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(TreeHugger)   Wait, are you trying to tell me doctors and Big Pharma are teaming up to tell the American public not to buy multivitamins? Say it ain't so   ( treehugger.com) divider line
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2014-01-11 11:57:01 AM  
4 votes:

Mantour: [bohemiantraveler.com image 850x568]

Fun fact: Schoolchildren in Iceland are still fed Cod liver oil at school.

If Scandinavians are low on fish oil, they get very depressed and do things like create death metal bands or go pillaging.
2014-01-11 10:20:31 AM  
4 votes:
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/If only someone could photoshop multivitamins instead of popcorn
2014-01-11 10:55:23 AM  
3 votes:

A Terrible Human: Vitamins are a crock of shiat. If you buy into them you're farking stupid and not eating properly if you're so deficient in vitamins.
/Same with that homeopathy garbage.

Hey now, homeopathy works.  I once put a single drop of cyanide in the pacific ocean and ... BAM! all life on earth died instantly.

/or was it vitamin C? can't remember how that stuff works
2014-01-11 10:28:57 AM  
3 votes:

jake_lex: Hey, if you take a lot of supplements, your piss will be loaded with vitamins and minerals, and thus you'll be recycling them back into the ecosystem!  It's a win-win!

hehe... That's all we need, 'roided up Asian Carp.
2014-01-11 12:14:00 PM  
2 votes:

hej: rzrwiresunrise: How did we ever survive without multi-vitamins for thousands of years? By eating good food, not junk food, you say? Funny, sounds like something my DOCTOR would say.

To be fair, for "thousands of years" people had significantly shorter life spans.

Wow. Such scurvy. Much rickets.
2014-01-11 11:12:22 AM  
2 votes:
I take fish oil, St John's Wort, Multi-vitamins, Vit D supplement, Vit C supplement,  cherry flavor Flintstone kids,  small rocks, raw egg shells, acai berry extract, and baby aspirin, and I am never sick. So obviously I've found the perfect combination of health supplements, studies be damned!

/also i eat the one volcano burrito each month for a colon cleanse
2014-01-11 11:07:52 AM  
2 votes:

drxym: The "big pharma" conspiracists are as stupid in their own way than 9/11 truthers or the rest. More so because their illinformed decisions about health and put themselves, their kids and others at risk.

As someone who's working in big pharma I can assure you that there is no way that they could possibly have their shiat together enough to do a global conspiracy. The higher ups in big pharma are quite possibly the stupidest people you'll ever meet, which is weird when you'd think that people smarter than scientists would be running the place.

/Current business model: Step 1) Get a blockbuster drug, Step 2) Fire 90% the scientists, Step 3) SALES! SALES! SALES! Step 4) Pray your remaining scientists make another drug after the patent on the first one expire. Step 5) Get bought out, Step 6) Layoff everyone.
2014-01-11 10:50:36 AM  
2 votes:
But if I don't take my daily Chinese made multivitamins, I won't get my daily quota of lead and tellurium!
2014-01-11 06:53:20 PM  
1 vote:

IlGreven: sno man: jake_lex: Hey, if you take a lot of supplements, your piss will be loaded with vitamins and minerals, and thus you'll be recycling them back into the ecosystem!  It's a win-win!

hehe... That's all we need, 'roided up Asian Carp.

It'll pass through their system, too.

EVERYBODY PANIC  'roid rage zebra mussles coming to a lake near you...
2014-01-11 01:19:53 PM  
1 vote:

Primum non nocere: I'm a physician, and here's my prescription for you Farkers:

How 'bout just eat healthy?!?

Study after study demonstrates that when you strip-out the micronutrient from its source, the benefit is lost. Taking fish-oil capsules is of no benefit, but eating fish is. Taking vitamin E alone is of no benefit, but eating broccoli and sunflower seeds is. Etc.

But I know, I'm just a pawn in this Grand Conspiracy.

Of course *you'd* say that while rolling around in your giant pile of free pharmaceutical company pens.
2014-01-11 11:45:40 AM  
1 vote:
My big issue with multivitamins is that they put doses of calcium with doses of iron. Calcium interferes with iron absorption. And the form of iron they put in them is poorly absorbed and constipating for most people.

Calcium supplements? Calcium needs to be ingested with the proper amount of vitamin C, vitamin D, and magnesium to be effective. All this calcium added stuff they're marketing to older women who are already losing their bone mass rapidly is rubbish. What's good for bone loss? Resistance exercise, good diet, and not guzzling coffee or sodas. You can't just eat calcium supplements that are glorified candy and expect your bones to recover.
2014-01-11 11:42:04 AM  
1 vote:
The only vitamin I need is a daily dose of Vitamin THC, man.
2014-01-11 11:16:48 AM  
1 vote:

EmmaLou: What ever happened to just including fruits and vegetables in your diet?

We had my wife's family over for the holidays -- the whole clan, for about 3 weeks. (*shudder*) Every dinner I served included at least one side of vegetables, often two. And not weird foodie stuff; just the standards, like green beans, corn, carrots, green salad, etc, prepared in the usual ways.

Never saw them eat a single veggie, neither the children nor the adults. I would have bothered to have been horrified, but that's probably not very atypical, nowadays...
2014-01-11 10:55:59 AM  
1 vote:
Damn it, I take vitamins so I don't HAVE to eat!
2014-01-11 10:55:38 AM  
1 vote:

EmmaLou: What ever happened to just including fruits and vegetables in your diet?

Apparently that's a Big Pharma conspiracy against the heroic diet supplement community.
2014-01-11 10:53:18 AM  
1 vote:

Sybarite: "Enter 'vitamins are useless' articles. The more you're presented with official-sounding data that erodes your confidence in self-care, the more you'll relinquish yourself to the seriously dysfunctional U.S. health care system. And that means the more you'll rely on surgery, prescription drugs, and health insurance."

Yes, we certainly wouldn't want any "official-sounding data" to steer you toward proven methods of treating diseases and away from chicanery.

gogd.tjs-labs.comView Full Size
2014-01-11 10:15:37 AM  
1 vote:
Well duh!

Why would someone who worked and studied and lost sleep for years to become a doctor and treat the sick have any interest in your health?
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