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(io9)   What medieval armor worn by women really looked like; Skyrim modders clutching their knees are disappointed   ( io9.com) divider line
    More: Interesting, Late Middle Ages Reconsidered, Byzantine, French Army, Joan of Arc, knees, J.M. Blythe, Canterbury  
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2014-01-17 01:23:35 PM  
I may not know much about armor, but

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Show some love for the classics.  Okay, HM2K wasn't that great, but Taarna can wipe her sword on my corpse anytime she likes.  Wait, that sounds dirty.  And my point?  I don't know, I think Taarna just killed it.
2014-01-17 01:38:58 PM  

Shadi: RevMark: Her poop would come out like Play-Doh press mold thingies.

why does every Fark thread end up with poop?

it's a chastity belt (note holes at the waist to lock it on... would you rather think about star-shaped poop or what would happen to someone who tried to get it on with the woman wearing it?
2014-01-17 02:50:38 PM  

Ghastly: [fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net image 850x680]

Wondering why the woman is labelled "Unrealistic Body Image"?

Seems like its easier to find regular (i.e. non porn) women that have body shapes that are closer that look than a regular guy looking like the dude warrior.
2014-01-17 03:52:29 PM  

PunGent: scottydoesntknow: Corvus: What my video games are unrealistic??!?!?

Next thing they'll tell me the dragons in Skyrim aren't like actual real dragons!!!

Heh, ummmm they actually aren't real dragons. They're Wyverns

[i.imgur.com image 822x1000]

The Oriental 4-legged wingless dragon would like a word with you.

/not sure how it flies w/o wings, but it seems to manage...

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Smoke and mirrors = Fireworks and kites.
2014-01-17 04:45:40 PM  

Deucednuisance: Barry Lyndon's Annuity Cheque: Darwinian dragons probably evolved from a common ancestor with really large shoulder blades.

Their forelimbs wouldn't work if the shoulder blades were themselves articulable.  Nothing for the deltoids and lats to anchor to.  So, no, that's an evolutionary pathway to vestigial, not functional forelegs.

That's always bugged me about angels, they would need an entirely extra set of skeletal processes for the musculature that articulates the wings, and there's just no place for that on the torso.

But, you know, miracles and such like...

I mean, it has to be miraculous, how else could these poor bastards get around?

[media.tumblr.com image 500x373]

Heh... chon chons.
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