ties the top link. And since it's going to be on the main page awhile, I bet that we can get at least 19,073 to make it #1.
2004-02-02 02:15:07 PM  
I agree with all the foriegners comments about how repressed and stupid american culture is. HOWEVER, cdhc.618, you forgot one little rule. Canadians only speak when spoken to.
2004-02-02 02:20:07 PM  
The funny thing is, it's feb 2nd... most b/w counters reset on the first day of the month... so fark.com used up an entire month of that person's b/w in 1 day.
2004-02-02 03:10:37 PM  
fab5freddykruger: It was a tit. Get over it. I think almost everyone on this board know public nudity is illegal, but I don't see anything offensive about it.
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