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(Des Moines Register)   If you're 27, you should be old enough to know you don't have to go for a ride on a baggage claim carousel just because somebody dared you   ( blogs.desmoinesregister.com) divider line
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2014-01-06 04:24:19 PM  
Subby sounds like a scardy cat!
2014-01-06 04:51:49 PM  

oakleym82: LemSkroob: Benevolent Misanthrope: LemSkroob: ride this belt:

[www.thefutureshock.com image 850x637]

They will tell your dumb ass to get off

Ride this belt:

[image.shutterstock.com image 450x358]

Enjoy your jail cell

/know the difference

OK, I'll bite.  Apart from design, what's the difference?

The first one is a full-360 assessable device, where the bags are put onto the belt from above or below in the center. You can ride around and around, and while you would be a dumbass, you aren't a security risk.

The second type is older, and is a single belt loop that goes between the bag claim and the back-of-house area where the bags are loaded onto the belt. The key point is, the belt itself passes between non-secure (public) side and the secure side.

This dumbass from TFA was of the second type, and didn't get off the thing before it passed through the wall and thus created a security breach. Which is pretty much the reason bag belts like this aren't installed that much anymore (and never in new buildings).

What's stopping someone from walking in off of the street and placing an unscreened bag on that belt?  Nothing.  Also, it's not very old.  That one you're showing is from (Reagan) National Airport here in DC and it was built in 1997.

Seems stupid to make the area behind that wall part of the "secure zone".

I've heard from knowledgeable sources there are umpa-lumpas working there.
That's the whole point of taking a ride on the belt - to have a peak
2014-01-06 05:03:31 PM  

Huck And Molly Ziegler: In other news, Des Moines has an INTERNATIONAL airport.

What does it connect to, a U.S. metro area that's home to more than one race?

They have a lot of UPS flights out of there, some of them international.
2014-01-06 05:14:41 PM  

akya: FrancoFile: The second goes through into the baggage handling area, where people are supposed to be badged, wear safety equipment, have background checks, etc. Passengers totally verboten.

How do you know?  Have you been in this so called "Secure Area" that no one is ever supposed to go in?

I've heard from some fairly credible sources that there are unicorn's galloping on rainbows on the other side of that wall.

I've heard otherwise, with video evidence to back up the claims...
2014-01-06 05:15:07 PM  

Huck And Molly Ziegler: In other news, Des Moines has an INTERNATIONAL airport.

What does it connect to, a U.S. metro area that's home to more than one race?

My understanding is that "international" means it can support 747 and equivelant traffic. It has nothing to do with where flights come from or go to but about meeting physical standards.
2014-01-06 05:25:47 PM  
Depending on what security looks like on the other side of the curtain, this seems like a ridiculously easy way to enter the secure area of an airport, via a dormant baggage conveyor.
2014-01-06 05:26:12 PM  
Well there is a general dip in the intelligence level of most males at that age. They're growing up but still want to be young idiots. So they do even dumber things to prove they haven't grown up yet.
2014-01-06 05:29:42 PM  
Were they charged extra?
2014-01-06 05:45:57 PM  

MycroftHolmes: oakleym82: LemSkroob: Benevolent Misanthrope: LemSkroob: ....

Doubtful that the bag will have the ability to move itself from the conveyor belt into an airplane without human intervention.

True, but one could have someone on the inside and move a relatively large package into the secure area.  They must have thought of this.  Maybe the area behind the wall is a DMZ of sorts.  Or, as  On-Off suggests, it's where ommpa loompa's live.
2014-01-06 06:10:42 PM  
There is also an Air National Guard wing at DSM, complete with F-16's.  They don't like n00bs running amok near all those things.
2014-01-06 07:15:02 PM  
If you're 27, you should

And if our national IQ was above 27, some dumbass riding a luggage return wouldn't be a "security breech".
2014-01-06 07:31:37 PM  
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...like those bastards who put the bumps on the sections between escalators! You used to be able to slide down and hit the bottom like you were shot out of a cannon! Sure you almost killed people, but that was half the fun!

Industrial safety. Bah, humbug!
2014-01-06 10:53:14 PM  

oakleym82:   That one you're showing is from (Reagan) National Airport here in DC and it was built in 1997.

Seems stupid to make the area behind that wall part of the "secure zone".

There is a gigantic difference between airport design in 1997, and say, late 2001. A lot has changed in that short time.

The area behind the wall is secure because it's basically right on the apron. The tugs that just offloaded the aircraft drive right there and park alongside the belt, and the baggage monkeys take the bags manually off the carts and onto the belt. Its underneath the building (departures level is just above), but its pretty much outside and open on both ends, like a tunnel. So if you can get behind that wall, you can just walk right out onto a runway or up to an aircraft.

And yeah, we now know its "stupid" but there was also a time when you can walk right up to the gate without a ticket. Like i said, they really try to avoid this kind of system in newer airports.
2014-01-06 11:43:53 PM  
I would say do what you want in life cause you only go 'round once but in this particular (suit) case....
2014-01-07 12:02:50 AM  
So, how long was the airport evacuated, how many flights were diverted, and how many passengers that had previously been screened had to take it in the butt to be probed for explosives? This is America after all, an incident like this usually means hundreds of people taking it in the butt.
2014-01-07 12:56:02 AM  
I'm actually in support of the person who did this.   I remember doing it as a kid, at the urging of my parents, and it WAS fun.    I also know of a few airline & airport employees who've done this and also had a good time doing it.

If 6mm of rubber/plastic flaps are the only things "protecting" a secure area, the area obviously isn't secure.

Then again, if we had REAL security, I wouldn't have to take my shoes off and go through a nude-o-scope.   I've never had to do those things to be in a federal building, federal courthouse, or even classified parts of military installations.   I'm damn sure CentCom and Federal Court in Manhattan are far more important to national security than Bumblefudge International Airport, and they've had some of the coolest, most professional security guards (actual LEOs).  And yes, I was able to take my bottle of water in every time.
2014-01-07 09:41:07 AM  
27-year-olds-the new 17-year-olds.
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