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(Fark)   And now, to separate the people who worked this week from those who didn't: it's time for the Fark Weird News Quiz   ( fark.com) divider line
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2014-02-28 01:00:13 PM  
Thanks to the quiz team for this week, the ones who really made this happen. Your quizmasters are meow said the dog, phlegmmo, Sinto, and Sim Tree. Thanks for all of your help!
2014-02-28 01:01:32 PM  
Winners of last week's quiz:

Agarista  1028
HelperKitty    982
buckler    950
calbert    942
Cordwainer Duck    938
elblanco34    937
drumhellar    930
Twilight Farkle    927
Robot Holocaust    926
ibtopher    919

Good luck this week!
2014-02-28 01:02:09 PM  
That...did not go so well
2014-02-28 01:02:31 PM  
Damn it. It's like I had something to do other than Fark this week.

Final Score:
5 out of 11 correct, total points = 469
Total time elapsed:
1 minute (89 seconds)
2014-02-28 01:02:40 PM  
And if that was too difficult, we also have the Easy Quiz for you:  http://www.fark.com/quiz/307
2014-02-28 01:11:12 PM  
2014-02-28 01:14:22 PM  


LOL - that just means that you wasted more time here than I did!!!
2014-02-28 01:14:50 PM  
Hey, 705, actually semi-respectable this time.
2014-02-28 01:25:32 PM  
I got eight... I think that's my best-ever score.
2014-02-28 01:41:08 PM  
7/11 & 9/10.

Productivity: Minimal
2014-02-28 01:51:06 PM  
Hard: 10 out of 11 correct, total points = 928 (87 seconds)
Easy: 10 out of 10 correct, total points = 943 (57 seconds)

Getting my speed back, but on accuracy, I missed it by that much.

/also, since I still read those blurbs, at least I know why I've never been tempted to purchase an SUV. Or get a life. Or be productive at work. I'm taking life's little mysteries one at a time...
2014-02-28 02:02:47 PM  
Final Score:

7 out of 11 correct, total points = 658
Total time elapsed:

1 minute (85 seconds)
2014-02-28 02:07:48 PM  
2 out of 11 = 170

Worst Score Ever.

Damn, I must have been more productive at work this week than I thought.  Yeah, that's it.
2014-02-28 02:08:50 PM  
Which of these is NOT an error made by a textbook used in schools in India?
...ahhh, hate those trick questions!
2014-02-28 02:10:55 PM  
Final Score:
9 out of 11 correct, total points = 819
Total time elapsed:
1 minute (103 seconds)

W00t! Even made the top 10, however briefly!
2014-02-28 02:11:25 PM  
Final Score:
6 out of 11 correct, total points = 507
2014-02-28 02:14:32 PM  
2014-02-28 02:16:32 PM  
933 with a 10/11

Maybe it will hold up for the bottom part of the top 10, that would be nice :)

Either way though, I'm happy with the score - its (by far) a new personal best.
2014-02-28 02:19:42 PM  
Wrong again, Unfreakable.  4 out of 11 and I hardly did any work this week.  Still have 3 hours...a dead celebrity in the hours or so would be a great distraction
2014-02-28 02:34:24 PM  
one of my beter scores:

9 out of 11 correct, total points = 825

still outside the top ten but better than i normally score.
2014-02-28 02:43:03 PM  
8 out of 11 correct, total points = 721

Rather surprising, as I had a pretty busy week.

In other news...  I thought that bit with the spelling bee occurred a few weeks ago.  Not this week.
2014-02-28 02:44:53 PM  
Does one actually win anything if they get into the top ten on this weekly quiz?
Is there like a Fark Weird News Quiz Hall of Fame or something?
Not that I'll ever win or anything, just curious.
2014-02-28 03:24:57 PM  
Holy Shiat, I made the Top Ten.  I'll enjoy it while it lasts - probably for another 30-40 seconds...
2014-02-28 03:48:06 PM  
proportional or inversely proportional?  either way my 'manhood' is quite content with himself.
2014-02-28 04:48:08 PM  
I thought I'd been reading FARK often, but I had to guess on every one of these. I'd gotten my hopes up for a perfect 0, but then I went and guessed one right. Damn.
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