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(AsiaOne)   Although they can't technically own Antarctica right now, China owns Antarctica right now   ( news.asiaone.com) divider line
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2014-01-08 11:33:03 AM  

SuperNinjaToad: It never cease to amaze me the alarmist journalism about OMG China did this or that and the subsequent followup by followers about how the US had already done it either better or earlier etc or how inferior the Chinese is etc therefore no biggie as if it is some sort of competition.

The truth is China couldn't care less and the only people obsessed with China's progress in any field are fear mongering journalists and the average uneducated hillbilly who reads too much into things. Personally I don't give a crap if China owns this or the first to do that etc... or any country for that matter.
If the first person to go to Mars is a Chinese or Somalian or freakin Somoan than I say more power to him! and I will cheer him all the way there. I'm not going to withold my excitement for the human race just because he ain't an American.

Next decent Mars window is in about 20 years. I don't think China's space program will be ready for an attempt and the US's will probably be down to around less than a billion dollars a year.
2014-01-08 11:49:15 AM  

pinguwin: Mister Buttons: Argentina might as well try to lay claim.

Actually, Argentina already has laid a claim.  A triangle from Tierra del Fuego to the South Georgia Islands to the south pole.  If you take a boat to the Antarctic peninsula from Argentina, they look at your passport to ID you if you're a foreigner but they don't stamp your passport as, according to their claim, you're not leaving Argentine territory

The Argies seem to be really good at claiming everything in sight.  I'm just waiting for them to claim the Iberian Peninsula because Juan Peron once had dinner with General Franco.

/And yes, I do know that all these crazy "territorial claims" by various nations are really about potential mineral resources.
2014-01-08 11:49:16 AM  

Claude Ballse: SpdrJay: Kurt Russell is not Chinese....

Pfffft! Could have fooled me!

So they're making a "Big Trouble meets The Thing" movie? That'd be cool.
2014-01-08 11:51:17 AM  
There's that much laundry to be done in Antarctica?
2014-01-08 12:03:09 PM  
There is an Antarctica Treaty System since 1961. China is a signatory. Furthermore, land claimants do not include China. The treaty does not allow new land claims.

The treaty does not cover the waters around Antarctica, so there is some opening for mineral and fossil fuel mining, as well as other economic activities, but on land (including some surrounding islands), you'd need the approval of the signatories. They are committed by the treaty to discourage activities that are contrary to the Treaty.

China would be in there in a trice if it could just grab resources without opposition, I'm sure, but the whole world would have to be dominated or bought off before they could be said to "own" Antarctica.

No telling what could happen in 50 years, but China is unlikely to start mining fossil fuels or minerals on land in Antarctica within our lifetimes.

In any case, we are in deep trouble if anybody uses up the fossil fuel reserves that we have. Melting the ice in the Arctic would make extracting resources there much cheaper and put Antartica out of mind until the Arctic was exhausted, which pushes the likelihood of a Chinese Antarctica back even further.

You'll be getting sunburned under the palm trees of Newfoundland before China takes Antarctica in all likelihood, and the world Oceans will either be dead or tens of meters higher, so there is no telling where the beach will start.
2014-01-08 01:07:58 PM  

whither_apophis: So they're making a "Big Trouble meets The Thing" movie? That'd be cool.

I always thought they should have made more "Big Trouble in...." movies. Not necessarily Chinamen-related but the further adventures of Jack Burton in other places, like Indiana Jones.
2014-01-08 08:29:57 PM  
But do they have a flag?
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