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(NL Times (Netherlands))   Thief gets away with daring restaurant break-in. Just kidding, he got stuck in the dumbwaiter and called police to rescue him   ( nltimes.nl) divider line
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2014-02-28 10:25:56 PM  
Did they spray them with a hose?
2014-02-28 10:26:11 PM  
♪♫ There's something stuck up in the dumb waiter, and I don't know what it is
but it's been there all night lonnnnnggg..... ♪♫
2014-02-28 10:31:10 PM  
Places still have dumbwaiters?  That "real" old school!
2014-02-28 10:32:08 PM  
The smartwaiter wasn't into it
2014-02-28 10:32:53 PM  
damn meddling dumb waiters
2014-02-28 10:40:02 PM  
Did they get to poke him with a stick?
2014-02-28 10:41:24 PM  
I bet he felt pretty dumb just stuck there waiting like that.
2014-02-28 10:41:59 PM  
That's why it's CALLED that.
2014-02-28 10:51:33 PM  

zimbomba63: Places still have dumbwaiters?  That "real" old school!

Dumbwaiter? More like a dumb thief amirite?

2014-02-28 10:54:03 PM  
What is this, an elevator for ants?
2014-02-28 11:11:58 PM  
" Upon realizing that he had properly wedged himself into an unyielding spot in the tight elevator, he fingered his cell phone out of his pockets and called police to come rescue him."

Reminded me of this from the IT Crowd.
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2014-02-28 11:16:32 PM  
I wonder what he was doing in there.
2014-02-28 11:36:24 PM  
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2014-02-28 11:48:33 PM  

zimbomba63: Places still have dumbwaiters?  That "real" old school!

That would sure beat the system one restaurant I worked at had for storing produce, and other stuff in the basement.  A wood slide was used to send the stuff down, with one guy at the bottom catching and stacking.  Then, only to have to carry the stuff back up the stairs when needed.  50 lb boxes of lettuce and potatoes suck the most.

It made me miss the crappy lift I used at a furniture store.  It was a basic winch lifting a wooden platform, used for taking the furniture to different floors.  It had zero safety features, and sometimes, someone had to ride it to keep a couch from falling over and getting caught in the walls, because the lift had no walls itself.

/OSHA would flip their desk if they saw some of the places I've worked.
//I really think if I died at work, the boss would have hidden my body.
2014-03-01 12:12:59 AM  
lack of warmth:50 lb boxes of lettuce and potatoes

That's an odd combination..
2014-03-01 12:18:51 AM  
FTFA: Police say the 23-year-old man had broken into a restaurant building on President Kennedylaan Thursday night.

2014-03-01 01:16:38 AM  
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2014-03-01 06:12:30 AM  
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2014-03-01 08:02:57 AM  
Just another reason the new version sucks. That would never happen to the old Garret.
2014-03-01 08:18:07 AM  

Zentelis: lack of warmth:50 lb boxes of lettuce and potatoes

That's an odd combination..

Not in the same package.  They were the two heaviest.

mikelepage: [img.fark.net image 500x281]

[img.fark.net image 500x281]

I think there is a Bill Engvall joke in there somewhere.
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