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(SeattlePI)   Bored with this year's election, historical group claims Washington wasn't the first president   ( divider line
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9744 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Jan 2004 at 8:24 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-27 02:52:12 PM  
Sometimes the perception of history is more important that the reality.

You're not going to convince the entire nation to start referring to Washington as #2.
2004-01-27 03:56:24 PM  
Actually they want to refer to Washington as #11, not number 2...though you are absolutely correct about people's perception of history.

Still it would be nice if we were taught these things in school. The Articles of Confederation and the people involved in it and the creation of the Union should get more notice than they do.
2004-01-27 04:23:50 PM  
Launching his campaign is likely the "first inning in a nine inning fight," he says.

So not only does he think Washington wasn't the first president, he also thinks that boxing originally used innings instead of rounds?
2004-01-27 04:31:42 PM  
No one really cares about the Articles of Confederation because the failed. The same goes for the people who presided under them.

We don't celebrate the ratification of the Articles, now do we? We don't do much for the ratification of the Constitution, but it does at least usually get mentioned in Government classes every year (sometime in September, right?).
2004-01-27 05:24:06 PM  
Everyone who knows American History already knows that technically Washington wasn't the first President. However as has been stated by BloodyL no one really cares because the Articles of Confederation were a dismal failure. In fact the only people who care are the same assholes who would correct you if you were talking about a safety deposit box by pointing out that it is correctly called a safe deposit box.
2004-01-27 07:12:00 PM  
All hail John Hanson?
2004-01-27 07:40:23 PM  
George Washington aint the baby daddy of my country?
2004-01-27 08:27:00 PM  
2004-01-27 08:28:52 PM  
Washington liked to play hide-the-wooden-penis with his slaves.
2004-01-27 08:31:08 PM  
Actually if you wanna get anal as hell, John Adams was president before Washington because he was sworn in as Vice-President before Washington was sworn in as President. Since Washington couldn't fulfill his duties before being sworn in. . .

- George was first elected president, noone cares about the crap.
2004-01-27 08:32:32 PM  

The question is.... who your baby daddy?
2004-01-27 08:32:44 PM  
So he was President of the US and governor of Connecticut at the same time? Nope. I think this would also depend on how we defined President. I don't think Sam would make the cut.
2004-01-27 08:33:08 PM  
Well I can see more tax money getting pissed away as this swirls down the clogging toilet bowl we call our court system.
2004-01-27 08:33:33 PM  
S'alright - we have President Hastert right now.
2004-01-27 08:33:34 PM  
a safety deposit box

I call it a Safety Positbox.
2004-01-27 08:34:06 PM  
It's things like that which get America ridiculed so much and enhance the perception that Americans are ignorant of history.

It is pretty sad when most Americans would fail the required history knowledge test for immigration.
2004-01-27 08:34:53 PM  
So, do we now refer to the Bush's as Bush 51 and Bush 53?

As there were 10 previous presidents before Washington.
2004-01-27 08:35:13 PM  
Bored with today's news, FARK posts a meaningless article?
Peyton Randolph still pissed.
2004-01-27 08:36:23 PM  
In those times the President of the Congress was more like "Speaker of the House" or the Vice-president today.

Hardly like the president under the Constitution.
2004-01-27 08:39:01 PM  
we all know it was davy crockett now come on.
2004-01-27 08:39:04 PM  
No undflickertail because the presidents under the Articles of Confederation was a completely different office that shares the same name as the office created by the Constitution.
2004-01-27 08:40:17 PM  
If you wish to be anal retentive as hell, Samuel Huntington isnt the first President either.

The title belongs to John Hancock, in then Lt. General Washington's own words, "President of the United States in Congress Assembled"
2004-01-27 08:41:02 PM  
I think it's unlikely that anyone is bored with this year's election!

/big fake smile
2004-01-27 08:41:41 PM  
Well, HELLO!

Of course he isn't.

Reagan was.
2004-01-27 08:42:21 PM  
Also, Washington's vice-president (name?) was sworn in to office a few hours before TECHNICALLY, he was prez first
2004-01-27 08:43:53 PM  
This same topic pops up every 4 years (yes, even before there was an internet). Don't worry about who was 1st people, WORRY about who's next!

