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(Lincolnshire Echo)   Pensioner breaches his sex act pram ban by being caught...with a pram   ( divider line
    More: Fail, sex act pram, breaching experiment, congresses, compact cars  
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2014-01-24 04:42:20 PM  
Pssst! Hey buddy. I got an American Girl in my trunk boot and can let you have it for pennies six shillings.
2014-01-24 04:42:51 PM  

fappomatic: show me: From what I gather, it's a baby carriage or stroller.

/You're welcome America

You mean, it's not a kind of shrimp? There went my weekend plans. Bollards!

Goddamn it, Mr. Big pieces just got laughed into my nose.  Thanks buddy.
2014-01-24 04:59:16 PM  

exick: But he was caught breaching the order by a passing motorist who spotted him in a layby with a pram and a doll.

Farking speak English!

One o't crossbeams 'as gone out o' skew on't treadle!
2014-01-24 05:09:50 PM  
ciberido: One on't cross beams gone owt askew on treadle!

I don't understand what you're saying.

/with pedantic ftfy, sorry...
2014-01-24 05:11:29 PM  

exick: But he was caught breaching the order by a passing motorist who spotted him in a layby with a pram and a doll.

Farking speak English!

A layby is a place you go to have a heart attack.

upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size
2014-01-24 05:20:22 PM  
Is there an online translator which can translate this crap into English?
2014-01-24 05:29:38 PM  
2014-01-24 06:13:32 PM  
My British is also a bit too spotty to understand entirely what the article is talking about, so I gathered:
1. The old guy is bonkers and was forbidden from owning a stroller or a doll because that's the only way the courts could reliably prevent him from and rubbing one out on the doll's face in public.
2. Someone called the cops on him because...?  Was he parked in a pulloff with the stroller out behind the car and someone saw him smash into it at murderous speed and thought he just crushed a baby?

What I'm really missing is the deal with the court order. Okay, it would be less disturbing to see him walking down the street and tugging it, minus the doll. But if he's doing this sort of thing he sounds a bit on the senile side, so it's not like he's going to remember the order.
2014-01-24 07:32:17 PM  
So let me check my translation skills... the guy got arrested for masturbating a tranny?
2014-01-24 09:22:09 PM  

Glendale: ...the hell is a "pram"? Full Size

Encase you still wondering.
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