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(Daily Mail)   Old and busted: Bird whacking wind turbines. New hotness: Bird scorching solar farms   ( dailymail.co.uk) divider line
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2014-02-16 07:26:06 PM  

here to help: Benjimin_Dover: Libtards fight a project that they don't like using studies, regulations, or media campaigns = WE ARE AWESOME!
Conservatards fight a project that they don't like using the same studies, regulations, or media campaigns = STOP COPYING US!

I'm sure that's how you view it, Sparkles.

More like sane people with a bit of intelligence, forethought, common sense and education who give a f*ck about something beyond their own personal gain use due diligence to weigh the pros and cons of major policies and activities to do what's best for society as a whole and then work together to enact positive change in the world = Hey... look at us being compassionate human beings ensuring the future of our species and planet isn't a total hellhole deathpit f*ck up... but we can still do better so let's get back to work.

Obnoxiously wealthy assholes who want to steal every last penny from every man woman and child on the planet no matter how horrendously it affects everyone else convince selfish, ignorant dullards to do their dirty work for them against those dullards best interests = *facepalm*

Congratulations. You're self defeating moron. I'm sure you are quite proud of yourself about it too.

That's how it's viewed because that's pretty much how you put it.
2014-02-16 07:27:57 PM  

Gunboat: rkiller1: But, but, but China Syndrome and Three Mile Island!

Even so, no birds died in either. :)


I'm sure someone, somewhere has blamed AGW on the film China Syndrome.
2014-02-16 07:47:05 PM  

jaybeezey: Dinki: dozens of birds


These stories about bird deaths from windmillls and now apparently solar farms make me laugh. Do these idiots have any idea on how many millions of birds die every year, many from house pets? The percentage that are killed by windmills and solar is so small as to be unmeasurable.

Yes, but if I really accurate bird counter, and took samples and was able to tell you exactly how any birds were killed per year by wind mills and solar power. And what if that graph were to look like a hockey stick, how would you feel then?

Well I can tell you that I would feel absolutely nothing, as in WGAS.
2014-02-16 07:53:41 PM  

The more you eat the more you fart: Proof you just cant please some motherfarkers.

Drill oil wells? They biatch screaming for renewable energy.

Fracking for natural gas? They biatch screaming for renewable energy.

Build a renewable energy solar power plant? They biatch a few blackbirds got scorched.

Stfu. Unless you expect everyone to go back to the stone age, we will need energy in some form from somwehere.

You got your solar power station instead of fossil fuel-powered plant. Zip it.

The environmental extremists will not be satisfied until the human race is extinct.  They're against technology of any kind.
2014-02-16 08:12:12 PM  

What Mario game are those birds from?
2014-02-16 08:24:03 PM  
Republican job creating patriots are DEEPLY CONCERNED about birds

2014-02-16 09:41:18 PM  
Solar fried birds, the new fast food.
2014-02-16 09:47:06 PM  

ransack.: dbrunker:

What Mario game are those birds from?

That is the infamous...
img.fark.netView Full Size
2014-02-16 09:47:10 PM  

onyxruby: here to help: Environmentalists have hit out at a giant new solar farm in the Mojave Desert

Uh huh... I'm sure they have.

It's pretty awesome how all sorts of crazy neo cons and drill shills are all of a sudden concerned about a few birds MAYBE getting hurt/killed by these oh so evil and horrendous renewable energy sites.

I'm not going to bother reading a DM faux outrage article but IF they happened to name these supposed environmental groups I'm wondering what would be found with a little research into them. I'm sure they are TOTES not funded and backed by neo con scummos and for realzies care about teh widdle birdies.

It could also be extreme leftist zealots a la PETA who would rather every man woman and child on the planet commit suicide to "SAVE THE FLEAS!!!" or some such nonsense.

Either way... this is POSITIVE progress. Nothing will be perfect or at least it won't for a long time but this is better than the planet killing (and thus human killing... even you rich bootstrappers) status quo.

Self proclaimed environmentalists have stuck out at many green sources of energy over the yeas. From hydro (bad for the fish), to nuclear (bad for having half the words of nuclear bomb) to windmills (birds) to solar plants that affected wildlife (tortoises) or natural gas (fracking) to tidal (fish) or mass transit trains (California) this kind of thing happens day in and out all over the world. You joke but example upon example of these kinds of things are a very simple google search away.

Many environmentalists are sincerely interested in progress and clean energy and dedicate their lives to making these things ahppen. Unfortunately the zealots and luddites have a long track record of crying NIMBY and doing everything they can to prevent any kind of energy development. Oddly enough you almost never seem to see protests for coal for some reason. This leads to my pet theory that the luddites are unknowing puppets of the Koch brothers receiving donations from them to kee ...

I'd love to see Greenpeace sail a ship through those solar panels.

"Jump in front of the rays!  Jump in front of the rays"
2014-02-16 10:23:21 PM  

jvl: unyon: jvl: Angela Lansbury's Merkin: Yes, because other methods of power generation have zero environmental impact that might lead to wildlife deaths.

Compared to a Wind Farm, a big pit mine really doesn't kill wildlife.

No, it just destroys the habitat capable of sustaining it in the first place.  Either way- no birds.  So I fail to see your point.

And if we had a shortage of bird habitat, or if the mine was in a particularly unique ecosystem, that would be a problem and you'd have a point.

That may be true, but its beside the point.  We're not talking about the type or whether it's a particularly sensitive or important place ecologically speaking.  You said that "Compared to a Wind Farm, a big pit mine really doesn't kill wildlife". I'm merely pointing out that that simply isn't the case.  While a windmill has the occasional bird strike, it doesn't destroy an ecosystem wholesale.  A pit mine, on the other hand, is an unlivable desert, ecologically speaking.  And that's without even considering the impact of burning the stuff.

I'm not placing moral judgement on one type of energy production vs another- but at least view their respective impacts honestly.
2014-02-16 11:54:49 PM  
Oh fark this shiat. Go neuter a cat and shut up about the birds.
2014-02-17 01:05:07 AM  
I remember watching little birdies fly infront of the phased array radar for Patriot missles in the 90's....dirt bombs if they got too close.

Cooked a packet of hotdogs by throwing them right in front when it was turned on while staying outside of the "dont cross this" zone.
2014-02-17 01:35:56 AM  
2014-02-17 02:54:27 AM  

Angela Lansbury's Merkin: Yes, because other methods of power generation have zero environmental impact that might lead to wildlife deaths.

[img.fark.net image 615x410]

Or as we say it, "both sides are bad, so burn coal".
2014-02-17 09:40:59 AM  
This story bought and paid for by your tax subsidies of the oil industry.
2014-02-17 09:53:55 AM  

traylor: show me: traylor: rkiller1: The US has and estimated 10 billion birds.  I don't think we'll run out.

[upload.wikimedia.org image 316x477]

Would like to have a word with you.

If that bird had learned to fly away on its own, instead of counting on others to give it a ride along, it might have survived.

It might have survived if people hadn't been so ignorant about the environmental impacts of their actions.

Or do you say, that species that are too stupid to adopt to human behavior don't deserve to exist?

It's a joke. It's a passenger pigeon. Geez.
2014-02-17 04:45:30 PM  
Passenger pigeons were gross tasting and not very nutrient dense, and nobody is worse off by their disappearance.
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