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(Slate)   30 years ago the SCOTUS made a monumental decision, and everyone bought VHS anyway   ( slate.com) divider line
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2014-01-21 07:54:27 PM  
2 votes:
Betamax died because Sony was greedy about licensing. They never learned their lesson.

I'm looking at you PS3.
2014-01-21 07:51:52 PM  
2 votes:
What is that... three or four grand worth of stuff in 1987?

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2014-01-21 10:27:11 PM  
1 vote:
Being the old tech nerd that I am, I still have VHS... I still use my VHS... I have a decent size collection of tapes and I see no reason to get rid of them just because they are not 'cool'. Well, that and also I was/am pretty anal about my tapes. They don't sit near magnetic sources, they don't deal with temp extremes, and I still have the second video tape I ever owned. (First was actually a joint purchase with the roomie... we recorded all of the American releases of 'The Young Ones' on it. When we moved apart, he won the toss). I never loan them out after two hard earned lessons. And until I can no longer find something to play them on, I will keep on using them. As I said about cable, "Why are we paying two different sources for the same content?". (cable AND internet). I have lots of movies and stuff on VHS. They work and don't look too bad so why get the DVD version?
2014-01-21 10:14:37 PM  
1 vote:

thrasherrr: A fraction of the price of each CD-R in America goes the the RIAA.

Only CD-Rs made for music. Pure data CD-Rs do not give them anything

Yes, but the difference is only in labeling AFAIK

There are some bits inscribed into the burst cutting area that identify the media for recorders that care, but otherwise they are the same.

It's not stored in the burst cutting area (BCA); it's the absolute time in pregroove (ATIP).  There is a SCSI command you can send to any PC CD writer that returns information stored within the ATIP, and one of the bits is a flag indicating "unrestricted use".  This bit indicates that the MAFIAA protection money has been paid; i.e. it's a music CD-R.

On a PC CD writer, you can burn whatever to either type of disk.  Only standalone music CD recorders give a fark.

/knows a lot about CDs
//has written her own burning program
2014-01-21 08:47:46 PM  
1 vote:

Vaneshi: FTA:  and for a copyright "levy" (now common outside the United States) of up to $50 per device and $5 per blank tape.

Bullshiat. But I'd expect such absolute bollocks from Slate.  If that were the case then it would be impossible to have a device that cost less than $50 (£30)... you could pickup a cheap MP3 player from the petrol station for £5.

Yes, there were (and probably are) media that has an additional fee to cover a license for any copyrighted material on them but these never actually sell simply because even if you were to use 'sanctioned' media you'd still get busted and fined for (C) infringement so you might as well keep buying the cheap and equally good media.

But that's different from saying EVERY device and item of media has such a levy on it.

Slate is correct. You may be unaware because levies may not occur in your country.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_copying_levy

Countries with mandated levies generally permit copying to levied media. So your idea of being busted anyway is mostly unrealistic..
2014-01-21 08:37:24 PM  
1 vote:

ArkAngel: grimlock1972: iheartscotch: lohphat: Betamax died because Sony was greedy about licensing. They never learned their lesson.

I'm looking at you PS3.

I don't know. Bluray did win out over HD.

/ I watched a documentary about Beta vs. VHS; they implied that VHS' success had a lot to do with the pron industry.

It did the pron industry locked in to using VHS because it could record longer than Betamax and that's was all she wrote.

Hollywood did the same not long after and betamax died.

VHS was also cheaper. And just like with Blu-Ray over HD-DVD, it was pron, Disney, and Walmart that were the deciders

exactly.   Sony tried to turn betamax into a cash cow and ended up killing it.
2014-01-21 08:13:37 PM  
1 vote:
That stuff is more 1978...not 1987.
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