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(Oregon Live)   Starting tomorrow in Oregon, rather than just saying "Nope" and signing a form, you must actually consult your family doctor or watch an hour long online video in order to get a vaccine exemption   ( oregonlive.com) divider line
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2014-03-01 12:26:48 AM  

Diogenes: You biatch and moan when they make laws to ensure a pregnant woman is fully lied to about the consequences of an abortion.

2014-03-01 12:32:07 AM  

Diogenes: Cymbal: Slackfumasta: How is this different from forcing women to have intra vag ultrasound to force them to hear the heartbeat? It's still government interfering in personal medical affairs.

Just because your side does it doesn't make it right.

You don't need an ultrasound to know if you are pregnant. But you do need to know that refusing to vaccinate is not only dangerous to your children, but others as well. If everyone knew that, there would be no need for the video.

Got it.  Abortion is healthy for a child.

Are you seriously trying to walk down this road or are you just trolling?

Because 10/10 if the latter, f*ck off if the former.
2014-03-01 12:38:07 AM  

Ficoce: udhq: Ficoce: This is ignorant and stupid. Why legislate something that isn't even a problem? Politics? Because it makes you feel good? Because we want to keep up with the "Jones'" of other states that have too many laws? We didn't have any cases of Chickenpox last year and only one case of measles. The only mentionable disease problem we have is Syphilis,

Here's the facts:
http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6307md.htm?s_cid=mm6307md _w

Why do we need to force our kids to support big pharma again?

So your argument is that we shouldn't vaccinate kids because vaccines are too effective?

No, actually my argument is the facts show the way it was done before seems to work. After living here 50 years I seem to recall parents getting their kid inoculated without government involvement. Those that didn't? Well, where are the results of that? I look to the CDC, the people that keep track of this type of thing. Nothing odd there. No kids dying in the streets and stats look about the same everywhere within a few points.

So, where did did this hate come from toward people, yet to be named, who supposedly don't vaccinate their kids? And where did all this love for vaccinations come from? Vaccinations that sometimes don't work? And many times cause side effects that other nameless people say are negligible?

I might point to one heartfelt blog from someone that claimed to be a hippies kid; not being vaccinated that screwed everything about their life up, went viral, and touched the happy bits of people everywhere.

Now we have legislation, based not on need or common sense, but emotion. Bet if I dig deep enough I would find a Pharma lobby with fingers in the bill, internet propaganda, and the resulting hate - over nothing.

Nobody has anything to counter my point - other than attack.

That's my argument and  point.

I think the reason people are so emotional about it is because anti-vaxxers are using pseudo-science to justify a major public health risk that is causing actual harm.

The rates of completely preventable illnesses- ones that were virtually unheard of in recent decades- have gone significantly up.

No, we are not in full-on pandemic...yet. If people continue to avoid getting vaccines, there is no question, it will happen. And it will be ugly.

While i might have had sympathy with your complaint that all you are getting is attacked- if that were in fact the case.

But all I've seen so far is people being exceptionally patient with you. I have seen you use attacks, obfuscation, putting words in other peoples mouths.

I'm not sure how to say it in simpler terms. It seems like many anti-vaxxers are resistant to the basics of reason and logic.
2014-03-01 12:43:46 AM  

o'really: Aestatis: Dr Dreidel: The one, teensy, tiny little problem I have with this is based on my own experience, a third of the world away.

When I started at UMD, I had to provide them proof of my vaccination records. I thought I had, but apparently, there was some piece missing, so they didn't have proof I was up-to-date (IIRC) on my MMR. (Funny enough, working at a hospital the year prior, I'd had to have my titer upped, since the MMR vaccine level was too low.)

Anyway, rather than get stuck AGAIN for the same damn thing (or, more likely, waiting for my doctor's office to RE-re-send the paperwork), I signed the "I have objections" paper and went on my merry.

