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2014-02-27 12:57:28 PM  
Incredibly, the simulations showed that wind turbines could disrupt a hurricane enough to reduce peak wind speeds by up to 92 mph (148 km/h) and decrease storm surges by up to 79%.

Whoa, that's just weird to think about.
2014-02-27 01:32:06 PM  
Cobra Commander is a lobbyist now?
2014-02-27 01:34:43 PM  
Wait, I thought THIS...

nation.foxnews.comView Full Size

...was Obama's hurricane machine?
2014-02-27 01:41:08 PM  
So he's got a time machine, a hurricane machine, and death panels?.
2014-02-27 01:42:28 PM  

CygnusDarius: So he's got a time machine, a hurricane machine, and death panels?.

And electric boots, a mohair suit.  You know, I read it in a magazine.
2014-02-27 01:44:14 PM  
is the earthquake machine broke?

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2014-02-27 01:46:23 PM  
This would be pretty cool, if we actually had wind turbines which worked during hurricane-level wind speeds...
2014-02-27 01:47:10 PM  
It's a shame we don't build infrastructure anymore.
2014-02-27 01:50:32 PM  

CheekyMonkey: This would be pretty cool, if we actually had wind turbines which worked during hurricane-level wind speeds...

Exactly. Wind turbines are stopped at excessive wind speeds and the blades are 'feathered' for minimal resistance.
2014-02-27 01:53:14 PM  
I live at the tip of Hurricane Alley and would welcome a bunch of turbines to give us some crazy cheap energy...

However: this plane is bonkers and will never work because someones studied too much theoretical math and not enough about the practicality of building a thousand mile wide maze of windmills in the middle of the ocean.

Not much hope that this becomes a thing.
2014-02-27 01:53:29 PM  
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2014-02-27 01:55:19 PM  
I'm hesitant to believe this article, or the guy in the video, but admit that I don't know quite enough about hurricanes in order to be completely incredulous.

Now, my understanding is that most of the energy being produced by a hurricane happens in the upper regions of the storm. I can see a large-ish land feature, such as a mountain range, slowing the winds of a hurricane, but turbines? I can see a bit of slow down of the storm surge, even though the turbines aren't particularly large, they would (possibly?) slow said surge, but... Even 50%, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around that.

Any physics geeks around here who also know something about hurricanes / meteorology care to pipe in? I'm on the NOAA site now reading about the energy produced by an average hurricane and how it's produced, and it just sort of seems a little doubtful to me that a long line of relatively short and thin turbines could so dramatically reduce the destructive power of one of these storms.
2014-02-27 01:56:02 PM  
They should just hang them from blimps. What a ride!
2014-02-27 02:02:57 PM  
consisting of as many as 78,000 individual turbines

A new 100 turbine wind farm was just finished about 2 years ago a few miles north of here. The cost of building those turbines on land was roughly $1,000,000 per turbine. I can only imagine that costs would go up dramatically when building them at sea. Even assuming the $1 million price tag, that's an original investment of $78 billion for the turbines alone. I can't even begin to imagine us spending that kind of cash on a single infrastructure project. Maybe if we armed them and made them part of some kind of "defense grid" or something it would work. We don't seem to mind throwing a trillion dollars down the ol' "defense spending" rabbit hole, but spending billions on projects here at home is a non-starter.
2014-02-27 02:04:47 PM  
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2014-02-27 02:30:50 PM  
There's no possibility of any negative impact on the environment at all by doing this... All attempts to alter the environment can have nothing but positive outcomes.


What are we waiting for?
2014-02-27 02:33:15 PM  
This reminds me of the idiots that suggested detonating multiple hydrogen bombs to stop a hurricane.
2014-02-27 02:40:19 PM  

rzrwiresunrise: [img.fark.net image 496x334]

Stop it. I refuse to believe that's real. Just...no, man.
2014-02-27 04:41:15 PM  
One function of hurricanes is to transport heat energy from the tropics to the poles, so this may be a win-win if the current weather pattern is not some freak of transient causes yet unknown.

Part of the viciousness of this winter in the mid-latitudes is attributed to an insufficient difference in the temperatures on either side of 60 N:  arctic areas are too warm, so the polar jet (the edge of the polar vortex) does not move quickly enough to avoid meandering far north and south.

If we disrupt hurricanes in the mid-latitudes (i.e. off the US coast), the temperature gradient would be restored and the polar vortex will stop sending pseudopods farther south than they should be.
2014-02-27 06:10:50 PM  

regornam: rzrwiresunrise: [img.fark.net image 496x334]

Stop it. I refuse to believe that's real. Just...no, man.

Oh, I'm fully capable of acknowledging the sheer idiocy politicians are capable of demonstrating, but I too hope that isn't legitimate.

Sometimes I hate to have my low opinion of humanity justified.
2014-02-27 06:22:06 PM  
CygnusDarius: So he's got a time machine, a hurricane machine, and death panels?.

Would be amusing derp if it weren't for the fark lib-tards here blaming bush for a WWII vet not getting a medal 40 years ago, and claiming with a straight face that bush caused Katrina .

// especially when the reason the WWII vet is getting the medal now is due to a Bush signed review (but facts never get in the way of obamabots).
2014-02-28 01:33:29 AM  

RedPhoenix122: [s2.quickmeme.com image 625x478]


They kinda do, actually.
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