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(NPR)   Food industry: Customers, we hear you. You hate GMOs. Rather than force a bunch of new regulations, we'll start labeling foods that use them with a few exceptions, the main one being that we'll only do it when we want. We good now?   ( npr.org) divider line
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2014-02-07 03:27:01 AM  
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Come on, who doesn't like caulisheep?
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2014-02-07 06:27:38 PM  
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AlanSmithee: PunGent: AlanSmithee: ltr77: Increase in chemical use comes to mind as well, not to mention the reduction in yield.

That's an argument against growing organics, not GMOs.

Do some more reading.

You'll look less ignorant.

Of course, with that handle, you're probably not taking ownership of the crap you spew anyway.

Are you telling me I should 'study it out'?

Nope.  Got you color-coded piss yellow for a good reason.
2014-02-07 08:17:10 AM  
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I think the biggest thing holding us back on labeling gmo is that our public is so stupid. Once we start labeling it all the right wing droolers will stop buying it. Because to them gmo is a scary word, and they know a thing or two about being scared by everything. I'm not saying all gmo is good, but it isn't automatically the devil either...

I think it is crazy we can't even label it here, but I at least understand it a bit.
2014-02-07 07:26:58 AM  
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max_pooper: Let the consumer decide.

Jesus, I hate the phrase "Let the consumer decide!!!!!" Especially in the GMO argument. Consumers are morons.

My problem is that it is hard to explain to >95% of the US population the biochemistry underlying these modifications. The anti-GMO crowd uses scare tactics that aren't rooted in any kind of reality. As soon as you try to rationally explain the safety behind using bacteria and viruses as vectors for cloning and introducing genes into other organisms, their brains shut down, with visions of the monkey from "Outbreak" popping into their heads. The people running this anti-GMO sham of a movement have zero understanding of biochemistry and molecular biology.

It's the same argument used with creationism: "Let the children decide!!!!"

The problem in both cases is that the vast majority of consumers and children are idiots and need grown-ups to make educated decisions on their behalf. Decisions based on science and fact, not oversimplifications based on fiction.
2014-02-07 06:25:19 AM  
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relaxitsjustme: The reason anti-GMO initiatives failed in CA and WA is because those two states produce a shiat ton of food. Just saying.

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2014-02-07 05:44:37 AM  
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Oh, a GMO thread.

Time to break out the alcohol.

Take one shot when people don't understand what GMO i- wait. Nevermind. You farks will die of alcohol poisoning and your moms will blame me.

Take one nineth a shot when someone whargarbls about Frankenfoods and killer tomatoes.
One shot when someone realizes that most ANTI-GMO is actually Anti-corporatism or Anti-Monsanto.
One shot when someone talks about GMOs causing human mutation.
One shot when someone claims there's no regulation.
Down the whole bottle if Pocket Ninja appears in the thread.
And finally, take a shot when the post is made by a generally anti-science FARKer.
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