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(SFGate)   Tesla driver involved in fatal crash tries the old "new car smell" defense   ( divider line
    More: Followup, new car smell, bus drivers, Santa Cruz County, vehicular manslaughter, Santa Cruz Sentinel, UC Santa Cruz  
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2014-02-08 12:32:01 PM  

fireclown: Chevello: I thought cyclists and electric car owners were on the same side. Am I misinformed?

/we need a good derogatory term for electric vehicle drivers. Something simple and easy to pick up like "cagers" or "teatards" or "environmentalists"

Environmentalist is fine.

/hybrid driver since 2002
//Spandex-wearin' Lance Armstrong wannabe cyclist
///Solar panel owner
Bonus points:  Runner, Beer Snob, gun owner, MBA.

dang, leave some bonus points for other people will ya?

I keep seeing the solar panel train go by and think about hopping on.

/would own a Tesla if I could afford it.
2014-02-08 12:54:14 PM  

Turfshoe: FTFA: "The family of the librarian, Joshua Alper, named Tesla in a lawsuit filed against Jain, according to the Sentinel."

This is possibly the stupidest thing I've ever read.
2014-02-08 01:28:30 PM Full Size

Spray his cell with this.
2014-02-08 01:32:32 PM  

stuffy: [ image 147x188]
Spray his cell with this.

Well now you are into Torture Club and you do know the first rule.
2014-02-08 03:56:11 PM  
This is what happens when you drive your new car around.  Your woman gives you a blowjob on the way home because she is happy to have found a man
that can spend 80k on a toy.  What luck for her...jackpot!

gobble gobble.. and then you hit the biatch on a bike.

Your tell your woman to beat it and walk down the street until she gets to a bus stop.  When she gets out, call a cab.

Then you find some way to have fallen asleep due to something else.  I know gas emissions!
2014-02-08 10:51:32 PM  

Leishu: I think of the packs of cyclist who dare Highway 9 and simply shake my head

I once got passed on both sides at the same time on the downward part of Highway 9 going into the valley.  Ok, it wasn't EXACTLY at the same time but a bicyclist passed me on the right (I was going a tick above the speed limit) and a few heartbeats later a motorcycle zoomed past me on the left (over a double yellow).  Didn't see either one coming.  I'm shocked more people don't die on that road with all those idiotic two wheelers.

I don't know what it's like in other parts of the country, but it seems all the d-bags have traded in their Audis for Teslas these days.  When they first came out I was pleasantly surprised that the majority of them were courteous drivers...not anymore.
2014-02-09 05:16:40 PM  
Highway 1 out of town isn't that big of a deal in terms of risk in regards to riding a bicycle along the shoulder.

Now, riding down the clusterfark that is Mission street through the West side of town to get to Highway 1, you are taking your life in your own hands....  Seems someone on a bicycle gets killed on Mission about every six months.

King and Delaware both run parallel to Mission, and I can never fathom why some bicyclists insist on running the gauntlet of Mission.

I remember when this story first came out and I saw the guy was a Santa Cruz local I wondered why the paper kept misspelling 'clouds of pot smoke' as 'new car smell'.
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