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2014-01-13 03:29:32 PM  
There's no way to tell who a cat is going to like better. My husband got our cat just a few months before we met, but that seemed to be enough to instill the fact that he is the mother. For 11 years, I've been the one primarily responsible for feeding him, cleaning his box, grooming him and providing medical care. Yet he (mostly) snuggles up only to my husband, defends him when we fight, and pines for him when he goes out the door. I'm pretty convinced he sees my husband as "mom" and me as the other animal that lives with him.

Our other cat was my husbands cat since he was a teenager, but when I came along he equally bonded to me. No idea why they had different attitudes towards us, but maybe because the one who liked me was greedy and knew I'd give him pastrami.
2014-01-13 04:38:38 PM  

Mister Peejay: BizarreMan:

Five minutes after the box is scooped, the cat unleashes shock and awe on the nice, pristine litterbox.

re: vocalization.  On occasion my wife will do something that pisses my cat off and she (the cat) will let loose a stream of invective that if we understood cat, would most likely make us either really mad, or blush.

One of our cats from back in the day had a bit of a weight problem.  He also pooped funny.  Have you ever had a pimple that you popped and it made a big ball of pimple stuff instantly?  Now picture that a furry basketball just grunted that out, and it's brown not white.  I had the misfortune of observing this while he decided that my poop time was also his poop time.  He didn't poop so much as pop.  My stepdad said "I've never seen a cat that s-its patties before".  Patties like a quarter pound ball of hamburger.

Anyway, that aside, he talked to NOBODY except for my girlfriend.  He'd look up at her and say "meh mah mah mah" when she petted him.  Strangest noise I ever heard come from a cat.

My cat also "marks" the litterbox as soon as I clean it.  I believe the sound you are referring to is called "chattering", look it up on Youtube.  Mine does the same thing when he can't reach prey (fly, moth, birds, etc.).
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