// if I'd had to watch a video on top of that, it'd be worse than 47 Benghazis happening at the IRS building where they target conservatives

So you didn't keep good track of your medical records, and somehow couldn't get copies transferred from the hospital you worked at?

I'm OK with you sacrificing an hour of your time, or getting re-stuck, or choosing to go elsewhere.

/ I sound sanctimonious but I have the same problem
// I've had all the vaccinations you need to go to Africa, but no clue where to get firm record

There are no vaccinations reqd to go to "africa".

I went there recently and was unable to find a dr or clinic who had any idea of what i needed to get. My sis was living there and agreed no shots were needed.

Now if you are talking about a specific country, like south africa, which has had recent outbreaks of certain diseases, you need those specific vaccs. Yellow fever vacc was reqd to even have a layover there.

Aestatis- As for your question of where to get a "firm record" of your shots, my understanding is the only place you can do that is... The place you got the shots.

/where else?
2014-03-01 01:39:42 AM  
In video game terms, worse players would have me intentionally take a hit because they cannot avoid a hit, then when I point out that fact they claim I cram a peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into their consoles when they're not looking.

/contra code added 29 men not 30
//numbers sure are fun huh
2014-03-01 02:03:26 AM  

Calmamity: It's child abuse, and it's not just your own children you are abusing, you goddamn fu*ksocks.

Hey now, that not nice! Some vaccines are needed very much so, like MMR.

OH! Oh......n/m

2014-03-01 07:29:07 AM  
Instead of wasting doctor's time, why not just have anti-vaxers write an essay detailing the reasons why they're opting out of giving their children vaccines.  Give the papers to English teachers and science professors.  If one of each can get through the entire essay without laughing or rolling their eyes, they're granted a waiver.  If not, everyone in the family gets the needle...of the missing vaccine.
2014-03-01 08:08:21 AM  

the ha ha guy: Ficoce: Thanks! Guess that proves there really wasn't a problem to legislate after all. The people of Oregon actually immunized themselves enough without government involvement.

Herd immunity only works when a large enough percentage of the population gets immunized.

Thanks to Oprah and her porn star BFF, that percentage is threatening to dip below the required threshold. When that happens, the disease will spread far enough that it can mutate and attack everyone, even those who have been already been immunized.

Also, watching a short video is not "government involvement", it's just a counter-argument to those who insist that the porn star knows more about disease control than the CDC. People are still completely free to make their own choice, as long as they're informed of the alternative. It's really no different than the anti-abortion videos women are forced to watch before getting an abortion.

Watching a video is government involvement. Who determines the content of the video? Who will produce the video? We are talking about patented drugs here; this is not like driver safety where a generic car is used as an example.

Senate Bill 132 declared an emergency. What emergency? The CDC stats don't show negligible problems for the state, they show zero in most cases. Washington and California have enacted similar laws and the CDC shows they have quite a few cases - kind of crazy thinking, but shouldn't reality be the opposite?

You seem to know quite a bit about this - you wouldn't happen to know a few of the stock symbols of the companies that hold patents on the vaccination drugs? Might be a few day trade opportunities on this.
2014-03-01 11:27:32 AM  

EmmaLou: Instead of wasting doctor's time, why not just have anti-vaxers write an essay detailing the reasons why they're opting out of giving their children vaccines.  Give the papers to English teachers and science professors.  If one of each can get through the entire essay without laughing or rolling their eyes, they're granted a waiver.  If not, everyone in the family gets the needle...of the missing vaccine.

Nah, that doesn't reek of control freakdom at all.
2014-03-01 12:49:29 PM  

Ficoce: Watching a video is government involvement.

Mandating sterilized surgical equipment is government involvement. USDA inspections are government involvement. FDA approval is government involvement. Driver's Licenses are government involvement. Road repairs are government involvement.

The problem with fighting "government involvement" is that the whole purpose of the government is to get involved. If you disagree, then run for office under an Anarchist political party.
2014-03-01 01:21:56 PM  

the ha ha guy: Anarchist political party.

Problematic in and of itself...
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