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2014-02-07 10:51:42 PM  

naughtyrev: downstairs: vudukungfu: naughtyrev: My high school had a really nice outdoor area right off the cafeteria for smoking. Later on, they painted a line through the middle of it and said you had to stay on one side (furthest away from the doors and windows) to smoke, before banning it altogether.

We had a student strike, walk out - in order to get a smoking lounge.
We got it.
It was a great place to take a drink

I'm curious... around what year?

My school had banned it by the time I went there in the mid 90s, but my parents taught there for a long time, so I was always around as a kid. All through the 80s you could smoke there.

Same at my school; there was an area where "traditionally" the kids could go to smoke that had once been officially allowed; by the time I got there, school had revoked such privileges (once allowed only of the smoking age Seniors, I was told) , but the teachers (some who also smoked) were passive-aggressive about the whole thing and didn't much enforce it. Later school administration basically tightened the time gap between classes, so they could essentially bust the smoker kids for being constantly late for class etc.

Older yearbooks from early 70's at my school had all kinds of interesting pics in it that we poor Reagan-era attendees just marveled at.
2014-02-08 12:15:29 AM  

Wellon Dowd: Betep: Gene Rayburn owned the local roller skating rink.

Is that where he gave Charles Nelson Reilly piggy-back rides  *blank*?

2014-02-08 06:40:56 AM  
True story,

Dr Dreidel: No one could escape the nipples.

Through the mid-90s. Anyone remember Must-See-Nipples-TV?

Offhand I swear I remember bra ads touting their ability to let the nips show through.
2014-02-08 09:29:41 AM  

whsswim: glad i grew up in the 90s and not the 70s. damn florida is weird

I left as soon as I could.  We moved to Texas when I was in 11th grade.
2014-02-08 12:17:39 PM  

SVenus: redsquid: OK just heard back from Dad. He thinks a couple of the dudes are my uncles Philip and Bubba! He's going to send them the link and see who else they might recognize.

I was 15, and I was right farking there.  Just not when this guy was photographing.

Okay, watched the guy's film  http://vimeo.com/83459325 and got the info on where exactly it was, and I would have never gone there.  I must have been at one built about the same time by similar folk, but not that particular one.  Spooky.  Sent this to older sis, she might have gone.
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