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(KHOU Houston)   Youth pastor/children's museum employee accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl. And she's a woman. And there's a picture   ( khou.com) divider line
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2014-02-15 11:50:28 AM  
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The girl reportedly broke off the relationship when she turned 18-years-old.

It started when the "poor helpless child" was 15 and went on till she was 18. There's nothing in the article that suggested she threatened any harm to the "child" or anyone close to her so we can assume voluntary cooperation by the "victim" over an extended period of time. We're not talking about a drive-by molester and a second grader.

She told her story to investigators after learning that Lewis was employed at the Children's Museum. The teen told police that she didn't want Lewis taking advantage of any more children.

Why do I smell a hint of blackmail and/or jealousy? Turning in your older lover after a 2+ year relationship has more in common with "revenge porn" than a need to protect anybody. Or did somebody stash a pod under her bed?

By the way, the Age of Consent and the Age of Marriage are two different things. For example in Texas the age of consent is 17 but you can get married before then.

And in Mississippi the age of consent is 16 but to get married both parties need parental consent if they're under 21.

And in Michigan the age of consent is 16 but you can get married with parental consent if you're 15 or younger.

And in Maine you have to be 16 or 17 and have parental consent to marry, but a 19 year old is allowed to take a 14 year old lover.

And in New Hampshire the Age of Consent is 16 but your parents can approve your marriage if the groom is 14 and the bride 13.

What's the purpose of having an Age of Marriage younger than the Age of Consent? First you marry a helpless child, then you wait to consummate the marriage till s/he old enough to consent? Note that as far as I can tell one marriage partner can be much older than the other: it would appear that in New Hampshire a 40 year old can marry a bride of 13 if her daddy signs the paper.

So I'm withholding my outrage. In this case neither the ages of the parties nor their sex/gender/orientation give any clear indication of immorality. The "youth minister" part is iffy but not pitchforkable.

And no, I wouldn't feel any different about if if the "perpetrator" were male, nor would it bug me if the "poor child" was male as well.

Why are you talking about such a trivial matter anyway? The real news is that Kendall Jenner has nipples!
2014-02-15 11:15:42 AM  
3 votes:

AngryDragon: [i.imgur.com image 476x500]

Updated for the occasion

i58.tinypic.comView Full Size
2014-02-15 10:22:50 AM  
3 votes:
"You can't trust people. Everyone's got their own agenda. You can't trust someone just because they're a youth minister," said Stephanie Cook, who lives two doors down from Lewis.

I'd go you one better: If someone is a youth minister. don't trust them.  Ever.
2014-02-15 01:02:09 PM  
2 votes:

Dead for Tax Reasons: Somacandra: /psa: don't schlep kids

a lot of parents are going to be in trouble since they have to schlep them all the time

Yeah, I think "schtup" was the Yiddish he wanted.

/this isn't the Yiddish you're looking for
//move along
2014-02-15 12:55:45 PM  
2 votes:
As a female who started at 15 and tried to have sex with every guy over 21 who gave me the time of day, I'm really getting a kick ...
Seriously, were it not for the statute of limitations, I could put 20 men in jail.  And it would be just as full-of-shiat as it woulda been had I blown the whistle in 1983.   A 16 year old who loves the attention and drama and made-up romance of boning a 25 year old shouldn't have the power to fark up lives because she finally put her panties on and they got in a bunch.

\Just lower the age of consent to 14 or 15 and be done with it.  The patchwork morality is stupid.
\\Woulda done girls, too, but it wasn't hawt then - lezzies  were icky
2014-02-15 10:36:57 AM  
2 votes:
My response to her pic was:

s2.quickmeme.comView Full Size
2014-02-15 10:30:36 AM  
2 votes:
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2014-02-15 11:19:20 AM  
1 vote:

Linux_Yes: Clarification:

"You can't trust people Americans.  Everyone's got their own agenda.


Only a dumbass would think that's exclusive to Americans.
2014-02-15 11:14:04 AM  
1 vote:

"You can't trust people Americans.  Everyone's got their own agenda.

2014-02-15 10:43:00 AM  
1 vote:
The only thing newsworthy about this story is that its a femaleyouth pastor who got caught diddling a kid this time. Those dirtbags are known for being kiddie farkers.
2014-02-15 10:15:11 AM  
1 vote:
Headline is in no way a trap, no sir.

Technically no lie occurs in it.
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