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(TreeHugger)   In Miami pedestrians are encouraged to thank drivers who actually stop and obey traffic laws   ( treehugger.com) divider line
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2014-01-05 12:14:39 PM  
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Ker_Thwap: Churchill92: I've never met worse drivers than in Miami. I was at a stop light and when the light turned green they started honking. These people have the reflexes of drag racers in order to see that shiat changing so fast. Of course that forced me to creep slowly through the stop light until it nearly turned yellow causing massive road rage behind me. Fark 'em, lay off the horn and don't be a douche canoe.

You don't see any problems with your behavior?  You're going to punish everyone behind you because one guy toots his horn?  What a paragon of virtue you are.

That's nothing.  He also failed to mention that he was staring down at his phone instead of watching the light.

I ride a motorcycle which sits me up a bit higher than most cars, so I can see when people are doing this, and they do it ALL the farking time.  Stopped in traffic?  Look down at the phone.  Red light?  Look down at the phone.  It's like their Facebook feed is vitally important, and operating a 2-ton piece of steel is an afterthought.

I used to give people three seconds after the light change, and then I'd honk.  Now, if I see them looking down while we're stopped, I just go around them as soon as the light changes.
2014-01-05 10:55:07 AM  
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tampaflacouple: If you are going to thank the driver, please be sure to know what language they speak BECAUSE no one in Miami speaks English.

I wasn't aware a smile, nod, and/or simple wave differed by language.  FL must be a lost cause.
2014-01-05 09:41:26 AM  
1 vote:
When pedestrians pay road tax, they can use the road. Until then, they can stay on the sidewalk.
2014-01-05 09:08:43 AM  
1 vote:
Crosswalk etiquette varies from town to town even within a state.  I hate people that kind of congregate near a crosswalk without showing any solid intention of what the hell they're doing.  The only trend I've seen lately is selfish clowns strolling slowly across a road with their face fixed firmly in the screen.  Stupid teens seniors people.

When I finally work out my supreme world dictator plan, it will be legal to shoot selfish people who waste your time with permanent staining paintball pellets.

Everyone should move briskly and attentively around crosswalks, except old people.  I once stopped for an old guy, he tried to rush across, lost his balance and did a face plant.  I had to stop and get him back on his feet, old people should take their time, but everyone else should just pretend they aren't the center of the universe.
2014-01-05 08:56:12 AM  
1 vote:
I always give them a little thank you wave. I want to encourage that type of behavior.
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