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2014-01-31 12:54:35 AM  
6 votes:

ThatGuyFromTheInternet: So just feed 'em ritalin and HFCS, keep them inside in front of the TV, and asssume they'll develop stength and determination and character elsewhere.

Or, and this is just a crazy idea I had, maybe enroll them in sports that don't require their tiny skulls to be smacked around relentlessly?
2014-01-31 01:09:10 AM  
3 votes:

WhoGAS: Mralterego:

Don't want to clog up the thread with people quoting other people but a big part of what may save football, especially at the youth level is an emphasis on proper tackling technique and a shift away from the traditional "Put a hat on 'im" school of defensive coaching.  It would be impossible to eliminate the possibility of helmet to helmet hits in football but a shift toward wrapping the runner up with your arms versus just pointing your head toward their head and trying to knock out the ball carrier would make huge strides in terms of letting kids play football and learning how to play the right way.  Obviously there will still be concussions at all levels but hopefully there will be a lot less of them...
As for pro football and pro sports in general it comes down to what a lot of people have been saying for a while now...if you know the risks and are willing to accept the payoff that's why it's pro sports...you're getting paid a bunch of money because you're very good at what you do and you're risking your short and long term health in exchange for the ability to make a bunch of money in a small amount of time compared to your average cube farm job.
2014-01-31 12:54:34 AM  
3 votes:
i2.cdn.turner.comView Full Size

/great book.
2014-01-31 12:57:47 AM  
2 votes:
God people are getting rediculous. 99.9999 percent of kids come out fine after playing football.

It's a violent sport but at children's level risk of serious long term injury is less than when their parents drive them to the game...

The pearl clenching what about the children shiat is getting old..

Football builds leaders, teaches teamwork, confidence, and discipline. More than worth the risk.
2014-01-31 10:04:25 AM  
1 vote:
Little kids running around like bobbleheads trying to tackle each other is hilarious.
2014-01-31 08:11:27 AM  
1 vote:

GoldSpider: A child taking any kind of risk can result in physical or emotional harm.  Therefore children should be taught at an early age to never take risks.

Too logical. And they don't teach logic to kids.
Or common sense.

It may be dangerous, but it is definitely stupid. The amount of time, money, and other resources spent on the game, from childhood to adulthood by fans alone is idiotic. If kids bought bubble gum that had trading cards showing the stats on their political representatives, well, if would be a different world. But what they concentrate on is how big this guys is and how many time this guy die this or that. None of which matters to them as citizens in their communities, their nation, or in the world. It's an outlandish waste of time (Yet here I am on FARK) and does more physical harm to kids than drugs, for sure. The kids smoking da reefer in high school aren't stuffing nerds in lockers and the like. They are too busy listening to music and not harshing their mellows. Show me a kid who can have a conversation about the state of their community, their state, or nation and I'll show you a kid that has spent his time doing more than memorizing statistics of beefed up boneheads. Show me a kid who knows (and believes) his local team is the best thing since sliced bread, and I can point to  a shallow, unsophisticated moron.
You know what those morons grow up to be? You can meet them on the sports tab. Many of them live in their own isolated worlds. Fantasy football? Nothing new. The very idea that "WE WON!" when all they did was purchase overpriced beer and hot dogs and scream at people in a stadium is idiotic. The entire fandom is living in a fantasy. A very dangerous one. When I see personalized plates bearing a hint of that fandom, I give a wide berth on the highway. Likewise stickers and clothing. It's a tip off that the person can become dangerously aggressive without notice. Their glazed over eyes staring at oversized screens on their oversized asses with oversized bellies while spending hours and lifetimes not interacting with anyone else who is not a likewise sport zombie. It's a cult. It's not healthy, and none of the fans or participants are anything athletic.
Of course, there are those that will take exception to this and attempt to impart the import of the new age of the gladiator, but their howls will fall upon deaf ears here. I've learned how to block the sound over a life time and the sound of a football game on TV merely lulls me to sleep, oblivious to the drama and stupidity of a game rigged only to impart more wealth to the wealthy and take all of it riches from the masses.
Oh, and enjoy the upcoming game. I'm sure the Doritos competition and bouncing boobies and nonstop gab about who looks good this year will change the world and bring about peace on earth, and good will to men.
2014-01-31 07:35:31 AM  
1 vote:
Rugby. C'mon, America, it is like football for men.
2014-01-31 06:21:44 AM  
1 vote:
The feminization of America continues.
2014-01-31 03:28:41 AM  
1 vote:
I thought soccer actually caused more injuries per player, because any kind of sideways hit to the upper portion of your lower body while your cleats are stuck in the ground is going to be bad... and most football hits are head on and expected.

