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(New York Daily News)   Ship not allowed to deliver 40,000 tons of much needed road salt to New Jersey because A) The ship can't dock because of the weather, B) Nobody will unload it because of a dock worker strike, or C) The ship isn't carrying an American flag   ( nydailynews.com) divider line
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2014-02-18 01:33:34 AM  
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2014-02-18 12:11:01 AM  
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That's some nice salt ya got there. Be a shame if somethin' were to happen to it...
2014-02-18 07:39:40 AM  
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The issue at hand, at least in part, is one of cabotage

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2014-02-18 06:08:36 AM  
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gfid: mamoru: Fubini: mamoru: So... if they really can't/won't break this law, can't someone simply run a flag out to the ship real quick and solve the problem? Or are conditions too bad for other boats and/or helicopters to do so?

The writer has almost certainly confused flying a physical flag with the notion of a ship's flag state- the country under which a ship is registered, licensed, and regulated.

This is more likely a regulatory dispute over the ship or it's cargo not being up to US standards.

Ah... that makes so much more sense. I'm not really clued-in to maritime laws.

But, you gotta admit it would be a much more Fark-worthy story if the whole situation could be resolved by someone simply dropping an American flag off on the boat. ;)

I wonder if it's that simple.  Can you temporarily re-flag a ship to fly under another country's flag without stepping on other maritime laws?  I don't think it's the actual physical flag they're talking about.

Imagine if ship's could just literally make it a "flag of convenience."   If the Captain wants special treatment when docking in the UK, he simply hoists their flag up.  When the ship returns to US waters, raise the US flag.  Somehow, I don't think that would conform to maritime law, but I'm certainly not an expert.

Just give them the goddammed waiver.

Then it would be a "false flag" and we'd never hear the end of it from Alex Jones...
2014-02-18 06:53:43 AM  
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2014-02-18 06:14:30 AM  
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The Jones Act is a relatively new law, so I suppose the state governments could be forgiven for not knowing anything about it.
2014-02-18 07:57:49 AM  
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SlothB77: The efficiency of big government. Just wait until these guys get a hold of health care.

Please, enlighten us with your analysis of international maritime law.
2014-02-18 06:19:13 AM  
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lifeboat: The Jones Act is a relatively new law, so I suppose the state governments could be forgiven for not knowing anything about it.

Yeah, it's not even 100 years old for another 6 years!
2014-02-18 05:40:09 AM  
2 votes:
I'm sure Christie will weigh in on this today. Or in June he'll say he never heard anything about it.
2014-02-18 02:25:38 AM  
2 votes:

Because it's directly affecting middle and uppper-middle class white people:   OMG OBAMA WON"T  ISSUE A SIMPLE WAIVER BREAKING A US FEDERAL LAW.  WHY WON'T HE BREAK A FEDERAL LAW SO WE CAN HAVE SALT?

Fark 'em.  Six years of constantBS about every little thing he does or doesn't do.  I say -- abide by the absolute letter of the law.  Screw 'em, R OR D.
2014-02-18 08:29:30 AM  
1 vote:
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They need to learn how to make a SAMPO!!
2014-02-18 08:24:36 AM  
1 vote:
I think there might be a valid reason for all this.
Salt can be hard to distinguish from other chemicals.

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One is salt, the other is Ammonium Nitrate.

One kills many Americans each year, the other is used for explosives.
2014-02-18 07:54:40 AM  
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UNC_Samurai: seamen

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2014-02-18 07:02:47 AM  
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You know lawyers? Maritime Lawyers are that, with a (figurative) laser beam and a (figurative) grenade launcher attached.

There is going to be no waiver, no unloading of salt, and no Tasha Yar!
2014-02-18 06:56:04 AM  
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2014-02-18 06:47:08 AM  
1 vote:
I'm fairly certain the author is confused about the flag thing, but just in a case they aren't...

Most times when things get held up over little known outdated laws, its not really about the law. It's about someone forgetting to grease the appropriate palm or someone trying to pull a political favor.

If no one had a reason to be concerned or press the matter, they could have all whistled and looked the other way while the ship docked.

With most people being ignorant of the law and the detail not mattering, a holdup like that would mean someone had to dig through the book for a reason to stop the show.

/find that person and hang em from a yardarm.
/sure its not entirely legal, but the shiat would stop pretty quick.
2014-02-18 06:28:48 AM  
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I like the pants-wetting in the other article linked in TFA.

Washington Free Beacon

Somehow this is Obama's fault.
2014-02-18 06:11:53 AM  
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2014-02-18 05:45:17 AM  
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My response was "well, get a waiver", but apparently they've already applied for one and are awaiting approval.

So the problem's actually already essentially solved, and the article is only written as it is because the author is  hilariously stupid and is taking "the flag the ship sails under" to mean a  literal piece of cloth attached to the ship somewhere.

// My five-year-old second cousin knows this one.  Did TFAuthor never have a pirates-vs-navy phase growing up?  Because most people pick up basic shiat like this about naval law from that.  Treasure Island and so on.
2014-02-18 01:38:15 AM  
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2014-02-18 12:19:54 AM  
1 vote:
So... if they really can't/won't break this law, can't someone simply run a flag out to the ship real quick and solve the problem? Or are conditions too bad for other boats and/or helicopters to do so?
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