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(   Seems like the only time cops can hit what they're shooting at is when they're accidentally shooting at another cop   ( divider line
    More: Sad, police officers, Bay Area Rapid Transit  
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2014-01-23 11:19:15 AM  
Coips?  Is that like from New Joisey?
2014-01-23 11:19:24 AM  
"Coips" can be very dangerous individuals.
2014-01-23 11:19:29 AM  
Greenlight for coips?
2014-01-23 11:19:29 AM  
Or directly into the back of a handcuffed and subdued citizen.
2014-01-23 11:19:32 AM  
Damn coips.
2014-01-23 11:19:42 AM  
What about cops? Can they shoot?
2014-01-23 11:21:15 AM  
You misspelled shoiting.
2014-01-23 11:21:39 AM  
This happened again?
2014-01-23 11:22:13 AM  
I see coips has been taken care of.

/Carry on.
2014-01-23 11:23:14 AM  
Coips is foilmed on loication with the mein and woimen of law enfoircement.
2014-01-23 11:24:01 AM  
These coips sound dangerous. Why didn't anyone warn me about them?
2014-01-23 11:24:43 AM  
Or your 15 pound dog, threatening their lives.
2014-01-23 11:25:09 AM  
Fark the poilice.
2014-01-23 11:25:36 AM  

Uzzah: Coips is foilmed on loication with the mein and woimen of law enfoircement.

2014-01-23 11:29:54 AM  
Seems like the only time coips can hit what they're shooting at is when they're accidentally shooting at another coip

FTFY. Pet peeve.
2014-01-23 11:30:39 AM  
coip.nameView Full Size
2014-01-23 11:32:17 AM  

TV's Vinnie: [ image 770x267]

2014-01-23 11:33:03 AM  
I am wont to believe that It would, in any civilized and enlightened society, be assumed that giving weapons to people with room temperature I.Q.s and a steroid jones may be detrimental.
2014-01-23 11:36:48 AM  
All coips are baistards.
vpb [TotalFark]
2014-01-23 11:37:09 AM  
If it was an accident then they weren't hitting what they were shooting at, were they?
2014-01-23 11:37:10 AM  
That's a Cuban accident - obbiously.

Yoiu daimn puink, yoiu cain't shoit a coip!

Whoiever said yoiu wais oine? Maiybe yoiu cain geit yourseilf oine oif theim oine-waiy tickeits tio thie resuirrection. Sio Loing, Meil.
2014-01-23 11:37:57 AM  
"Coips" has the potential to become an official Fark misspelling, like "vodak".  Shall we make this happen?

/it's not going to happen
2014-01-23 11:38:06 AM  

Sleeping Monkey: Or your 15 pound doig, threatening their lives.

2014-01-23 11:38:19 AM  
cache.reelz.comView Full Size

What's a coip?
2014-01-23 11:38:40 AM  
My uncle has a gorgeous coip pond in his back yard.  They're beautiful, glistening in their navy blue uniforms, gathering at the surface for the little food pellets we throw at them.
2014-01-23 12:11:25 PM  
images3.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size

somebodies call the coips!
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