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(Deadline)   The Lego Movie continues to block all newcomers and retain its #1 spot at the box office. At #2 is the Kevin Hart remake About Last Night, which is on track to bring in $34 million.However, the other 80s remake, Robocop, was DOA   ( divider line
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2014-02-16 11:21:36 PM  

soporific: Neums: soporific: If you haven't checked out the Lego Marvel movie, you really should. It's on Netflix and really worth your 22 minutes.

Isn't it just the cutscenes from the game stitched together?

Actually, no, it's a completely new story.

Maybe I'm thinking of the Lego DC one. I think that was just the scenes from Lego Batman 2 stitched together.
2014-02-16 11:30:12 PM  

AdrienVeidt: Mega minifigs are 30x cooler than Lego minisucks.

warosu.orgView Full Size
2014-02-16 11:42:41 PM  
Huh.  I wasn't aware that Our Robocop Remake even had a theatrical release...

/doesn't know what other 2014 Robocop film they could be referring to
2014-02-17 01:30:51 AM  

AkaranD: Pretty sure "release the kragle" was in there.


Everything is Awesome!

goddammit now that's stuck in my head again.  And now you OWE me.  I've erased the good cop.
2014-02-17 03:56:39 AM  
Wow, Frozen still at 2,100 theaters...

I'm like a total nerd and 32, and my peers say I should see Lego, so I guess I'll see that.  I saw Lone Survivor this weekend.  That makes 3 movies I want to see: RoboCop, Lego, and Monument Men.

Mad_Radhu: They'll show up for good R-rated movies, like Ted or Django Unchained.

Just thinking about Ted makes me laugh.  In my opinion, it replaced The Hangover as the funniest movie of the last decade.
2014-02-17 04:14:53 AM  
The new Robocop is just further proof that some movies cannot be remade simply because they are a product of their time. Robocop was a definitively 80s movie, from the over-the-top violence that seemed to be in every action movie back then to the Cold War paranoia to the weasely cokeheaded executive that set the whole godawful mess into motion.

Some movies just don't exist well outside of their original timeframe, like The Wild Bunch, The Warriors, Pulp Fiction, and Blazing Saddles.

Plus, sorry, remake, but no Red Foreman, no money for you from me.
2014-02-17 10:48:55 PM  

robsul82: chewielouie: robsul82: Really liked The Lego Movie and God help me I dove headfirst into the ocean of sap that is Winter's Tale, but it was quite good too.   I can see why it has 14% on RT or whatever, but fark it.

Nice try, but I don't think we're gonna fool anyone into seeing Winter's Tale.

I'm sorry, it got me right in the sweet spot of my sap tolerance!  lol

I'll never understand why some people commit crimes in movie theaters, but if reports of people shooting themselves while watching Winter's Tale started coming in . . . I'd understand that.
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