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2001-12-07 01:21:26 PM  
WTF, are we keeping track of beheadings or something?
2001-12-07 01:21:32 PM  
Man, that was a quick update.
2001-12-07 01:23:40 PM  
Any room for perrin or hermaphroditonia ?
Just rotting fruit sitting on their necks anyways.
2001-12-07 01:26:22 PM  
I still don't understand why this is celebrated on Fark...
2001-12-07 01:30:16 PM  
At this rate they're never going to make it to thier goal of triple digits by New Years.
2001-12-07 01:31:39 PM  
Nez: Its celebrated by many who believe if you take the life of a human being then you deserve to give up your life as a punishment. You do not deserve life in jail watching cable TV and lifting weights hopeing to get a pardon and sueing the jail everytime you did not get the average of 50 bits of corn but 49 today at lunch costing the taxpayers millions of dollars over the entire span of your life.

I hope it was a slow beheading.
2001-12-07 01:33:38 PM  
I don't get what "80!" means, but some dude got his head chopped off. Dag. Somehow this is a public service announcement? I sense some really inapproprite Photoshops on the way.
2001-12-07 01:34:10 PM  
Ahh yes,slow beheading.
Those are soooooo cool !
2001-12-07 01:36:52 PM  
I love how it says "Happy Ramadan from ArabNews" on the top of the page. Those of you who don't know .... go find it in the archives somewhere.
2001-12-07 01:38:00 PM  
with a dull butter knife
2001-12-07 01:39:27 PM  
They are slipping with the beheadings.
2001-12-07 01:40:13 PM  
I bet Badriya bint Hamed Al-Qarni had nice boobies.
2001-12-07 01:45:19 PM  
If you don't understand why we count Saudi beheadings, then shut the hell up.
2001-12-07 01:46:22 PM  
2001-12-07 01:47:16 PM  
Why do WE keep count of Saudi beheadings?

Enquiring (new FARK) minds want to know.
2001-12-07 01:47:57 PM  
i just want to give a heads up to those who don't know -
yes fark keeps track of beheadings....
2001-12-07 01:48:11 PM  
Its the 80th beheading this year. its like the darwin awards of the middle east. this is what they should do to the murderes and rapists here in the us
2001-12-07 01:48:48 PM  
WTF They cut a guys head off for shooting a young dead girl?

must be the translation?
2001-12-07 01:49:01 PM  
because Saudi farkers keep count of the lethal injections
2001-12-07 01:49:39 PM  
MY BAD! shooting a girl dead
2001-12-07 01:49:57 PM  
[image from decadesrocks.com too old to be available]
2001-12-07 01:50:22 PM  
Bass555: LOL!
2001-12-07 01:55:08 PM  
Coming to a county fair near you...The Mooks.
2001-12-07 01:56:15 PM  
its called tradition.
2001-12-07 01:56:58 PM  
slayerswine: Slow beheadings..... with a Spork from KFC.
2001-12-07 01:58:27 PM  
NutSackDance: An N'suck 10 year reunion photo?
2001-12-07 01:58:53 PM  
When I was a young farker someone started posting "Saudi's behead 3 today, total number is 66 so far this year" or something similar. The Arabs did it so often that making a headline got redundant, all the Farker's knew what the number meant, now every Jan 1st the total is brought back to 0 & when the Arabs stop passing out drastic lobotomies is when the world will end.
The main reason I believe this is a running Fark joke is that it really would suck getting your head chopped off with a sword in this day & age, but it's still sorta cool in a weird medieval way.
The only other times a numeral was a headline was when dubya was gov. of Texas.
2001-12-07 01:59:46 PM  
The article said the guy paid with his life. Methinks he paid with his head.
2001-12-07 02:01:41 PM  
& sublimaze, do you want some cheeze with that whine?
2001-12-07 02:02:53 PM  
I still don't see why this is cause for excitement.

And fark off Fb - I'm not in the mood.
2001-12-07 02:02:57 PM  
We have a sheriff in NC who sent
this as his "Happy Holidays" card:

[image from nandotimes.com too old to be available]

Carries around an M3, wears military
gear, beret, drives around in a car
painted like a spider's web.

Has his own show on CourtTV.
2001-12-07 02:05:20 PM  
fooking lame.

Jeez, I'm starting to think that you've got to be "buddy buddy" with the ops or something to get a post put up around here.

I'm sure that stories that have been rejected today, yesterday, or LAST WEEK for that matter are far more interesting, funny, sick, twisted, odd, or newsworthy than someone in Saudi Arabia getting their head cut off for commiting murder. What's next? A tally of every wannabe gang-banger that gets shot in L.A. ? The two have the same significance if you ask me.
2001-12-07 02:06:16 PM  
Not to mention the Indian shooting spree was posted yesterday...
2001-12-07 02:09:33 PM  
Malinois, What's an M3?
2001-12-07 02:09:55 PM  
Maybe its time to start emailing out the FArQ to new users when they sign up.
2001-12-07 02:10:07 PM  
Ooops - Indiana - that changed the whole context of the message, didn't it?
2001-12-07 02:10:51 PM  
seems a little behind last years tally. oh well a good year for the roses though.
2001-12-07 02:12:33 PM  
[image from xballonline.com too old to be available]

2001-12-07 02:13:04 PM  
Ichimonji: This is an M3, AKA "Compensation"
2001-12-07 02:13:52 PM  
Crap..when I saw 79! a little while back I thought it was a clerks inside joke thing...don't try to suck any d!ck on your way to the parking lot!
2001-12-07 02:13:53 PM  
[image from news-record.com too old to be available]
2001-12-07 02:15:03 PM  
Ahhhhh crap...I mean, try not to suck any d!ck on your way to the parking lot...im slippin in my old age...ugh...
2001-12-07 02:15:04 PM  
"Carries around a Compensation"??
2001-12-07 02:15:48 PM  
I sure hope you got me one for Christmas !
2001-12-07 02:17:12 PM  
Oh - cool.
2001-12-07 02:18:45 PM  
Sorry SLAYERSWINE, I think I'm going to have to use my money to make sure I don't keep messing up tags. If I can, we'll see...
2001-12-07 02:19:36 PM  

The Ballad of Sheriff Hege: "Sheriff Hege is his name, He ain't looking for any fame, just to see the county like it used to be. Going strictly by the book in the past that's what it took, And he won't give up on something he believes"
2001-12-07 02:20:34 PM  
Ok, I'll buy the Beheading tally. Hell, I'll even think it's funny. But i just have one question. How do you know it's an accurate tally? Do we know that every Saudi that gets beheaded gets an article on an internet news site?

BTW, I agree that if you take someones life you souldn't get to spend your life at some correctional resort.
2001-12-07 02:22:48 PM  
Laf. That's the one...
2001-12-07 02:24:03 PM  
YES! Keep up the good work.
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