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(Phys Org2)   Super callous manduca sexta protects with halitosis   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, vascular tissues, RNA interference, poisonous plants, toxicities, wolf spiders, phenotypes, National Academy of Sciences, Max Planck Institute  
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2013-12-31 09:26:32 AM  
And we have an early entry for HOTY, I see.
2013-12-31 09:38:18 AM  
2013-12-31 09:42:52 AM  
Nick O'Teen... I think that's one of my alts. Hornworm is now on my list as well.

/I said the headline loud enough.
2013-12-31 09:43:02 AM  
I am in awe of that one.

Subby, you magnificent bastard.
2013-12-31 09:43:30 AM  
Raising the bar for the rest of us,  subby. Well played!
2013-12-31 09:47:16 AM  
And we're done!

+1 subby
2013-12-31 09:51:02 AM  
See, I thought the manduca sexta part would be what took it from a "HOTY candidate" to a "HOTY attempt but ultimate failure"
2013-12-31 09:53:47 AM  
If you say it loud enough you'll always sound atrocious
2013-12-31 09:57:15 AM  

Millennium: And we have an early entry for HOTY, I see.

2013-12-31 10:00:32 AM  
2013-12-31 10:02:13 AM  
Submitter, you magnificent bastard.
2013-12-31 10:05:39 AM  
Chiming in for subby's awesome headline
2013-12-31 10:07:52 AM  
"a certain strain of tobacco and planted it in a controlled part of the desert in Utah-home of the tobacco hornworm."

2013-12-31 10:09:50 AM  
they don't call subby the hornworm for nothing, +1
2013-12-31 10:11:51 AM  
whatsthatbug.comView Full Size

Baby On Board

2013-12-31 10:17:03 AM  
Subby broke my brain.
2013-12-31 10:17:24 AM  
Looks like the 2014 HOTY to me, and it's not even here yet.
2013-12-31 10:19:32 AM  
2013-12-31 10:21:10 AM  
+1 would lol again, good one!
2013-12-31 10:22:43 AM  
[Holding up a lit Bic to you, subby.]
2013-12-31 10:23:14 AM  

Marcus Aurelius: Looks like the 2014 HOTY to me, and it's not even here yet.

Hell with that - that one wins 2013. Nothing else touches this demented perfection.
2013-12-31 10:37:32 AM  
That is one  damned fine headline, sir.  Well done!
2013-12-31 10:41:04 AM  
Nicely executed Subby!!  I doff my chapeau to you ya bastard!
2013-12-31 10:46:00 AM  
Wow, that's easily one of the best headlines I've ever seen.
2013-12-31 10:56:46 AM  
I submitted this with a better headline.
2013-12-31 11:00:31 AM  

Damn, that's one of the best (if not the best) headlines I've ever seen.
2013-12-31 11:03:47 AM  
Subby, as a fellow cunning linguist, I bow to you.
2013-12-31 11:20:44 AM  
Close, but you blew it.  Count syllables next time.
2013-12-31 11:43:51 AM  
There's a chapter in Strangest Lethal Fighting Skills about a man from Marseilles who developed halitosis purposefully as a weapon. On record are police accounts of how he could knock out an attacker by exhaling on him.

/of course he's French
2013-12-31 12:02:07 PM  
With CYP6B46,the smell is quite atrocious.
2013-12-31 12:12:02 PM  
Such awesomeness, subby.  Bravo.
2013-12-31 12:28:51 PM  

trappedspirit: Close, but you blew it.  Count syllables next time.

Super callous fragile insect exploits halitosis.

(Yes, insect. It's a butterfly, not an actual worm)
2013-12-31 12:48:15 PM  
Can we give this the 2013 HOTY over the one that won?
2013-12-31 01:16:34 PM  
Stick that in your pipe and smoke it?
2013-12-31 04:17:00 PM  

Millennium: And we have an early entry for HOTY, I see.

Or a really late one. An Internets to you, Subby.
2013-12-31 04:37:09 PM  
aweover  I STANDthisheadline

(I stand in awe over this headline)

Subby, I owe you a six pack.

2013-12-31 10:53:18 PM  
moviecitynews.comView Full Size
2014-01-01 01:41:56 AM  

Simply outstanding, Subby!  Well, not simple at all.

/magnificent bastard, etc.
2014-01-01 03:12:44 AM  
That headline is sexy.

th00.deviantart.netView Full Size
2014-01-01 03:42:48 PM  
simply the best, better than all the rest....

HOTY indeed
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