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2014-02-26 06:02:44 PM  

The Muthaship: gshepnyc: And don't think for a second that innocent people haven't been manipulated into pleading guilty.

In a death penalty case?  It is virtually impossible to plead guilty, you have to beg.  Even if you do get the court to accept it, they impanel a jury to hear mitigating evidence.

It seems to be really important to you that the state maintain a systematic means to murder people you know little or nothing about, often on no more than the word of other people you know little or nothing about. I'm really sorry for whatever caused you to be like that.
2014-02-26 06:40:37 PM  

gshepnyc: I'm really sorry for whatever caused you to be like that.

I appreciate your concern.

Curious though, what makes you think I don't know anything about capital punishment?  Does your deep level of concern for me allow that you spend a couple minutes lighting a candle in my darkness?

/or perhaps you meant I know little or nothing about the people who are being executed
//in which case, other than their guilt, I don't care to
2014-02-26 06:56:53 PM  

JungleBoogie: Voiceofreason01: but on the other hand he raped and murdered a 15 year old

nekom: Which is a great reason to stuff him in a concrete cell forever.  What did killing him accomplish?  Unless you think that the justice system needs a revenge aspect to it.  That's a valid opinion if you're willing to admit that.

What did killing him accomplish? It makes sure he never hurts anyone again. Prison doesn't do that, not even close. There are a myriad instances of murderers murdering again in jail, escaping and murdering again, being released to murder again, etc.

I don't see how putting someone in a cell is a commensurate response to rape and murder. It does limit their ability to do it again, but it doesn't prevent it. If you want to prevent it, the only way to do so is to execute them. Also, there is the general deterrence effect (which if it does exist and you don't execute, you're intentionally allowing the deaths of murder victims to save the lives of murderers. If it doesn't exist and you execute, you're simply administering the closest we have to justice to capital offenders).

I fully support retributive justice. It's kind of amusing to see those who try to insinuate that retribution is somehow scandalous. The threat of retribution is what dissuades predators from freely getting their freak on.

On the downside, the death penalty for murder publicizes both the murderer and his crime.  This thread is evidence of that.

If this perpetrator had gotten life without parole, he'd almost certainly have been forgotten by pretty much everyone soon after he was sentenced.
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