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(CBC)   Meet Server Froze. He has a drivers license, credit cards, loans, a better credit rating than you do, and he doesn't exist   ( cbc.ca) divider line
    More: Scary, Server Froze, credit cards, credit rating, identity theft, credit bureaus, John Russo, loans  
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2014-03-03 03:14:59 PM  

here to help: because I was too late due to meatworld f*ckery

This is now the name of my Autobiography.
2014-03-03 03:22:48 PM  

CygnusDarius: Well, you could get... creative.

[imgs.xkcd.com image 666x205]

LOL nice one man, SQL injection attack via student enrollment.
2014-03-03 03:27:51 PM  

haemaker: [philly.barstoolsports.com image 317x232]

Can't believe you farkers aren't versed in the classics.

Captain Tuttle frowns on your shenanigans.

/Now get off my lawn
2014-03-03 03:31:12 PM  

Nogrhi: ...and his good friend Overflow, Stack.

And their cousin Exchange, Expert S.
2014-03-03 03:31:17 PM  

haemaker: [31.media.tumblr.com image 768x576]

I am Really, REALLY disappointed in how long this took. +1 Internets to you, but I really was beginning to think I was the only one who thought of it.
2014-03-03 03:36:48 PM  
Between Shawshank Redemtion and The Usual Suspects references, fark delivered on this thread todyay
2014-03-03 03:37:10 PM  

Glenford: haemaker: [philly.barstoolsports.com image 317x232]

Can't believe you farkers aren't versed in the classics.

Captain Tuttle frowns on your shenanigans.

/Now get off my lawn

M et Mme Jondrette are willing to sell lawn standing tickets for 50 sou...err francs a piece.
2014-03-03 03:46:38 PM  
"There's literally no limit to the types of things, the amounts of things, the amount of damage that can be caused to each sector that you can possibly think of -  banks, government bureaucracies, police agencies, insurance, car lenders. Everybody."

It's not hard to tell where his loyalties lie, eh?
2014-03-03 04:17:16 PM  
aaaaand a Twitter account apparently
2014-03-03 04:22:12 PM  

ransack.: haemaker: Can't believe you farkers aren't versed in the classics.

Or we are just sick of wading through the same first fifty posts of tired old tropes every goddamn time a story sort of sounds like that one movie most people have seen, and idiots act like you'll win a blowjob and the Ultimate Feast from Red Lobster if you're the quickest at GIS and copy/paste

I was told the prize was bread sticks and salad at Olive Garden but cheese biscuits will make a decent substitute.
2014-03-03 04:25:55 PM  

d23: I'm still wondering why keeping private databases about "credit worthyness" is even legal.

I know it is marginally better now that I have a right to see the information, but still...

Oh, I'm ok with the databases.  My problem is that there seems to be no liability for false information in those databases.  There's never anything wrong in there that helps you.
2014-03-03 05:13:55 PM  
He has "he doesn't exist".

It's acceptable, and common, to omit conjunctions in headlines. That's handy for people who have somehow gotten this far in life without knowing how to use conjunctions. I'm looking at you, subby.
2014-03-03 06:03:48 PM  
Normally I sit back and say "meh, if those morons had put twice the brains and half the effort into a legal scheme..."

But this one. Wow. Now that the cat is out of the bag, you know they'll have all sorts of ways to catch the next son-of-a-biatch that tries it. But for firsties...

[Golf Clap]
2014-03-04 10:19:08 AM  

Babwa Wawa: What Server Froze may look like
[i.imgur.com image 640x480]

Oh, and Fark?  I am disappoint.

Darn, you posted it before I could.  Oh well, you get an upvote anyway.
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