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(Vice)   Tired of people completely ignoring the rules of the road, one African nation has taken a bold new step ... and installed 8-foot tall traffic control robots   ( motherboard.vice.com) divider line
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2014-02-07 08:03:49 AM  
2014-02-07 08:07:19 AM  
You know I would have been surprised is this happened in Japan, but the Democratic Republic Congo?
2014-02-07 08:11:45 AM  

ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha: You know I would have been surprised is this happened in Japan, but the Democratic Republic Congo?

Does not compute.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2014-02-07 08:24:27 AM  
How long until they learn the robots aren't armed?

Seriously, in America traffic controls get a lot more respect when drivers believe they are constructive rather than obstructive. Nuisance stop signs can have less than 10% compliance. Speed limits have no average effect on traffic speed to within the limits of measurement. (They do have a slight effect on speed distribution, and perceived enforcement does affect traffic speed.) Drivers pay attention to traffic signals. At $200,000 each they don't go in for pure entertainment value like a roadside sign. When the signal does turn out to be a nuisance, red for no reason with a long wait time, then drivers start running reds.
2014-02-07 10:03:37 AM  

vudukungfu: Oblig

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2014-02-07 10:25:07 AM  

Tr0mBoNe: ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha: You know I would have been surprised is this happened in Japan, but the Democratic Republic Congo?

Does not compute.

Dammit. Clearly I didn't have my caffeine at 8.
2014-02-07 10:48:16 AM  
static2.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size
2014-02-07 11:55:49 AM  
There is a show where the host of some worst driver reality show drives in other cities around the world. The best was when driving in India, the driving instructor told him  at no time should you do over the shoulder checks while changing lanes. I think they said there are fatalities every day.
2014-02-07 12:00:19 PM  
 The Congolese engineer Isaie Therese designed and built two 8-foot-tall, classic Robbie the Robot-style automatons to take over traffic-directing duties from their human forebears, and apparently, the plan is working.

Ummm, no. Not even close.

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2014-02-07 12:21:29 PM  
didijustwatchthat.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2014-02-07 12:42:09 PM  
Pimp-bot has really let himself go. Also, I wonder if it can dance the robot?
2014-02-07 12:47:57 PM  
8-foot-tall, classic Robbie the Robot-style automatons

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Bite my ribbed, rubber, black ass!
2014-02-07 01:12:59 PM  
Wakanda? Did Black Panther have a coup of the Congo?
2014-02-07 01:19:47 PM  
I, for one, Welcome our new Insect Traffic Control Robot Overlords

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2014-02-07 01:48:06 PM  
With a helpful photo of the 8 foot tall traffic robot completely and utterly failing to control the traffic...
2014-02-07 02:14:50 PM  
how many seconds does it gve you to comply?
2014-02-07 05:20:00 PM  

ScaryBottles: [static2.wikia.nocookie.net image 850x478]

I just wanted to be sure some Farker made this reference (and it's topical, too). Godspeed.
2014-02-07 09:14:41 PM  
Make it a forty foot tall robotic replica of Tammy Faye Bakker, with a dog whip in one hand and a feather boa in the other, and I will obey, Mommy, I will obey
2014-02-08 12:17:44 AM  
The "source of the Nile" episode of Top Gear had them stuck in gridlock almost a whole day. (The street looked like a parking lot). Can't remember which country tho.

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