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(Yahoo)   Dennis Miller's new CNBC show to feature a free-roaming monkey (near the end of the article)   ( divider line
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7813 clicks; posted to Main » and Entertainment » on 25 Jan 2004 at 6:00 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-01-25 2:16:04 PM  
What's the difference between Miller and a monkey..they both sling shiat.
2004-01-25 2:36:46 PM  
Feh. Dennis Miller is a hack and a whore.

Enjoy true genius from the late, great Bill Hicks.
2004-01-25 2:46:20 PM  
Lost: Two testicles. Small. Round. If found, please contact D. Miller.
2004-01-25 2:58:12 PM  
Lost: Two testicles. Small. Round. If found, please contact D. Miller.

He found GW's right below his chin!
2004-01-25 3:17:58 PM  
Dennis Miller's new CNBC show to feature a free-roaming monkey (near the end of the article)

It's been my experience, that monkeys usually congregate around the end of the article.
jbc [TotalFark]
2004-01-25 6:04:20 PM  
I guess he owed David Spade a job after getting that gig in Joe Dirt.
2004-01-25 6:04:39 PM  
Ah, monkeys. Nature's default comedic organisms.

Plus, it's a nice, subtle homage to "B.J. and the Bear."
2004-01-25 6:06:29 PM  
I wonder if this'll do well, or sink like Jesse Ventura's show. Just not sure Dennis is relevant anymore.
2004-01-25 6:07:02 PM  
I think Dennis Miller should get the Biggest sellout of the year award.

I saw the latest 'special' he did on HBO, and I was wondering how GWB got all that slobber off of his pants after Dennis was done with the show..
2004-01-25 6:07:11 PM  
I wanna see the monkey attack Dennis Miller.
2004-01-25 6:09:18 PM  
Hmm... free range monkey. Dat's some good eatin'
2004-01-25 6:09:47 PM  
And to think that he and Al Franken once sat side by side...
2004-01-25 6:10:20 PM  
The monkey is George Bush I guess. So he'll be in every show really.
2004-01-25 6:10:26 PM  
They're gonna let GWB roam freely about the set?

2004-01-25 6:10:37 PM  
i'm so sick of monkeys.
2004-01-25 6:10:54 PM  
Isn't O.K. to have ONE comic that can think?
2004-01-25 6:11:49 PM  
I thought the headline meant monkey==denis miller.
2004-01-25 6:11:58 PM  
Of course wyohome. *makes "wank" motion* OW!
2004-01-25 6:12:49 PM  
Wow... all I can say is wow. I thought there'd be more diversity of opinion on this thread - I mean, 48% of the country still LIKES Bush, according to the latest Time poll. Anyway, even though I don't agree with all of his politics, I still think Miller is funny a good part of the time.
2004-01-25 6:14:01 PM  
Now that they have a jester, the court is complete.
2004-01-25 6:14:28 PM  
Miller is actually a pretty cool guy, I have met on a few occassions. My buddy's dad was his hall mate at Point Park down in Pittsburgh. Regardless if you think he is ball less, some of the shiat his does say is pretty funny. I always thought the big picture at the end of Dennis Miller Live was pretty humorous, even if it was all the writers work.
2004-01-25 6:15:31 PM  
his first guest is arnold the governator so it should at least be an intresting trainweck of a show.
2004-01-25 6:15:58 PM  
Miller isnt any different than Franken, they are just at opposite ends of the political spectrum, well almost. Miller is fiscally conservative, and hawkish, but is socially liberal.
2004-01-25 6:16:41 PM  
Oh and Miller is far more towards than the center than Franken.
2004-01-25 6:16:50 PM  
Watch out for ebola, Dennis!
2004-01-25 6:16:57 PM  
At least Miller's not a big-breasted woman, so the "gropinator" won't have any excuse to feel him up.
2004-01-25 6:17:37 PM  

