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(WTFark)   Hey everyone - here's pilot #3 for a Fark video project (with Mike Phirman), let me know what you think -Drew   ( divider line
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2014-01-16 04:47:01 PM  
Paging Rann_Xerox
2014-01-16 04:50:44 PM  

Three Crooked Squirrels: LeroyBourne: That's what I felt too. What's next? A live reenactment of that poor SOB Farker that got his balls stuck in the chair.

Are you getting this, Drew?  There is some solid programming advice right there.

Just please don't try that with the pickle incident.
2014-01-16 04:51:48 PM  

meow said the dog: UNAUTHORIZED FINGER: You should get meow said the dog to host.

LAUGHTER OL I have agreement with this perhaps I could do the interviewing of the celebrities and also to do the judgment show such as the Judging Doctor Judith show where we could do the court cases of the individuals who are doing the posting on the website.

I freaking LOVE you, Meow. I find you refreshingly unique.
2014-01-16 05:02:20 PM  
Oh no, nuh uh. I remember Fark TV, Drew. I ain't even clicking the link.

Stop trying to make your own funny. Just link to funny elsewhere. You know, people who are actually good at it.
2014-01-16 05:05:26 PM  
A little wordy.

Why get into the details of the article?  Nobody reads the farking article.

Not bad though.
2014-01-16 05:27:06 PM  
I like Meow's commitment to that character. I have always tried to read all her comments to see if she would break character and finally admit whose Alt she is. A couple of years ago, there was a thread where she posted in the wrong voice. I probably could have figured it out at that point, but the thread was confusing as it was and I just let it slide.

I would like to be in on the joke, but if I had to find it out by deduction and research, I don't think I could keep from outing her. I don't want to ruin the fun, so I don't try to figure it out any more. On the other hand, if she told me herself, I could totally keep the secret.
2014-01-16 06:14:26 PM  

sandbar67: I wanted to like it ... because I do love my and all things related.

Me, too. But there's already far too much of this kind of video out there and it's not strong enough to make me want to come back for more. Sorry.
2014-01-16 06:42:47 PM  

unfarkingbelievable: meow said the dog: UNAUTHORIZED FINGER: You should get meow said the dog to host.

LAUGHTER OL I have agreement with this perhaps I could do the interviewing of the celebrities and also to do the judgment show such as the Judging Doctor Judith show where we could do the court cases of the individuals who are doing the posting on the website.

I freaking LOVE you, Meow. I find you refreshingly unique.


I have her greened as "Gold Standard"
2014-01-16 08:29:17 PM  
I like the host, although I always imagined fark's spirit animal to be a little more cynical, sarcastic, and depressing.  Have you tried a more downbeat delivery/host?  Not saying it'd be better, but maybe worth a shot.

Great production, great shouts to top comments.  I'd subscribe.
2014-01-16 08:36:58 PM  
Its a commercial for

It might work as a weekly roundup of the "good" stuff that hits the main page, but then it would be a vapid rehash.  Now, if you did an in-depth review and investigation of the events that need more than a smarmy comment or funny photoshop associated with them, then you might have something worth watching.  Otherwise.... it's Tosh.0
2014-01-16 08:38:11 PM  
OK. Alright. Alright. OK.  Ok.  OK.



Ok.  I'm finally home.  I got my booze on.  Let's review this biatch!
2014-01-16 08:42:04 PM  


Imma need more booze.

/i keed
//well...I *DO* need more booze, but for unrelated reasons
///it was actually alright alright alright alright alright alright ok now ladies!!!
2014-01-16 08:51:30 PM  
Not as bad as Yahoo when they attempt something like this...but not very amusing at all. Host wasn't very interesting either.

/also get a compressor, the volume changed pretty erratically in some places
//not bad for a first/second effort
///could do a once a week TV formatted show (like others have said Talk Soup) eventually, but you'd need a much better host.
2014-01-16 08:54:31 PM  
I submitted this with a better headline.
2014-01-16 09:07:52 PM  
I guess the question is...what is the GOAL of doing this?  To simply promote FARK (NTTAWTT)?  To actually create a viable TV(-esque) series?  Just for shiats and giggles?  Lost a bet?

