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(NBC News)   Besides WalMart, the KKK and Honey Boo Boo, what has the South ever given to us? Sh*tty drivers?   ( divider line
    More: Amusing, people from Louisiana, National Motorists Association, United States, traffic fatalities  
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2013-12-19 11:42:55 PM  

Jimmysolson: Cheeseface: Yes, please stay right where you are, since we're so crappy and all you aren't missing anything.

Shouldn't that be, all you all aren't missing anything, or some such?

I need to know this, because, if I ever get motivated, I'm moving to the south where it's warm during Dec., Jan., and Feb.

1) since we're so crappy and all
2) since we're so crappy all y'all ain't missin much
3) (southern belle) since we're so crappy and all, y'all aren't missing anything

Feel free to move down here, I honestly don't see how northerners live where they do. I've loved every time I've gone up to visit cities in the north but the winter seems masochistic. Screw that, there's like one and half months of heat in the south vs. 4-6 months of freezing bullshiat.
2013-12-19 11:51:51 PM  
2013-12-20 02:14:13 AM  
Moon Pies
2013-12-20 02:21:57 AM  
aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing, and energy.
2013-12-20 07:21:50 AM  

IamSporko: Onkel Buck: IamSporko: Onkel Buck: Most of the bad drivers in NC are actually from New York


Although, this time of year just sucks for driving...gotta buy stuff...for Jesus...or something

Saw a wreck last Friday across from work...small SUV pulled out in traffic trying to make a left....ended up hitting 3 cars in the street, jumped the curb and landed on top of a parked car. Tow company had to get a big ass crane to clean up the mess.

Where the hell did that happen?

On Buck Jones Road. The SUV guy was trying to turn left out of South Hills' parking lot and ended up in Crazy Fire's parking lot instead.

OK I remember that now I live in the area. Thats a bad intersections right there this time of year with all the holiday traffic and people trying to get into REI parking lot
2013-12-20 05:06:45 PM  
Leave us face it, a lot of very famous black people are Southerners...
...and, were the truth told and DNA checked, likely a lot of very famous Southerners were black....
2013-12-20 07:21:41 PM  
Coca cola, Girl Scout cookies, Kennedy Space Center / moon landings... I can go on..   (I don't get people saying grits are horrible. You need to come to my house one day when I make them the right way!)
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