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2014-01-12 07:45:53 AM  
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Mugato: Radak: I like how the first section is fairly specific about who can donate, until it gets to this part:

They'll also ask you a few basic questions about your health and lifestyle.

Trying to skirt around something there, are we?

Eh, call off the dogs, spokesperson for GLADD. There are a lot of lifestyle questions, too many to list individually in one article  It's not all about the gay buttsex.

For some reason, when I talk about that year-long beef tour in England that I went on with my African boyfriend, they don't want to take my blood anymore.
2014-01-12 08:59:15 AM  
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A blood donation story, not for the squeamish:  In college, our track coach decided that our team would have 100% "voluntary" participation at the school's blood drive.  On the day of a track meet.  Only problem was, that was also the day that the Red Cross was training several newly-hired phlebotomists.  The person I got could not get the needle into a vein to save her life, even with help from the person supposedly supervising her.  She consistently poked it THROUGH the vein, leaving a dozen or so of us with large hematomata in the crooks of our elbows.  On my turn, she not only missed the vein but managed to find the radial nerve (a needle to which is an experience everyone should have at least once- it's electrifying).  When she eventually managed to get blood flowing into the bag, it filled extremely slow and the process was painful in the extreme.  A doctor came over and told her she was actually draining blood that was leaking out into the space next to the vein (which was punctured).  Despite having 2/3 of a pint already extracted, she pleaded with me to allow her to stick the other arm.  Being stupid, I said yes.  All went well with that vein, luckily.  So I staggered out of there nearly two pints of blood low, chugging Gatorade like it was the nectar of the gods.  The enormous hematoma on the first-attempt side was so swollen that I literally could not bend that arm.

Two hours later at the track meet, it was like watching a zombie movie.  Our team, still sporting gauze-pad-and-medical-tape brassards, stumbled and staggered around the track.  Javelin throwers feebly tried to toss their sticks more than a dozen yards, having forgotten to get their non-dominant arm stuck.  Hammer throwers spurted blood out of their reopened puncture wounds.  I had two races, a short sprint and a mid-distance run.  I barely made it through the sprint, nearly fainting at the end as grey and red spots filled my narrowing vision.  The long run, well I don't remember any of it.  They tell me that halfway through, I passed out and began vomiting and passing diarrhea.  I was taken to the hospital and put on a banana bag (IV hydration and electrolytes).

Needless to say, we lost the track meet.  And the coach got fired.  And I still have a deformed vein that looks like someone embedded a ball bearing in my left arm.
2014-01-12 10:53:25 AM  
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2014-01-12 10:09:01 AM  
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dforkus: A+ here, which makes my blood dime-a-dozen. It is the most common type for folks of European decent.

Generally do the platelets.

Much to the chagrin of Asians dads everywhere.
2014-01-12 09:04:47 AM  
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Put that back! Coffee is for donors!
2014-01-12 07:48:26 AM  
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Heh.  "Beef tour" sounds like a euphemism.

I couldn't think of a more concise way of describing travelling the country, visiting restaurant after restaurant, shoving hot meat down our throats.  Er, I mean eating beef.
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