If you know the goal, you can tailor your approach.  I have to agree with several people on here--it seems mostly promotional (again, NTTAWTT).  But if you're trying to make a standalone source of entertainment...well... I donno.  I'm not a producer.  I understand goals, but not entertainment.  Except when I take my pants off.  Then I can REALLY get the laughs. :P

And, yeah, the host (or, at least, the 'white flashes') was really frenetic.  But, I thought the pacing was fine.  And, the host DID manage to maintain my attention.  It's really no different than what you'd see on E! or MTV.


I think I may have just insulted the creators of WTFark. O.o
2014-01-16 09:19:06 PM  
2014-01-16 09:57:28 PM  
Meh. Seems like a cheap knockoff of PBS Idea Channel.
2014-01-16 10:07:36 PM  

I wasn't crazy about the video effects when the camera went from Phirm's closeup to a wider shot and vice-versa. But I think I could get used to it. I think there were a bit too many camera jumps as well.

Other than that, it was okay. I'd probably watch more of them.
2014-01-16 10:26:37 PM  
Well, unlike the last Fark TV, it didn't make me want to stab myself in the brain. So I guess it's got that going for it...
2014-01-16 10:55:48 PM  
ugh.  That Phirman guy is terrible.  Get someone else.
2014-01-16 11:14:08 PM  
Umm NO
2014-01-16 11:33:36 PM  
oh so its like a tv synopsis of Fark threads. Good.. this is good. now my fark habit can use even more bandwidth at work
2014-01-17 12:15:40 AM  

brap: The Pope of Manwich Village: Um...keep working at it. Who knows?

[ image 442x320]

I larfed, I cried, I coveted your user name.

Danke für alles
2014-01-17 12:51:44 AM  
The chromakey needs work; too much green spill. The jump cut position moves are annoying. But overall, I am like Tom Hanks playtesting the robot/building toys in "Big":  "I don't get it".

 I mean, I don't get the point of a video presenter reading to us one of the articles we've already read.  Who is the audience for that? I can read TFA and the best comments for 2 or 3 topics in the time I'd use watching... whatever that was.  This isn't adding value to my FARK experience.

I guess you tried this a little with the abortive "FARK TV" before, but IMO, if you want a branded, in-house media component to FARK, it should be outsourced to the FARK community like "Funny or Die". It's the only model I can think of that can keep pace with the demand for new material. I think you just need to filter and curate submissions better, with higher standards.

I'm sorry if it's not what you'd like to hear. But it just doesn't look like something I want or need.
2014-01-17 01:47:27 AM  
In the begining when he says "welcome to what the FARK! blah blah..." I think he needs to say it more nonchalantly.
2014-01-17 11:39:28 AM  

Thorak: It felt rushed, and yet at the same time sparse.  Not enough content for the time spent, but the delivery felt like they were trying to pack in material that never materialized.

Too upbeat.  Fark is the snarky bitter corner of the Internet.  We hate everything but Jennifer Lawrence, caturday, and beer.  This felt very "pop culture news", and it should probably be darker and meaner.  Think more like Louis C.K., less Ryan Seacrest.

Yup!  Seconded... the writing and presentation made the guy look like a Mormon Church commercial.. "See? we are hip and also 'rad'... notice our girl, we have one! "
2014-01-17 03:24:53 PM  
Here's a thing: even when you make it impossible for me to turn down the volume on the commercial, I can still mute it on my computer. I just have to go the extra step of clicking the little thingy on the corner of the screen. This frustrates me, and makes me hate the featured product.
2014-01-17 05:46:14 PM  
him blinking all over the place is quite annoying.   reminds me of those "world's stupidest X" shows.  missing interviews with 5th string washed up actors.
2014-01-17 06:10:50 PM  
The problem here, for me, is I come to fark because of my displeasure with traditional media outlets, so making a -not news- show that falls into the same traps traditional -news- shows do only differs in the fact that you're honest about it.

What I mean is this: the CNNs and MSNBCs of the world beat the shiat out the news stories and this video does the same thing, even if it's funny and honest about what it's trying to do.

So that's my question: who is this show for?  People who read the comments already, anyways?

I think there's a good idea here, using humor to draw people into the debate, though, but that show would not be for the people who already visit this site.
2014-01-17 07:39:05 PM  
Lasted ten seconds.  Didn't care for topic or delivery.
2014-01-17 08:05:51 PM  
FarkTV was actually better than that.
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