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(Fansided)   And the gold medal for the Olympic Ugly Sweater competition goes to... USA USA USA   ( divider line
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2014-01-23 04:34:16 PM  
thanks Pete
2014-01-23 04:34:26 PM  
They're simply trying to assure the Russians that they're not gay by dressing horrifically.
2014-01-23 04:38:24 PM  
2014-01-23 04:40:10 PM  
Will they be buried in them once the Chechens do their thing?
2014-01-23 04:42:03 PM  
Because when I think of athletic pursuits enjoyed by majority white upper class people I automatically think "Ralph Lauren"

/eye roll
2014-01-23 04:43:58 PM  
I have seen worse sweaters, this past Christmas.
2014-01-23 04:52:01 PM  
What an ugly sweater should look like :

stagebuddy.comView Full Size
2014-01-23 04:56:00 PM  
They oughta go back to ripping off Canada.
2014-01-23 05:03:57 PM  
Damn you Macklemore!

2014-01-23 05:13:38 PM  

Our 3rd jerseys (the black ones) looks like something you would get free in specially marked cases of Molson Golden.
2014-01-23 05:15:19 PM  
What an ugly sweater may look like (far left)

cdn.agilitycms.comView Full Size
2014-01-23 05:20:49 PM  
assets.sbnation.comView Full Size
2014-01-23 05:20:58 PM  
1. I don't think they're that bad
2. How many time are the dummins gonna green this story
2014-01-23 05:36:40 PM  
cdn.fansided.comView Full Size

so, modeling an outfit, modeling an outfit,  modeling an outfit,  modeling an outfit,  modeling an outfit,  modeling an outfit,  just opened a christmas present, modeling an outfit?  nice.
2014-01-23 05:38:11 PM  

LoR75: What an ugly sweater may look like (far left)

[ image 620x349]

Yeah, but the red and white ones are ridiculously cool.
2014-01-23 05:41:09 PM  
2014-01-23 05:59:57 PM  

Anderson's Pooper: LoR75: What an ugly sweater may look like (far left)

[ image 620x349]

Yeah, but the red and white ones are ridiculously cool.

True, I guess we shouldn't complain.  They are nicely designed, except for the usual Nikefication of the jerseys by adding the iron on maple leafs on the shoulders (albeit a cool design), and the iron on fake sweater tie ups (stop this, Nike).  They just feel funny.

Not sure which I am going to get for this Olympics.  Last Olympics I got a red Crosby jersey (that nicely fit in after the golden goal), the one before that in 06 is a blank back in white.

Thinking of getting the white one this time around but either leave it blank or go with Crosby again since he has the C this time around.  Probably getting it this weekend or next.
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