/A little never hurt anyone.
2004-01-27 08:48:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Your NH winnar.

Whatever happened to Dean... he fell HARD.
2004-01-27 08:50:17 PM  
Everyone still agrees that Frank Washington, George's brother, was the 'Uncle of our Country'.
2004-01-27 08:51:54 PM  
2004-01-27 08:52:39 PM  
Seems like its just a fame grab for these Connecticutians(?) to get the first president be this guy since he is conveniently from Connecticut.
2004-01-27 08:58:06 PM  
"We're gonna go on to Virginia, and to Massachusetts, and to New York! We're going to Maryland, Rhode Island and Connecticut! Delaware! New Hampshire and the Carolinas! Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Georgia! WE ARE COMING FOR YOU! YYYEEEEAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

Samuel Huntington, 1781
2004-01-27 09:01:01 PM  
While this stuff is always interesting, it really would be nice if citizens of the US understood more of their history. A little more geography would be nice too. It might help rectify some of the problems we see when the only choices we can have are between Bush and Gore, or Bush and whatever the Dems run this time. I want a 'none of the above' choice that would leave the office empty until the next election.
2004-01-27 09:03:22 PM  
Oh jeez, not this revisionist shiat again.
2004-01-27 09:03:49 PM  
So exactly how does Larry Christ fit into all of this?
2004-01-27 09:06:15 PM  
While we're updating presidential history, how about we refuse to recognize Dubya as a president given that he lost the election but was handed the office by his father's cronies?
2004-01-27 09:07:52 PM  
While we're updating our list of people who have no clue how government works, how about we add ZenBen?
2004-01-27 09:11:07 PM  
Articles of Confederation = Betamax

/got nada
2004-01-27 09:11:34 PM  
It's been done before ZenBen. Andrew Jackson was pretty pissed when it happend to him.
2004-01-27 09:14:22 PM  

What's been done? A president has been elected according to the laws of the Constitution?
2004-01-27 09:21:12 PM  
Yep inexplicable every president(except Ford) has been elected according to the rules of the Constitution. I was simply telling ZenBen that the whole loose the popular vote win the election thing wasn't new.
2004-01-27 09:22:07 PM  
George Washington stole the election with hanging Chad! (Chad was the official vote counter.)

Hail to the Thief!

2004-01-27 09:30:41 PM  

Oops. I agree.
2004-01-27 09:33:33 PM  
Anyone claiming that there were presidents prior to Saint President Ronald Reagan is hereby found guilty of high treason.
2004-01-27 09:35:53 PM  
"John Ashcroft"

You are hereby found guilty of lameness.
2004-01-27 09:52:57 PM  
See, once upon a time, the government was something we would call a "confederation". In this form of government, there is practically no central government, and it usually is nothing more than an organized group of alliances. Note that these governments typically fail, such as in this case, and as in the Southern states in the Civil War.

Soooo, yeah. This dude wasn't a president. Not by today's definition, anyway. Today a president is the leader of the country. All this guy could do was ask the States "Could you give me some money, pretty please?" and sit there like a dumbass as they laughed at him.
2004-01-27 09:53:37 PM  
It not just that people don't care about the Articles of Confederation (though that is true).

The position of president in the AoC only has the name "president" in common with the current position of "president." The institution that we now call the presidency started with Washington.
2004-01-27 09:58:56 PM  
"Claims" ?!?!?! It's historical fact Georgy wasn't the first president. Man, you don't watch enough History Channel.
2004-01-27 10:03:00 PM  
In the article they say all these guys were implied to be presidents, but none o fthem explicity had the title or were sworn in as President of the USA. Sure they might have been presidents of something, but I wouldnt make a fuss about them beign the first president of the united states. But then again, I stopped reading not to ofar into the article :/
2004-01-27 10:26:56 PM  
"I get these kids that say, 'I just had a test on who was the first president, and I put down Samuel Huntington, and it got marked wrong," he said. "They say, 'Can you call my teacher?'"

Ha ha. Right.
2004-01-27 10:27:29 PM  
President Samuel Huntington

[image from too old to be available]
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