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(Wisconsin Gazette)   Deal would allow gay vets to march in St. Pat's parade in Boston but not be too gay about it   ( wisconsingazette.com) divider line
    More: Silly, Saint Patrick, LGBT rights organizations, St. Patrick's Day Parade, Irish immigrants, U.S. Supreme Court, Irish-Americans, parades, Courts of Massachusetts  
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ZAZ [TotalFark]
2014-03-04 09:52:10 AM  
Coverage of this story is one of my tests for when a program has run out of real news and I can turn it off.
2014-03-04 10:48:09 AM  
Right up there with "Fun Recipes for Oscar Night"?
2014-03-04 10:49:00 AM  
So let's not wear any ribbons, boys.

And remember, it's a dress uniform, not a uniform dress.
2014-03-04 10:51:03 AM  
These guys are right out...

foundshit.comView Full Size
2014-03-04 10:55:17 AM  
So, no Navy then?

outofregs.comView Full Size

Oh my goodness.
What am I gonna do in a submarine?
2014-03-04 10:56:51 AM  
Straight people telling gays how to do a parade? That's pretty rich.
2014-03-04 10:57:54 AM  

Dahnkster: These guys are right out...

Wait. Wut?

That is the most whacky combo of gay, weird, bored, and wasted I think I've seen.

At least Priscilla queen of the desert kinda made sense. This is just...wut?
2014-03-04 11:02:36 AM  
Didn't we have this article yesterday?
2014-03-04 11:04:32 AM  
2014-03-04 11:07:55 AM  
Damn. I was so looking forward to the Mary Recruiting Sketch and also the Synchronized Camping Sketch being performed live on the parade route. And what about those French guys in skirts who juggle briefcases? And British Umbrella twirlers. Well, I guess those are still completely out or else the Irish terrorists will blow up English pubs in Boston and New York--your American dollars at work!


Now I'm stuck with references to  Privates on Parade which was not really a great movie because it sorts of brings a comedy audience down if the gormless idiots are all shot by the fiendish Chinee or inscrutable Japs or whatever.

Still, it's a man's life in the Ancient Order of Hibernians, who aren't the least bit swishy.

You're no fun any more.

Nice army you've got there. A shame if anything were to happen to it.

(All my own work--no Google--and references to at least six different Monty Python products, a personal record perhaps.)

Silly bunts.
2014-03-04 11:08:02 AM  
I must have missed something. What the hell do gays have to do with Saint Patrick's Day?
2014-03-04 11:11:49 AM  
It will be quite a different sort of "parade" for gays when Sharia Law takes over.
2014-03-04 11:12:33 AM  
Fun Fact:  Saint Patrick's day parades were an invention of army recruiting in the American colonies to lure the Irish into the armed forces by getting them drunk and Shanghaiing them. (In the United Kingdom they didn't need an excuse to get the Irish drunk and Shanghai them. It was the daily bread and butter of armed forces recruiting, mostly the army because the Irish don't mix well with water.)

I'd add some Simpsons references but I don't know any because the Simpsons have never done any jokes about the Irish or Saint Patrick's Day or Leprecauns. And they certainly don't repeat them.
2014-03-04 11:13:47 AM  

Dahnkster: So, no Navy then?

[www.outofregs.com image 500x318]

Oh my goodness.
What am I gonna do in a submarine?

NOT drop ANYthing
2014-03-04 11:15:15 AM  
FTFA:  Marchers from the gay-rights group would not, however, be allowed to wear clothing or hold signs that refer to sexual orientation, Coredini said.

So how do they identify themselves?  The VFW has a sign bearer at the front of their group that says "VFW".

"Men with a Fabulous Fashion Sense"
"Women with Sensible Haircuts"
2014-03-04 11:49:12 AM  
So no rainbow camo?
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