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(The New Republic)   You know, we're tired of going on and on about how the GOP are eating their young and are on the verge of a thousand year darkness within the party...let's talk about the Democrats having their own "terrible schism" within their party for once   ( newrepublic.com) divider line
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2013-12-17 04:02:22 PM  

RanDomino: A Cave Geek
Good...challenge Walker on his own turf

That's the problem. We shouldn't be trying to win that turf. We should be trying to destroy it. It's like how Thatcher said her greatest accomplishment was New Labour- it was taken as a joke, but it wasn't; she had successfully shifted the window of 'acceptable' ideas. Is that what we want?

...millionaire, check...no worries about running out of funds

This appears to be where the Democrats' thinking begins and ends. Never mind that they will still be outspent ten times over. Vinehout, on the other hand, would be able to motivate the huge activist base that will be doing the actual legwork, so that rather than knocking on doors and saying "hey vote against walker i guess" they'll be saying "Vote FOR Vinehout"- Which is going to be more convincing? But the Party hasn't learned its lesson from 2004, when we were defeated not by Bush but by Kerry.

...Former State Commerce Secretary? Check...knows WI businesses...

This is her only real qualification

Opposes Act 10, (Duh...only morons thought it was a good idea)

uh, actually, you might want to check your sources on that.

former school board member

The Madison school board seems to be a political playground for Madison liberals. See also the Manske fiasco.

.opposes photo ID (which isn't a GOP goal as much as it is a 'tactic') Supports Gay marriage...wants to work toward repealing the abortion law...

"I get into this race not making any promises"

hmmm.. Interesting take.  Guess I haven't been paying all that close attention.  Perhaps I should learn more.  Like I said, (I)....So I don't follow Democratic internal debates about who better represents the party all that much.  Until the primary season really kicks into gear it's kind of 'second fiddle' to other items...but I like your thought process....will definitely be paying closer attention.

Walker's been a blight on this state and the last thing we need is someone who's gonna be an 'also ran' against him.
2013-12-17 06:04:13 PM  

MrBallou: Nemo's Brother: HIllary Clinton and the pro-bank camp will win this battle. The Dems will vote for her like good little sheep, all the while calling the Republicans out for their greed and ties to the banks (which is true as well).

Hillary will give us a new NAFTA in terms of farking us over and her wealth will grow.

I thought she got rich from Whitewater and from forcing Vince Foster to write her into his will before he "killed himself". At least, that's what I heard.

At the risk of agreeing with derpers, I have to say that I am occasionally troubled by the fact that every person who comes to Washington as a Senator or Representative becomes a multi-millionaire by the end of his term, regardless of what he started with or which party he belongs to.

So...did you actually think they went there to serve their constituents?

Oh, my.
2013-12-17 06:49:27 PM  
A Cave Geek
Walker's been a blight on this state and the last thing we need is someone who's gonna be an 'also ran' against him.

Yeah, I have no faith in the ability of the Democratic Party, and especially not the DPW. Look at the 2012 primary. Once the Democrats hijacked control of the outrage via the recalls, the primary became a turf fight between the Milwaukee good-old-boys (Barrett) and the Madison good-old-boys (Falk). Within days after Vinehout announcing, this hit piece about her being anti-abortion (based on a single procedural vote taken out of context) got put in the papers by the Falk camp. All they care about is their own position within the party, acting apparently under the assumption that the political appointments (the real prize) will happen sooner or later. Even if they don't, the donations that pay their bills in the meanwhile will keep pouring in.
And that's without even mentioning their amazingly bad messaging in the entire primary season. Or the time and money spend trying to get Obama several more EVs he would only have a 3% chance of needing. or the Democrats' apparent decision to abandon the rural districts entirely. or their agreement to the Penokees mine in principle ('but responsibly').
There really is no hope via voting. That's why I say we need to be organizing like people were 60-120 years ago- based on economic pressure, community organization, unions under the control of the workers rather than well-connected bureaucrats, cooperatives, etc. Economic direct action. Screw politics! It's just a game for the rich, and for the rest of us the only winning move is not to play.
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