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(YouTube)   "Your weapons are useless against me." Such is the cry of Prince of Space from MST3K season 8, featuring Mike, Servo, and Crow plucking apart this film about alien chicken men invading Japan. "I like it very much"   ( divider line
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639 clicks; posted to Video » on 18 Jan 2014 at 1:28 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-01-18 01:53:35 PM  
Crank Whore?!?
2014-01-18 02:01:33 PM  
2014-01-18 02:54:19 PM  

The phantom dictator of Krankor. Loved this epsiode so much. Also my favorite clip from Wrestlecrap Radio.
2014-01-18 02:54:26 PM  

The phantom dictator of Krankor. Loved this episode so much. Also my favorite clip from Wrestlecrap Radio.
2014-01-18 03:05:27 PM  
gotta love the boot-blacking kids from brooklyn
2014-01-18 03:45:58 PM  
I like it very much!
2014-01-18 03:48:34 PM  
Ya scum!
2014-01-18 03:51:00 PM  
I am the lemon zester of destruction.
2014-01-18 04:07:18 PM  
I'm not afraid if you want to go on home...I saw some smoke it's time for lunch look at the street...I'm not afraid I'm wearing a tie you go home...What is that thing you go home hats are good

PHANTOM OF KRANKOR: (referring to his monster) Quite right, my dear Mackin - a monster i created. He responds to my every command.
CROW: Like wander around aimlessly and gain weight.

PHANTOM OF KRANKOR: Prepare to leave Krankor
PHANTOM OF KRANKOR: Prepare to leave. Each of you will enter a space capsule.
INFANT SCIENTISTS: Whaa? What's that?
SERVO: Ohfercryinoutloud... EACH! OF! YOU! WILL! ENTER! A! SPACE! CAPSULE!

Second favorite "Servo yells at the horrible Japanese sci-fi movie spot"; the first being the infamous Hitler building in "Invasion of the Neptune Men".
2014-01-18 04:43:05 PM  
I can never remember if it's Prince of Space or Neptune Men that has the Hitler museum.

... Dammit, Neptune Men.

/I like it VERY MUCH
2014-01-18 06:46:24 PM  
"You know, this movie made me want to renounce my Toyota."
2014-01-18 09:11:16 PM  
The easily bamboozled Prince of Space.
2014-01-18 09:38:12 PM  
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ecl [TotalFark] [BareFark]
2014-01-19 12:55:03 AM  
Crankor was a ripoff of Adam West Penguin.  Or the other way around.
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