Kids have been beating the crap out of each other since there have been kids.  There's a reason they aren't really that strong...it's so they can't hurt each other that much.
2014-01-31 02:45:03 AM  
1 vote:
No coincidence most these school shooters, weirdos and losers were kids who sit home all day...

Kids are lazy enough have them go out and learn to bond with other kids and experience real sportsmanship.

If you lock ur kid up cause he might gets boo boo I guarantee a lot of times he will end up a fat weirdo who gets bullied and no pussy...
2014-01-31 02:28:33 AM  
1 vote:
Looking back on it; I wouldn't trade any concussion I received as a kid for the life experience and fun I was able to enjoy between them all.  I may have left double digits worth of IQ points on the field but it was worth it.
2014-01-31 02:27:03 AM  
1 vote:
How do I know a lot of you didn't RTFA?
2014-01-31 02:17:53 AM  
1 vote:
It is somewhat dangerous, but the players wear pads. I know. I played it. And yes, it makes your body sore for a day or two afterwards.  Football is the ultimate alpha male sport. It's for the toughest and strongest, both physically and mentally. These men live by a warrior's code, something you probably cannot begin to understand.
2014-01-31 02:09:19 AM  
1 vote:
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2014-01-31 01:36:52 AM  
1 vote:
Oh, and as an aside...

Getting fat while sitting on the sofa eating more calories than you use is "the most dangerous thing you can let your children enjoy". That and shards o glass pops.
Oh and unprotected sex with intravenous drug users.
Base jumping is probably not so good for your kids either.
And why would I listen to these rocket surgeons. What would they know, one week bacon grease constant low level concussion is bad for you, the next week we're not getting enough of it.
2014-01-31 01:31:17 AM  
1 vote:
"...Obama now has said twice that if he had a son, he would not let that son play football. What about other people's sons? "

My son doesn't play football, my daughter does. Now I find out it is Obama's fault? I should have known!

lh3.googleusercontent.comView Full Size

/un-armoured wankerball
//un-armoured non-wankerball
///wankered non-armour ball?
2014-01-31 01:22:04 AM  
1 vote:
Mama coulda told you
hamous.orgView Full Size

Foosball is the debbil!
2014-01-31 01:04:31 AM  
1 vote:
If kids don't play football, how will they Texas?

Think of the children please.
2014-01-31 12:56:40 AM  
1 vote:

Olympic Trolling Judge: ThatGuyFromTheInternet: So just feed 'em ritalin and HFCS, keep them inside in front of the TV, and asssume they'll develop stength and determination and character elsewhere.

Or, and this is just a crazy idea I had, maybe enroll them in sports that don't require their tiny skulls to be smacked around relentlessly?

You sound like a curler
2014-01-31 12:54:29 AM  
1 vote:
And the NFL could stop encouraging little kids to sign up for tackle-good for the league's fan base and equipment sales, bad for little kids - and only promote flag football, which is a lot of fun. Eli and Peyton Manning did not put on pads and helmets until age 13. Neither should anyone else.

Well, using two quarterbacks as your only example sure sold me!
2014-01-31 12:49:30 AM  
1 vote:
So just feed 'em ritalin and HFCS, keep them inside in front of the TV, and asssume they'll develop stength and determination and character elsewhere.
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