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(Daily Mail)   Heathrow Airport officials confiscate Toy Story Woody doll's miniature gun - just in case   ( divider line
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2014-02-11 6:09:18 PM  

mbillips: This is a working firearm (2mm pinfire). So they're not completely unhinged, just sort of ridiculous with this stuff.

[ image 620x448]

WhoGAS: So...I'm not so sure they're being so stupid after all with this one case.

I'd wager any projective fired from that couldn't even break skin.

I'm sticking with "unhinged".
2014-02-11 6:18:40 PM  

GoldSpider: couldn't even break skin

i76.photobucket.comView Full Size
2014-02-11 6:26:57 PM  

Infobahn: xanadian: Again?  Didn't something similar happen not too long ago?


I think it was LAX and homemade sock puppet last time.
2014-02-11 6:33:58 PM  

morg: Infobahn: xanadian: Again?  Didn't something similar happen not too long ago?


I think it was LAX and homemade sock puppet last time.

well, Bert was a disciple of bin Laden until he got all gay and moved in with Ernie.
2014-02-11 7:23:37 PM  
Diabolical plan  involving shrink ray foiled, way to go, guys.
2014-02-11 7:44:44 PM  
WhoGAS: that gun in the TSA's hand (which he is idiotically aiming at his face)

Wanted to note this.

If you're going to treat everything that looks like a firearm as a threat, you should also treat it like a firearm and not look down what would be the barrel if it actually was a threat.
2014-02-12 3:08:34 AM  
Bootleg toy. Woody does not carry a gun.
2014-02-12 11:56:49 AM  

Sybarite: Wait until they find out about the snake in his boot.

Someone call Laurence Fishburne! We've got a snake on the plane.
2014-02-12 2:00:22 PM  

firemanbuck: I was wanded my first time through because my belt set off the metal detector (it goes through just fine in the states...).

Yeah and like 1/2 of the other retards in line don't take their metal items off either, even though security is telling everyone to do so the entire time.
There's one person in each line to do the pat downs, so each line gets held up while they do their pat downs on everyone. Meanwhile they take for farking ever to comb through carry on luggage. It sucks, it's slow, the various lines to get in at the start seem disorganized, and that's after some other line you have to wait in just for the sake of waiting in a line queue.

Oh but you get to keep your shoes on. Golf clap. I'll take the TSA over Heathrow any day.
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