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(Some Guy)   The least stressful jobs for 2014. They all make complete sense unless it happens to be your job on the list   ( careercast.com) divider line
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2014-01-11 04:58:59 PM  
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Lol. As a Video game shop owner who's been playing Bomberman 64 for the last two hours, I beg to differ.

...Ok, I'll admit, some of the NES games can be a little stressful.
2014-01-11 04:12:30 PM  
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Also, fark you submitter for the terrible slideshow

Here's the printable version which is deslided

2014-01-11 04:05:03 PM  
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Professor only applies if you are a full-time tenured professor.

Everyone else is pretty farked.  We're graduating far more post-graduate/PhD students than there are open positions for, tuition have been skyrocketing, and enrollment is starting to decline as students are finally starting to realize 60-80k spent on an education isn't the free-ride to success they were lead to believe.

More and more Universities are bringing in adjunct professors.  They have no benefits, no job security, worse pay, and no freedom - they just teach the class.  Glorified high school substitute teachers really (and I say this as someone who has done it, so I mean no disrespect).
2014-01-11 02:18:46 PM  
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A peaceful atmosphere

You've never, ever worked in a Library, have you?

and unlimited access to literature

that we never have time to read...

makes librarian a welcoming career option for the bookish.

If I had a nickel for eery "bookish" person who thought they would make a good librarian and dropped out of library school because of the reality of the profession...

Librarians have many careers paths at schools, colleges and universities, city/county funded libraries and in corporate research.

Really?  Because every one of those sectors is cutting their library funding.  Libraries in the US are faced with layoffs and diminishing service hours, because people think "any kid with an Internet connection can do it."






I'd love to know what that means.

 TFA is an unmitigated crock.

What makes being a Librarian a great job is that it's a relatively pleasant working environment (indoors, heated/cooled) with generally intelligent and pleasant colleagues, in a profession where you feel great job satisfaction because you know you make a positive difference in someone's life, in some small way, every day.  That makes it worth the low pay (relative to education required), the idiot patrons, the screaming children, the "my god, can the stakes get lower" politics, the incompetent IT (no good IT folks take Library salaries) and the constant assumption that being a librarian is like being a full-time library patron - all we do is read all day and relax - when the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making a Library run is incredibly time-consuming and specialized.

That said, I certainly wouldn't want to do anything else.  I wouldn't have said that, though, when I was in private industry or University libraries.  I only found my bliss when I went to work in Public Libraries.
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