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(Boing Boing)   25 Synonyms for 'Pussy Riot,' for news presenters who'd really rather not to say 'pussy' on-air   ( boingboing.net) divider line
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2014-02-23 02:02:08 AM  
If your workplace doesn't allow you to say the word "pussy," you're part of the problem.

/applies to almost every "NSFW" link I've ever seen on Fark.
//What kind of pussy do you have to be to take a job at a place like that?

2014-02-23 02:03:18 AM  
Hahahaha, best laugh all night
2014-02-23 02:03:51 AM  

mnemonic device: Pudendamonium

replygif.netView Full Size
2014-02-23 02:09:21 AM  

Bumblefark: mnemonic device: Pudendamonium

2014-02-23 02:11:23 AM  
Naughty Riot?
i21.photobucket.comView Full Size
2014-02-23 02:16:07 AM  
Genital Unrest
2014-02-23 02:16:53 AM  
Coochie Coup
2014-02-23 02:21:09 AM  
imageshack.comView Full Size
2014-02-23 02:24:24 AM  
What is all this vagisilliness?
2014-02-23 02:34:33 AM  

C18H27NO3: Coochie Coup

That got an actual out-loud lol.
2014-02-23 02:40:37 AM  
kristenlizlourie.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2014-02-23 02:47:26 AM  

I came for this!

2014-02-23 02:49:05 AM  
I lul'd.
2014-02-23 02:50:07 AM  
Piss-Flap Fraccas?
2014-02-23 02:54:26 AM  
Pootie Putsch
2014-02-23 02:56:26 AM  

Bumblefark: Revek: Clam clash.

I was going to say, "gash clash."

/not sure which one rolls off the tongue better

i.imgur.comView Full Size
2014-02-23 03:01:00 AM  
Vaginal upheaval?
2014-02-23 03:13:15 AM  
The lack of "hoo-hah brouhaha" is such a missed opportunity.
2014-02-23 03:14:50 AM  
Clit commandos

Disney could really get away with it, like on That Darn Cat. "Snatch that pussy and put it in the box".

No Miss Slocumb?
2014-02-23 03:17:09 AM  
Crappy Girl-group

Justin Bieber
2014-02-23 03:23:03 AM  
Vaginal Uprising
The Stink in da Stink
Cervix a lot a trouble
Yeast Insurrection
2014-02-23 03:26:39 AM  
2014-02-23 04:19:19 AM  
Axe wound uproar.
Muffin madness.
2014-02-23 04:24:40 AM  
I just wasted 20 minutes on YouTube trying to find one of their live performances that wasn't remixed, and reproduced.

Lucky me. I found a couple.
Words can barely describe what a piece of shiat that band is.
They're trying to do early 80s hardcore, and failing miserably.

They make Agnostic Front, at their very drunkest, can barely speak into the mic, falling into the drums performances look like The New York Philharmonic.
2014-02-23 04:39:31 AM  

mnemonic device: Pudenda

2014-02-23 05:40:16 AM  

C18H27NO3: Coochie Coup

Rock 'n' Roll  Coochie Coup??
2014-02-23 06:35:10 AM  
today I learned that vagina is latin for scabbard. lmao
2014-02-23 06:49:43 AM  
Gash Clash
2014-02-23 07:12:03 AM  
Poontang Shootang
2014-02-23 07:27:12 AM  
Vaginer Whiners?

/come on, tell me that a riot isn't just people being whiny biatches
/setting fire to shiat and tipping cars is still whiny
2014-02-23 07:27:44 AM  
"Twat is an interesting word because it's the only one I know of, the only slang word applying to the, a part of the sexual anatomy that doesn't have another meaning to it. Like, ah, snatch, box and pussy all have other meanings, man. Even in a Walt Disney movie, you can say, We're going to snatch that pussy and put him in a box and bring him on the airplane."

-- George Carlin

2014-02-23 07:43:03 AM  
Boner Garage Grapplers
2014-02-23 08:06:32 AM  
How bout kunt kerfuffle
2014-02-23 08:31:21 AM  

/Hey BoingBoing, why don't you let @midnight be @midnight instead of stealing their #HashtagWars idea?
2014-02-23 08:37:42 AM  
On first hearing of "Pussy Riot" I thought it would be a Russian version of one of those Girl Glam groups, When I saw a pic of them, well, I'll pass.
2014-02-23 09:18:20 AM  

HotWingAgenda: Bearded Clamor

Sorry. Late to the thread.
2014-02-23 11:03:58 AM  
I still get a kick every time Diane Rehm says it.
2014-02-23 11:12:39 AM  

TommyymmoT: Words can barely describe what a piece of shiat that band is.

That's what I don't understand. Putin could just arrest them for crimes against music and nobody would give a shiat.

No he's gotta point out he's doing it because of their political message, instead of them being awful musicians.
2014-02-23 12:22:36 PM  
2014-02-23 12:27:52 PM  
Cat Fight
2014-02-23 12:34:01 PM  
The look on Wolf Blitzer's face makes me think he just 'shipped' his drawers.
2014-02-23 01:00:56 PM  
Cat Flap
Kitty Coup d'etat
Moggy Melee
Feline Free-for-all
2014-02-23 02:09:42 PM  
muff melee
2014-02-23 02:10:59 PM  
kitty fracas
2014-02-23 03:38:35 PM  
This. maybe NSFW?
2014-02-23 05:56:44 PM  
V'Jay-Jay Melee!
2014-02-23 09:18:55 PM  
Penis Envy
2014-02-23 11:13:37 PM  
Honk Bag.
2014-02-24 07:35:51 AM  
Minge Melee.
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