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2014-02-25 01:08:50 AM  
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2014-02-25 02:46:15 AM  
Wait till Liquidator Brunt (FCA) hears about this.
2014-02-25 08:21:53 AM  
ROM. ROM never changes.
2014-02-25 08:22:04 AM  
Standard model is correct again.

Has to be a sad time to be a physicist.
2014-02-25 08:22:24 AM  
My wife made a large "quark" in her shorts once.
2014-02-25 08:23:06 AM  
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2014-02-25 09:04:48 AM  
PopSci article: But in the 2008, and now the 2014 discovery, top quarks were produced in a rare event, via weak molecular forces
Fermilab press release: [...] creating a single top quark through the weak nuclear force

No, those are not the same thing. You morons.
2014-02-25 09:04:59 AM  
Cool science result and I hate to be that guy but this article has a metric shiat-ton of physics mistakes.

"Top quarks are the heaviest of subatomic particles, and are prime components of all matter--everything from mayonnaise to your big toe. But while they are in virtually everything, they are impossible to isolate from matter under ordinary circumstances."

There are no top quarks in us. Neutrons and protons are made of up and down quarks.

"In the first instance, top quarks were produced by strong molecular forces, by slamming a proton and anti-proton into each other. But in the 2008, and now the 2014 discovery, top quarks were produced in a rare event, via weak molecular forces. The finding helps reinforce the Standard Model, which predicts that quarks can be made by exploiting both types of molecular forces, Denisov said. "It's important that all forces in nature, strong and weak, equally produce the top quark."

Molecular forces are electromagnetic and are unrelated to what the colliders are probing. They do, of course, probe the weak and strong forces which are very different from molecular forces. At first I thought this was a semantic mistake and he had just put "molecular" in front of weak/strong but looking at link to weak molecular force in the article, it's clear he is talking about the electromagnetic forces between molecules.

Sorry for the rant!
2014-02-25 09:09:53 AM  

whidbey: Wait till Liquidator Brunt (FCA) hears about this.

Someone just put in an anonymous bid... 500 bars of gold-pressed latinum for the entire collection of vacuum-dessicated top Quark.
2014-02-25 09:39:59 AM  
Came here for the nerd rage against the idiot author's "weak molecular forces"...

How do you get that wrong?  You just don't like the word "nuclear"?  Jackass.
2014-02-25 09:44:50 AM  
Quark's Money Saving Tips

Got money in your pocket?  Keep it there.

/always liked that
2014-02-25 10:00:27 AM  

Tyrone Slothrop: ROM. ROM never changes.

Not true.  He started out as a typical Ferengi with an annoyingly shrill voice...totally unlikeable.  Over time he morphed into the loveable mechanical genius who really didn't have the level of greed required to be a real Ferengi.

Plus he was in a lotta scenes with Chase Masturbationson....which didn't appear to be such a rough gig.
2014-02-25 11:11:49 AM  
Subby, you're a genius.
2014-02-25 12:27:53 PM  
Crom laughs from his mountain.
2014-02-25 12:33:10 PM  
Does not approve.

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2014-02-25 02:31:37 PM  
I always thought it was bullsh*t that Rom became Grand Nagus.
2014-02-25 08:41:31 PM  
So, how is this profitable?

Rule of Acquisition 203: New customers are like razor tooth gree-worms.They can be succulent, but sometimes they bite back.
2014-02-25 10:54:49 PM  
While it was a long, long, time ago, I think Ficus was the genius who solved Quark's problems on most episodes. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quark_%28TV_series%29 )
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