Is there anything they can't do?
2004-01-25 6:17:53 PM  
maybe i'm just coming-of-age or something in the world of politics, but has there always been a right vs. left war of the opinions in the media? "the left is soooooo wild!" "no, the RIGHT is dumb-dumb!"

well, i guess i've been aware of the right vs. left - but i didn't realize just how many people make a living off of the divide in this country. bill o'reilly, michael moore, al franken, rush limbaugh, dennis miller, etc etc etc etc etc. i think it's great that there are so many opinions, but now they all write books mostly just bashing each other instead of the issue.

this is probably a cliched rant, though
2004-01-25 6:18:25 PM  
Finally. They've got at least one conservative on TV.
2004-01-25 6:19:37 PM  
That was farking funny. LMAO...
2004-01-25 6:20:02 PM  

Called ad hominem attack - been around for eons - attacking the person rather than the opinion.
2004-01-25 6:20:36 PM  
"Nine-11 changed me," he said.

Hmm, what? Nice going there, writer.
2004-01-25 6:23:33 PM  

I think it is fairly standard practice to type out numbers up to and including ten, after that the numerals are used.
2004-01-25 6:24:21 PM  
"Dennis Miller's new CNBC show to feature a free-roaming monkey"

So, Bush is allowed on the set?
2004-01-25 6:24:48 PM  

Alright, but it certainly looks odd.
2004-01-25 6:25:48 PM  

Feh. Dennis Miller is a hack and a whore.

Too true. But I approve of anything that keeps him from ever rejoining the Monday Night Football crew.

"Isn't that the voice that caused all those suicides?"
2004-01-25 6:25:49 PM  

I know that is true when you are writing an address on snail mail
2004-01-25 6:26:59 PM  
I disagree with (pundit), so they're an asshole and a horrible person and I hope they die.
2004-01-25 6:32:14 PM  
When the fark did Dennis Miller suddenly become such a rabid conservative, anyway? It's my guess that he must have had a chip planted in his head that's made him some sort of raving right winger.

Damn. He used to be funny. Now he just barks and flings spittle like all the rest of the ideological lapdogs, left or right.
2004-01-25 6:32:35 PM  
millers a comic drone
2004-01-25 6:32:59 PM  
Note: If you try and spread the meme "Dennis Miller is funny" merely because you sympathize with his political views, let me be the first to tell you that no one is buying it.

This guy was funny on SNL, still moderately funny on his show on HBO, but he completely jumped the shark when he went to MNF.
2004-01-25 6:33:31 PM  
Miller is hardly a conservative. He does want to protect our country though, so not a liberal either. As to not ripping Bush, there are only so many laughs in 'he looks like a chimp'. Did you see those idiots on the NASA panel today? I caught three errors in speech. One even said Mars when he meant Earth. Total fools, just like Bush.
2004-01-25 6:43:03 PM  
Everybody is a fool but us!
2004-01-25 6:44:04 PM  
Did you see those idiots on the NASA panel today? I caught three errors in speech.
They landed a remote control robot on another planet wyohome, what the fuk have you ever done in your life to equal that? ...crickets chirping...
2004-01-25 6:47:35 PM  
Buddy system still intact.
2004-01-25 6:48:15 PM  
Look, I really don't care what his political views are, he can talk about whater he wants on his show. But to have a news commentary show in a presidential election year and to say that you're not going to discuss the imcumbent is going just a tad too far, don't you think.

And no, because you "like him" is not a good excuse. If you like, him defend him, don't ignore the issues being levelled against him.

2004-01-25 6:50:15 PM  
I see, monkeys are the key to developing reasoned discourse. This makes sense.
2004-01-25 6:50:43 PM  
Will the monkey be wearing a cowboy outfit and riding a dog?

Man, I hope so.
2004-01-25 6:54:30 PM  
If they let the monkey roam free on the set, when will he have time to roam on our dollar in Air Force One???
2004-01-25 6:54:48 PM  
one person comes out and isn't an uppity anti-american anti-republican anti-american liberal whacko???

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