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(CNN)   AudioEdit the sentencing of the asshats who created the viruses that have spread throughout the Internet   ( divider line
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3211 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Feb 2004 at 3:47 AM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-01-29 8:53:52 PM  
Death isn't good enough. Gotta be a whole lotta pain goin on. Yeah, that's the ticket!

MY ENTRY: Judge G. T. Hangem presiding.

Today's courtroom justice is 1.2 megs and 2:00 long.


2004-01-30 6:15:30 AM  
Hey! look who's back. hello there!
2004-02-01 3:15:38 AM  
2004-01-30 06:15:30 AM alan holcome wrote:

Hey! look who's back. hello there!

Hello to you. Been busy. But I saw the topic and made time!

2004-02-01 4:49:31 PM  
I apologize in advance for the 70's vinyl, but it seemed so appropriate.
2:14 and about 1mb
2004-02-01 5:31:05 PM  
I see that we agree that some music can be torture and that the Judge should be from a certain area....
anyway ...

I wish the asshats who do create these viruses would just get a life....

Court AE

1:47 @ 841kb
2004-02-02 4:12:52 AM  
Nice one, Smilin Jay. But you should have included something about going to pound-you-in-the-ass prison, as well...
2004-02-02 4:28:17 AM  
"Every business email you have shall contain a nude picture of Rosanne and Louie Anderson farking it out".
2004-02-02 7:55:15 AM  
Shouldn't Microsoft share some of the blame?

/smug linux user

2004-02-02 8:10:27 AM  
Oh yeah, I hear you guys were affected by some kind of Windows virus. Sorry to hear that.

/another smug linux user
2004-02-02 8:16:46 AM  
For a minute there, that's where I thought Jay was going when he started naming the "entire board of directors".

2004-02-02 10:23:50 AM  
Too bad I don't have skillz... I'd grab that one part of HeavyMetal where Hannover Fist is calling Stern a "Low down good for nothing worm"

/yet another smug linux user, with no audioedit skills
2004-02-02 10:55:21 AM  
If this wasn't an AE contest, I would have to say that the article needs a huge Obvious tag.

Smilin' Jay, dinahmoehum: Well done!
2004-02-02 10:56:51 AM  
Svatch's is good, too!
2004-02-02 12:41:54 PM  
Thanks Zeke tell your friends! We always need new editors in here. We got these asshats on thier knees with yoko and pesci, anyone care to shatner them, the 3rd edit featured rocketman if any files are still around.
2004-02-02 1:18:28 PM  
Good work all three of you, Smilin' Jay, dinahmoehum, and Svatch. dinahmoehum gets my vote though due to his liberal use of Monty Python clips.......

Makes me wish I could do this too, alas I can't find my bloody microphone....
2004-02-02 3:37:01 PM  
Ok, I'm ready to cry, I had this one nailed, with a gorgeous work of art. I finally perfected using a set of headphones as a mic, mixed probably 40 clips, and as I went to save, my power went out. Instead, i present this.
2:18, 675kb, uses the word "asshole".

Not my best work, but hell, I'm posting it anyway.
2004-02-02 3:51:13 PM  
Deschain there are always ways around the mic, many times i just don't feel like it, so i use one of the text to speach thinigies. you can find more info and links in hip's and my bio. we try to make it as as some clown with ms paint but we are so much cooler!
2004-02-02 3:53:45 PM  
/second as = easy, doh!
2004-02-02 6:30:52 PM  
Deschain and ZekeMacNeil ......Thanks

I agree dinahmoehum's Python drops are a killer....Cool deal
2004-02-02 6:39:02 PM  
TommyymmoT ..I feel your pain.... ....I now save every 5-10 minutes when editing....after the 2nd time I said that's it...after you lose a bit you have been working on for hours.......never again...sorry to hear

should I call you professor with how you setup your headphones and reversed 'em....they needed you on that Gilligan's Island?
2004-02-02 8:19:37 PM  
On using headphones as a mic.
The only difference between a microphone and a speaker, is the size. Plug your walkman 'phones into your mic jack some time, it'll work, really. The problem that pops up though, is called "the proximity effect", which is the bass response, in relation to how close you are. Pretty much though, any speaker, can be used as a mic, that's how intercoms in homes work. They're the same mechanism.

2004-02-03 1:12:50 AM  

I had that same problem with the power, here was my soulution.

Cyber power, 24Volt 700 Watt UPS - $80 With Rebate
Two 130 AmpHour Marine Deep Cycle Batteries - $130
Wires and Connectors - $8

Not noticing that the entire city has lost power for at least 3 hours - Priceless
2004-02-03 2:51:53 AM  
I have a UPS, but like the asshole that I am, I never hooked it up. It only lasts long enough(older model) to turn everything off.
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