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(Syracuse Post-Standard)   Great Lakes ice coverage set to break the all-time record next week, exactly as predicted by global climate models   ( divider line
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2014-02-14 11:27:03 AM  

AngryDragon: Farking Canuck: Personally I prefer cleaner air, less money to terrorists and support for science. But you keep going with the idiotic lies if that suits you better


You have an agenda because despite the fact that I agree with your position, with the exception of the assertion that you believe we're doing nothing, you insist on labeling me as a denier and calling me idiotic.  You are so blinded by your evangelism that you can't see when someone mostly concurs if they dispute even one of your "facts"

I'm going to build a coal powered steam car just to spite you now..

a) I did not say I believe we're doing nothing. I said "Much progress has been made in spite of the denier mantra of "do nothing". Please do not misrepresent me.

b) I did not call you idiotic ... I attacked the denier movement and the denier talking points as idiotic. Please do not misrepresent me.

c) I attacked the denier talking points that you were presenting. If you do not agree with these talking points then stop presenting them. If you do agree with them ... well, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck ...

Good luck with the car ... you will need some science to achieve your goal.
2014-02-14 11:34:18 AM  

GeneralJim: LouDobbsAwaaaay: gretzkyscores: Someone tell reality to start conforming to the models NOW, dammit!

Or we could just tell you that a single year doesn't equate to a trend that you can compare to model projections.  You idiots chase every data point like you're scoring points in a game against someone, and completely ignore the trend.
[ image 850x402]

people.virginia.eduView Full Size

Heh. GeneralJim is inadvertently providing an example of exactly the sort of cherry-picking that LouDobbsAwaaaay is arguing against. Instead of chasing a single data point in a temporal sense, GeneralJim has done so in a spatial sense.  A single temperature record from Greenland does not somehow disprove global trends.

That out of the way, a more robust holocene record from Marcott et al. 2013,  taking 73 records instead of just one, looks more like this:

img.fark.netView Full Size
2014-02-14 11:45:04 AM  

fredmcmurray: I agree, we can't be sure that any of this global warming, climate change, blah blah blah can be proven. Ipso facto, let's pollute more! Do conservatives actually CONSERVE anything anymore?

Ignorance, failed economic policies, failed drug policies, discrimination, and intolerance, for starters.

Yeah, they still conserve quite a bit, sadly.
2014-02-14 12:07:15 PM  

GeneralJim: Surpheon: What a shock, a confident Internet Expert knows far more than all the folks who study this for a living.Yeah, he may well know better.   The so-called "experts" have booted every prediction they've made so far.  Not only that, they've booted them in the same direction, and by approximately the same factor, and in over 25 years haven't managed to correct their error.  And, in fact, if the gentleman you are insulting here is being honest, he is ahead of much of the climatology community.  Pretty much the entire "leadership" of the climatology community is selling their "consensus" to politicians, who are buying results favorable to draconian new measures with a 20-fold increase in research money as a Quid-Pro-Quo.
[ image 607x342]

Comparing a temperature record to the  averages from model runsis misleading.

It's the exact same faulty reasoning that mandated this response:
img.fark.netView Full Size

No matter how it's presented, shorter term changes may not accurately reflect longer-term ones. It's a simple concept that I hope others can grasp, even if GeneralJim (and subby) cannot.
2014-02-14 05:25:30 PM  

oldfarthenry: Psssst - note to Canuckians: the US invasion starts next week.

First we'll throw Bieber at you, and then Drake. Don't make us go full Dion.
2014-02-14 07:11:04 PM  

ransack.: Dr Jack Badofsky: unexplained bacon: looks like we're getting a heat wave next week, not sure if that's factored in DRTFA

damn it's been a hard winter, I can't recall one so cold and so snowy with so few breaks.

In the Buffalo area, that would be the winter of 2010/2011.  Started December 3rd, and didn't warm up until at least mid-march.  We just didn't have the temps so close to zero (or below like a couple nights ago).  That was some major mandingsnow.

What is "mandingsnow"?

That is my own term for the major screwing WNY got from the large amount of snowfall we got.  It was big and hung....around for awhile.  It also farked the area good when it came to people who had longer commutes.  It happened in 1992 and 1993 as well.  The blizzard of '77 was the largest amount of mandingsnow I've ever seen, even though it wasn't new snow (that was snow sitting on top of frozen Lake Erie that the wind picked up off the ice and dropped on us).
2014-02-14 09:56:11 PM  
Isnt it about time we just let go and embrace the global warming and stop worrying about it?

There is little no nothing individuals can do about it beyond personal responsibility.  And each of our separate carbon footprints is practically meaningless compared to industry.
2014-02-14 11:57:06 PM  

SlothB77: jgilb: Since our planet acts as a zero sum engine, I would fully expect winter to become worse as the planet heats up.

so, as the planet gets warmer, it will get equally colder.  so the warmth will be counterbalanced.  so the net effect will be no change.  got it.  so the problem is what then?

The problem is that someone is actually moranic enough to think that the planet acts as a zero sum engine.
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